Saturday, February 18, 2006


To nonblogging humanoids Blogging seems like mental masturbation.

Blogging can be a self manipulated release from boredom without expending any of the kinetic equity involved in social intercourse.

Blogging can be a secretive guilty pleasure and some people never admit to it or how much time they actually spend doin' it.

Blogging is the antidote for excercise.

It is a true testament to the uncertain future of our lazy ass species. The little computer ape 'monkeys around', screen sucking to entertain themselves in the privacy of their own head.

We can scratch ourselves while in the cyber company of others in the deafening silence of our solitude.

Homo escapeons didn't take over this planet with some big game plan.
Oh no no no.
Does the term 'Path of Least Ressistance' ring any bells.

Our advancement was cemented primarily on the inventions that we dreamed up (or stumbled upon) that eliminated made life easier.

Blogging can be seen as intellectual social intercourse with the least amount of effort.

There is no dinner and a movie or meet the parents ...let's avoid all of that crap and spare ourselves the expense, trauma, drama and disappointment that real relationships offer and just do it ourselves.

You know the science experiment wherein placing a frog into a pot of water and slowly raising the temperature.

If you drop it in hot water it'll jump out or just 'croak'. However, if you carefully heat it up very s-l-o-w-l-y the frog will cook to death..completely unaware of the circumstance.

Here is the rub;
what you think really does matter...even if your opinions are less than essential reading and your insight is far south of astonishing.

Blog On Brothers and Sisters. Who cares if anyone else is out there. THIS IS SOLIPSISM BABY!!!!! You can't prove that anything outside your head exists anyway. Can you? Ribbit Ribbit Ribbit blahg blahg blahg CROAK!!!

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