Friday, June 16, 2006


A secret by definition is something that is unexplained, hidden, or kept, from the knowledge of others.

Keeping a secret is like having a grand piano tied to your ass.

Sometimes we lug secrets around for our entire lives.

If you tell anyone your secret then it is no longer a secret.

Secrets hold us back from being truly happy because secrets are usually about something terrible.

Good news travels fast.

Secrets hide and eat away at your foundation like termites.

Before I die, I hope to have revealed all of my SECRETS! to someone else.

How many secrets are you lugging around?

"If you reveal your secrets to the wind you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees." Kahlil Gibran.


  1. So is this the place where I can come to unburden myself of all my secrets?

  2. pamela,
    Let's dish.

  3. Brave woman, Pamela!

    H.E., Is that what this is, a ploy to get us to reveal our secrets?!! Tsk tsk.. ;)

    I'm not sure I have many. I tell David almost everything. Not that I'm an angel by any means!

  4. Here's a juicy tidbit.

    Today I spoke to two old boyfriends on the telephone.

    How's that for dishing?

  5. I'm a lesbian in a man's body lol

  6. You? Secrets? I don't think so.

    And I'm not so sure that secrets are always about something terrible.

    Why don't you blog about the time we all got naked and went out cross-country skiing and did snow angels in -20C in the middle of winter at about 3 a.m.?

    Or the night we went out canoeing and the boat sank in the middle of the lake because -- doh! -- there was no plug in it?

    Revealing your "Medal-ing" secret last week took some courage and honesty and gusto...but shall I go on?

    As you said to Pam, do tell...

    In the meantime, though, seems I'm destined to hear most of 'em...and that's great.

  7. My secret is that I don't have a clue where I've just landed. But I see Miss Pamela's here so I'm breathing easier already. And damn, it feels good to get that piano off my ass.

  8. true words. I have so many secrets that even I'm scared of it sometimes. But imnot sure if i will reveal it all...maybe one day.

  9. so so true..!
    but soemtimes it can be damaging!

    but i guess being honest pays more than keeping secrets!

    timing is very imp!

  10. bless me father, for i have sinned..
    so you have come to grant me absolution?

  11. I held on to a secret for more than 5 years. It ate me up, I was never my self. I let it out to someone I could confide in and promised myself never to hold one again. I think one of the reason pple hold secret is failure to find someone to confide in. Thanks for this wonderful post.

  12. Only way I can cope up with it by revealing it all to HIM....

  13. The secret is all in the wrist movement.

    I think you'll find that just about covers everything

  14. You know why I like this blog? Because it makes me think. I always leave with something to think about.

    For what it's worth, I don't think I have any secrets...

  15. A canoe with no plug? Seriously? That's even worse, I think, than the time me and a buddy took his new canoe to this place that was like a major artery heading out into the Atlantic ocean off a local bridge.

    These boats containing older people who were not teenagers kept slowing down to call out and ask if we were ok. Of course we were ok - until our canoe nearly capsized under a bridge in a very strong, swirly kind of current. We decided to call it a day.

  16. pamela,
    Do you mean old as in past tense or....

    I need pictures or some sort of documentation to be certain that you are not pulling my leg...please forward..

    Both of the 'out of doors' incidents were your fault (although alchohol may have been a factor) and extremely funny. Good times...

    Congratulations are releasing the piano. Oh what a feeling EH?
    Luv your archivism. Please visit again.

    ghost particle,
    I hope that all of your secrets are not personal and just the work related kind. Unload a few of those puppies and set yourself free.

    white forest,
    You are right about the timing aspect. However after you have tossed your millstone you always wonder why you hadn't done that sooner????

    No my dear my absolution dispensation agreement with Blogger has expired. Please forward any secrets to the wind. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

    Good for you. What a relief it is to unload extra burdens. We have so much to deal with as it is.

    HIM, whoever he may be, is hopefully more than happy to share your baggage. A contemplative soul like yourself must be free to explore.

    Oh cherry. How you cut through the verbiage with the stark 'plain as the nose on your face'hilarious truth! Thank goodness you're back for a visit.
    PS. If your conscience is as guilt free as mine it is clearly a indication of well deserved carpal tunnel syndrome heh heh!

    anonymous blogger,
    Do you know why I love your commenting..I love your ID photo!
    Seriously it is very encouraging to hear someone say that I've given them something to think about. Danke schon.

    Yes there is real male bonding adventurism to be had for men and canoes. If only it didn't seem to involve some sort of life threatening event. What primal pleasure, and it is genuinely disguised excercise!
    All in all, who amongst us can complain about those unforgettable moments spent with the little man in the canoe?


  18. karin,
    Thanks I forgot about that...went back today to look at all of the heartbreaking Fathers Day just want to cry..bastard dad to wonderful dad ratio: 10 to 1.

    Anybody, send a happy memories comment ASAP.

  19. How right you are! This is how children and adults remain in abusive situations, they keep too many damn secrets. I open myself up and all who desire can peer inside of me --- but careful, some of my shit is raw. So if you got an open wound you might want to wait until it's healed before reading my secrets.

    Gee, HE --- Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

  20. liquidplastic,
    Nobody in the blogosphere exemplifies this approach to life better than you do. I am always so moved by your admissions and heratbreaking honesty.

    You open all of the windows to your soul, and when you do, I love feeling the rush of 'bad air' whiz past my ears when I hear your voice.

  21. hehehe sweet post and so true!

    **Keeping a secret is like having a grand piano tied to your ass.

    lol that means I must have a super humungous ass :( nah just great secrets with me. Im too open for that.

    d u have any juicy secrets? if so, it's time to tell me all of it :)


  22. keshi,
    I was listening to Joni Mitchell and Peter Gabriel singing 'in my secret place' when I got the idea.

    If I did have any secrets I would have misplaced them by now because my short term memory is's the word...hmmm... what was the question?

  23. secrets are sometimes good.... i can't agree with the "eat you up inside" thing, you have to have a conscience first to have that sort of problem...mortish footals!!!!

  24. hehehehe :):)


  25. anonymous.
    mortish footls LOL!
    Your conscience will tear you apart until you divulge your SECRET identity.
    HA gotcha!

    here is my 'lil secret..I shave my armpits. There now I am free at last!

  26. o cmon lol! u serious?



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