Monday, June 26, 2006

Blog Buddies with Benefits

Now that I am getting acquainted with the Blogosphere I realise what I LUV about it.
There is something for everyone.

It is obvious to some, that our species is endangering not only ourselves but the whole planet. There is a WAR of Ideas being fought and we have to be careful about the collateral damage.

That being said, as a member of the fastest growing segment of the population, those that tick NO RELIGION on the Census form, I recognise that good people come in all sorts of packages. Maybe we are what we think we are, but there is more to us than what we think. What others think about us can have as little or as much effect as we allow. The fact that we are still fortunate enough to opine without fear of imprisonment or being burned at the stake needs to be celebrated.

I laugh, I cry, Blogging becomes a part of me...

If I choose to engage in cerebral intercourse about religion, history, sex, politics, or philosophy, debate creationism and evolution, absorb trivia, share some heartbreaking revelation or stunning confession, enjoy a witty reconstruction of someone'e ordinary day, read a beautiful poem or view awesome artwork, learn about customs and phobias from afar, laugh or wince at ridiculous rantings and ravings, relive my youth through those rose coloured glasses, or simply spoof, cajole, disseminate, regurgitate or just
mentally masturbate...
it's all out here..something for my ever changing moods...

My link list is starting to get interesting and diversified. Its the reason why I have designated my profilic occupation as a Scallywag, or one who mischieveously consorts with the opposition? I love people who never waste? one second worrying or even thinking about the BIG QUESTIONS, but I gravitate towards those who do ponder them from time to time. Regardless, we're in this together, trapped on an island spinning around the Sun at 60,000 miles per hour...
Life is a giant version of LOST

This should be fun! Atleast some of the time? If it were all Doom and Gloom I'd be out weeding the garden and enjoying numerous chemical cocktails. I want to be learning something and to do that I have to keep an open mind.
(Mind you I will hide behind the door with a Rubber Chicken to smack 'ya just in case your ideas are either insanely ridiculous or simply way better than mine!)

Agnostic doesn't have to mean Antagonistic!

(I do have to watch out for that, sorry to you know who you are...)

Hopefully I will mature but sometimes I get so thorny.
I would like my path to lead me past the fascadic points of view and deeper into the people.
There is almost always a reason WHY someone thinks the way they do.

As an Agnostic, I am obviously comfortable with having reconciled that some questions in Life are ultimately unanswerable.
But, and as PeeWee said, "everybody has a big BUT", I am still excited and challenged by meeting people from both alternative and traditional viewpoints.

Nearly everyone, I said nearly, has something illuminating to say about one thing or another. We are all a combo of Charming and Tedious.
Studying our similarities is far more productive and enlightening than sweating the small stuff. Life is way too short and unpredictable to waste every ounce of energy proving that you've got it 99.9%
figured out..even if somedays
you think that you do!

Hope you find someone that challenges you on this or someother list.....


  1. You surely are waxing poetic my friend and beautifully so, may I add! Hear ye, hear ye for you speak oh so many truths!

    Now, about this ranting and raving... any hints directed at someone we may know? Hmmmm? ;-P

  2. miz bohemia,
    As Billy Joel said, "Don't go changin'..I luv you just the way you are!"

  3. I love the writing of this post. I'm going to read your archives later!

    I do agree with you on your comment on the blogosphere: there is definitely something for everyone.

    Have a good day!


  4. The beauty of the Blogosphere is that it's a goldmine for all ideas, feelings, beliefs and opinions.

    Some are outrageous -- like you, sometimes -- and others are informative and humorous -- like many of your posts (I'm still thinking the sex with women is a lot like doing the laundry one).

    And, sometimes, it's a place of judgment and saying too much or not enough and apologies.

    And so much more.

    Blog on, Donnie!

  5. I like this post. Seems quite thoughtful and modest with it.

    'There is a war of ideas being fought and we have to be careful about the collateral damage.'

    Hmm... maybe. What ideas would these be?

  6. reysputiin3:08 p.m.

    someother is two words!!

  7. reysputin3:10 p.m.

    oops! that's 'reysputin', although, given my heritage and your fancy way with words, i may have to change it to 'reyspoutine'

  8. I've realized that blogging is truly a great opportunity. To be able to read about other people's lives and have them comment on yours is awesome.

    Honestly, the more you read certain blogs, the more you feel like you really know them. It's a great experience.

  9. you can always count that people will continually think they know.
    as for rantings here is a close and personal friend who is in a constant state of rambling... he doesn't scribble much recently but what is there is of quality. enjoy!

  10. I luv u to buddy!....hahaha...I think the bloggers u categorized are here to live life. Thats it.

  11. antoine,
    Bonjour, ca va? There is an incredible variety of sites from cream to crapola but I like to venture out of my comfort see where braver souls than I have gone....

    Yes, but the blogosphere ain't no glee club where you go to make friends and be liked and boost your self esteem. If you need a friend get a dog.
    You can't please everybody any of the time!

    The idea that we are special and created apart from Nature vs reality.
    The rest is just conversation...

    Well LDfn'D, looks like we got us a 'reglar fancy pants English major!! Ur lcky i dnt rite like rl blggrs do so nyeh!

    some udder...there happy!

    anonymous b,
    You do think that you know them and then BANG out of left field...never ASSume or take them for granted..always let them sniff your hand before you try to pet them...

    white devil,
    Good to see ya again,I will check out yer bro dude. And I might add..the smoker you get the player you feel!

    ghost particular,
    Absofrickinlutely! Life is short and the Blogoshere let's you share your life and ideas with lots of people at an incredible let 'er rip!

  12. 'The idea that we are special and created apart from Nature vs [the idea of] reality.'

    Creation vs Evolution, Religious belief vs Atheism. This kind of debate really seems to have ignited your side of the Atlantic. It is argued here in England but is far from being very topical.

  13. You lot may have some Victorian 'Manners before Morals'issues to deal with as my pal Oscar Wilde so aptly described it but here in the Colony the Puritan Revival is picking up some steam for a last ditch effort to impose a neo Theocracy.

    It's madness. A huge aboutface in the stream of Progress. These Salmons fighting the current of several hundred years of Scientific Enlightenment are torturing us with this bizarre abandonment of reason and empirical evidence. OK I'll save it for another post. I think that you get my drift.

  14. Huh! I look forward to the post. Actually, yeah, I'd agree the question is quite fundamental to current debate.

  15. Too many blogs, too little time... The best thing is that it is free from censorship for the most part and people are able to express and discuss almost anything. I guess it would be similar to living in a big sea-port city ages ago - you get exposed to the larger world out there.

    P.S. Thank you for the link. I will link back. Can you please remove an extra slash at the end of the link to my blog - it does not work right with the slash. Thank you.

  16. sh,
    SHure will (I'm to DUH to figure out the slash).

    It was a BIG world and it is amazing how small it is now.
    How long can we keep this open and free. Those who make the golden rules are feverishly trying to find a way to make money off of Bloggers, sway opinion and censor the truth.

    Big Brother is on the way.


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