Tuesday, June 17, 2008

(Summer Re-Run '06)

A short time ago I watched a televisual program about a Baboon troop that eerily mirrored our human society.

A large male, an outsider from another troop, fought and defeated the reigning King and took control.
Chaos ensued.

As if to maximise his reign of terror the new Tyrant killed one of the old King's offspring. This act of infanticide was a premeditated act to stop the Queen from lactating and therefore prompt her to become fertile again.

The opportunity to replace the exisiting constituents with your own is afterall the ultimate reward for any new Tyrant.
It's always about US and THEM!

Naturally the entire troop was thrown into a state of chaos but it miraculously devolved into a sustainable society of neurosis and fear much like our own. Within a surprisingly short period of time the entire troop nervously adjusted, submitted and adapted to the new King.

It seems that the day to day pursuit of food and shelter overrides all of the angst about the political state of affairs. Sound familiar?

Baboons certainly appear to be almost human with their expressive faces, busy little hands, and the myriad of required interpersonal conventions required to maintain the status quo. This particular program could have easily been a documentary on homo escapeons by simply replacing the images with footage of humans and leaving the audio intact.

You could call it automatic anthropomorphic authenticity thanks to the replication of all that monkey business to our own screwed up world.

Like Baboons, we unfortunately can't seem to shake the political aggression that continues to terrorise our own species. We so called higher evolved types continue to ape this sadistic behaviour...

Rwanda, Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, East Timor, Armenia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Burundi, Congo, and Darfur.

Our world is still plagued by aggressive males invading and killing the neighbours and their offspring to satisfy their primal naked ambitions.

US against THEM.
I am sure that early man went through the exact sort of power struggles for millions of years. I find it totally depressing that in the 21st Century we still struggle with it.

WHY? Is it our lingering Colonial Paternalistic world view? We seem to treat Africans and other developing nations as children left to work it out on their own? This fantasy that it will all just somehow miraculously work out is crazy.

It also certainly appears that the United Nations has proven itself to be completely incompetent at protecting the global village. The UN might as well join the grotesque PR charade of the Olympics as an equally castrated eunich singing the praises of global harmony.

Striving to eliminate monstrous acts of genocide from history the whole world once cried 'Auschwitz, Never Again', and yet it is now Darfur and the world sighs 'Sudan, Not Again!'

With humans it seems that all of the window dressing that we put on display cannot disguise the little shop of horrors that we call Humanity.


  1. guess we all need to buy monkey-mirrors then :)

    **...submitted and adapted to the new King. It seems that the day to day pursuit of food and shelter overrides all of the angst about the political state of affairs. Sound familiar?

    lol yes this is so very familiar!

    now where do we stop by for brekky - McMonkeys?


  2. keshi,
    Listen up troops!
    We don't refer to thugs as 'Baboons' for nothing!

    Of course they are just doing what comes naturally, WE don't have a good excuse for such behavior...do we?
    Thanks for havin' a lash.

  3. Yeah, there sure is an ugly side.

    I'm not quite 100% positive, but I may have my own baboon back on my blog! First time it looks like I may have a harasser. One of your "good" Christians I think. (That brand of "Christian" really ought to start their own special religion...)

  4. Darius has a harasser Donn...sik 'em.

  5. now where r my MON-keys...I mean keys :):)


  6. I found mon keys!

    I doubt mankind ever learns the big lessons and is therefore required to repeat them ad nauseam.

  7. //Like Baboons, we unfortunately can't seem to shake the political aggression that continues to terrorise our own species.//

    You said it so true.

    The reality is that the forces that be dont give a damn to these regions beecause theyre are the least educated, lease usefull in terms of economy, and they dont have any natural resources. The diamonds and gold that Africa has have all been stripped of...

    Hopefully africa can stand up fast, just like we Asians did to reclaim our destiny. If not, the monkeys in watever colors will continue to screw the world.

  8. Darius,
    Relax, he will eventually return to the fold because he can't afford to risk his seemingly newfound faith with all of the temptation (ideas/facts/freedom) over at a PozGoz. You rock!

