Wednesday, February 15, 2012


If I could, I would like to arrange for every person on the planet to watch this video. If we could collectively acknowledge that the 3 pound glob of jello holding our ears apart controls how and who we are, it would free us from all of the bullshit that we think that we know about ourselves.

Even a casual glance at my blog roll or list of "friends" on Facebook proves my obvious predisposition towards associating with like-minded individuals is a direct product of my selfish genes.

"Social validation increases the level of dopamine and serotonin in the brain and allows us to let go of emotional fixations and become self aware more easily. We are in a constant duality between how we see oursleves and how we think that others see us."

We are what we think, but we need to train ourselves to be consciously aware that we are still operating with a prehistoric brain that can hijack our rational thoughts when we feel threatened...regardless of whether that threat is real or imagined.

The more attached we are to a belief system, the more imprisoned we are by this artificial environmentally induced bias. To have self awareness and free choice, we must disconnect from our socially induced cosmology.


  1. Alex (the ever-present danger to society) Pendragon1:35 p.m.

    Yea, just like you liberal commie Canadians to throw your facts and figures around, trying to force your edumacation onto us God fearing folk who don't need all that learnin' stuff cause our preachers warn us against demonic influences like yours! NO, you're trying to communicate an IDEA! RUN! KILL! WITHDRAW! SLOBER IN A NICE SAFE CORNER! That's the MERKIN way!

  2. Jolly good show!
    That's the English way.

  3. There are days when my neurons are firing blanks.

  4. Alex to quote Ben The Thing Grimm,
    Scarls and so it tiz in the Colonies
    MJ I know what it's like to fire blanks :)


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