Friday, February 24, 2012

Clicks Just Keep Getting Harder To Find

LECTOR EMPTOR"Reader Beware" 

The "survey" linked below is yet another example of how low the bar has been moved.

In the cyberwar for eyeballs, Interweb content providers are forced to put-out a constant stream of meaningless filler in order to placate their advertiser's demand for 'clicks'. 

To paraphrase Paul Revere & The Raiders: "Clicks just keep getting harder to find".

Even though it is within the realm of possibility that someday Social Scientists might discover a male human with an internet connection who has not been a consumer of pornography, it's possible, it's not realistic to produce a meaningful survey on modern male sexuality that is based on interviewing "20" testosterone-drenched male university students!?

All Men Watch Porn eh?

I suspect that Alfred Kinsey must be rolling in his grave. 

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