    Done and done! But I had to be fairly pleasant because I am a guest afterall.

    You are really monkeying around with this. I bet that you have some plush monkeys in your room don't 'cha? OOO aaaa OOO!

    What is it with the key gnomes anyway? Did the Homeland Security guys call you yet?

    ghost particle,
    Very astute and totally depressing.
    We can only hope. You are right though, the future belongs to Asia.

  9. Some might and probably would argue that the fact baboons live in the kind of terror you describe is rationalization enough for why it also exists in humans...part of the extension of our gene pool, part of natural selection, part of our hard-wiring.

    And they might partially be right, except that you'd think this tiny theory called evolution might have gotten Homo Escapeons past all that.

    The underdeveloped nations of Earth, however, have a tempting model to aspire to in supposedly the most evolved peoples of the planet in the Western World.

    They see the Americans going into Iraq, Viet Nam, Korea with armed forces (like the large male baboon) to protect their oil interests, etc. They see them establish themselves in Saudi Arabia and in other nations, ostensibly to get access to their resources, while at the same time turning their heads away and all but condoning the civil rights abuses, murder, rape and pillaging of helpless citizens going on in those countries or ones nearby.

    The Brits did it in India and Africa, the Germans all through Europe, the Russians in Afghanistan, the Americans in you name it...

    So for the lesser light politicos in smaller, undeveloped nations beset by the same thing but in a much less refined and more savage way that relies on machetes instead of machine guns, why would there be any surprise?

  10. I am having the hardest time posting comments today. Darn it!

    How right you are HE --- I saw something like this on the Discovery channel. Might have been the same one.

    We are indeed a primitive society, and there seem to be no way of breaking out of the mode.

    Make me wonder where is god in all this?

  11. Baboons have ischial callosities or hairless callous pads on their rumps which may be adaptations for long periods of sitting or sleeping on rough branches.

    I am hoping to develop those so that I may spend more time reading blogs.

  12. WITHIN
    One of your best comments ever. The perception that Africans using machetes on each other instead of stealth bombers is a cruel reminder that we will resort to picking up a stick or a rock if need be.
    Very sad.

    He may have left the building with Elvis. It is of course one of the Agnostic/Atheist's greatest arguments..why would there be favorites or such careless disregard for the lives of millions?
    I do not have an answer.

    You can't get ischial callosities on your palms can you?
    How can we rid the world of careless, callous, cads?

  13. Donn, that is hair growing on your palms. Not ischial callosities.

  14. The methods by which we kill have become more "sophisticated"..wasn't it Albert Einstein that said:

    "It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity"

    ...and it was my other favorite Albert that summed it up:

    "Until he extends the circle of compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace."

    (Albert Schweitzer)

    It's not too much to ask, I still live in hope.

  15. SIENNA
    The technologies and money spent discovering how to kill each other vastly outnumbers the amount spent healing and educating...which pretty much sums us up.

    It has taken Millenia for some of us to curb our base instincts to eradicate our neighbours...but it still goes on from street gangs to Nations. I hope that Geneticists find the killer gene and we start neutering those donors...and to combat the environmental factors we need to enforce some ubiquitous contraception on all humans while we increase education levels.

    Knowledge is the key..traditional customs, laissez faire 'hope', and even religion, have all failed miserably. If we continue on our present course at our current levels of ignorance our species might eradicate itself before Mother Earth gets her revenge.

  16. A sad point well made by a wise gent. People are such animals.

    The thing with Africa is that, while of course we colonialists caused a whole bunch of bullshit to fall their way, The African nations fought for independence and got it, but still seem happy enough to depend on these old colonial powers to straighten out their nasty neighbours. If, I dunno, Switzerland (haha) started massacring its own people, burning immigrants alive, and shamelessly rigging elections, the European community wouldn't look to, say, Botswana to sort it out. Sure the UN has as role to play, but the more stable African nations surely have an obligation to keep an eye on their troublesome neighbours and hold a neigbourhood watch meeting every once in a while...

  17. frighteningly true...

  18. I wish I had something deep and meaningful to say, but you already said it.

    Awesome post!

  19. Are you trying to say that humans are really baboons? I actually think baboons are more evolved...

  20. That first comment isnt by me. Someone's cloned me. Someone who badly needs attention. Pity em.

    Humanity can be a house of horrors. I so agree. Example..first commentor pretending to be me. LOL go figure!


  21. Give me Bill Gates fortune. I will establish GROWTHEFUCKUP INC., and simply, without asking permission from any of these so-called international "agencies", roll in with a well-equiped army of well-paid professional ASS-KICKERS and remove petty tyrants as they dare to rasie their ugly heads, leaving in their place elected locals who just want to live in peace. Five years after the deed is done, each one of these newly freed countries will dedicate a minimum contigent of brave young "modern knights of the round table" who will continue the work of getting the fuck rid of these bad people who make life so miserable for so many of us.

    hmmpshdfaldlhhhhh? oh.......damn......I was dreaming.........crap........sigh

  22. you should have added Zimbabwe to your list... it's a time bomb that's bound to explode with horrendous consequences... and everybody is just sitting and waiting for it to happen...unreal!

    if you're looking for a prime example of the Ape... Robert Mugabe :)

  23. OMG are you saying my ass looks just like a baboons?

    Hmm we had better keep an eye on the Swiss?

    My Father's ancestral homeland of Belgium did a real number on Zaire and tried to eviscerate it of it's natural resources..nasty.
    I remember being in College when Mugabe was remodeling Rhodesia and we were all saying Go Africa and then it turned into a 1st Century Totalitarian Fiefdom WTF!?

    Somebody, and quite frankly I don't care who, needs to round up all of the monsters who have kidnapped those poor people on the Dark Continent and bring them to justice before they escape with all of the loot to a luxurious exile like Idi Amin and so many others...and they need to do it YESTERDAY!

    I often wonder how long Sith Ahfrika will stay in it's present form..the growing pains, which are presented to the rest of the world by the outrageous homicide rate in Joburg, seem destined to someday explode and threaten an infrastructure teetering on the edge.

    Angel I wish that you would tell me more about what you see...it's hard to get a balanced snapshot from the media..they make it look like it's a done deal.

    One of the best things about re-posting is that it reminded me that you and I have been friends for a couple of years..you have always been such a great supporter and an inspiration..you always, always, always, make time for me.

    You had me from G'Day.

    Right On send in the GOOD brave Sir Knights RFN and kick the sh*t out of those monsters YESTERDAY!

    These little hitlers need to meet their maker ASAP. It is so sad that we are forced to sit and watch the misery of millions of innocent women, children and men who are terrorised and at the complete mercy of these assholes.

    Outrageous. Kofi had the chance to kick some ass but the UN is completely useless..powerless..handcuffed by rhetoric and political correctness...don't try to pretend that you can solve your own problems while you kow tow to tyrants..f*ck them..go in their with 200,000 ass kickin' mercs and clean it up. AAARRRGGHH!

    Mugabe is a complete hitlerian asshat sniveling little f*cker..what a charade. Education is the key but it ain't gonna happen until Bob is dead and gone.
    I have no doubt that he has millions socked away for his cozy exile all ready to go if the rest of the world ever gets off their ass.

    The problem with so many of these places is that they either don't have oil or they aren't strategically desirable by the Super Powers...look how many years it took the UN to make China do something about Sudan and they HAVE oil!?

    Well that's all about the charm offensive for the Olympics but Rwanda should have been the last episode of ethnic cleansing...the rest of the world should have been ashamed to have not intervened...but hey, it's just Africa right.

    What is the West waiting for? For AIDS and starvation to cull all of those people..there is too many of them anyway it's their own fault!
    Is it now?

    Even though I have never seen it my guess is that your derriere is divine!
    Needless to say I can't go into much more detail without cutting my own throat and sleeping on the couch for a few weeks but let's just say for the sake of this discussion that your bottom is prolly the living end and nothing like a Baboon's butt.

    *adjusts shirt collar and wipes forehead

  25. aww :) HUGZ! U TOO!


  26. lol ok me such a blondi. I didnt realise this was a repost :(



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