Monday, February 13, 2012

Celeb Stalking Canadian Style

Dear Mr. Mercer,

As you can see from the photographic evidence I was not-so-subtle 'aboot' lurking during your shoot yesterday @ The Forks in Whateverpeg.
I am SO kicking myself for not properly introducing myself and thanking you for your contributions.  

I am chalking it up to being a bit too 'Canadian' and not harassing a celeb. 
I did however manage to summon a momentary bout of courage and request a quick pic and you were kind enough to accommodate a quickie with my wife who was absolutely thrilled!

I also mumbled a lackluster 'Happy Darwin Day' hoping to chat a bit, but I suspect that your hood muffled the sound and I know that you were trying to work. btw We had just watched you sloshing around the Bay of FUNdy in that jetboat.

Personally I think that you have the greatest job in Canada - and you do not squander the opportunity to make us hewers of wood and drawers of water think 'aboot' what it means to be Canadian in the true Pearsonian sense of being Peacemaking eaters of Poutine...except for the fighting in Hockey thing which is the most obvious psychological leak in the national passive/aggressive psyche.

Most of my cyber-friends on Facebook and Blogger seem to be Merkins, Ozzies & Brits and they all especially enjoy your Talking With Americans bits. This year's Republican scapegoat offerings have been a godsend to the altar of Comedy. If only they weren't so frickin  scary. No child left behind my ass, now bananaman Ray (Atheist Nightmare) Comfort's "180" exposes young Merkins for not being able to pick Hitler out in a police lineup?

I can't help but notice how the interwebs has changed over the past few years. I'm particularly discouraged by the lack of focus and disintegrating level of concentration. The attention span & memory capacity of onliners is down to nanoseconds and the Powers That Be know it and use it to their advantage. SOPA is scary but everybody out there is LOOK SOMETHING SHINY ABOUT KIM KARDASHIAN!

I am concerned about everyone is being herded into the vortex of extremes..a fabricated forum of us or them/zero sum gain mentality that completely ignores the reality of the vast majority of the great unwashed being moderate in almost every part of their cosmology. The current Republican Candidate schmozzola is a perfect example. First of all, I'm embarrassed to admit that I know far more about the Republican Candidates than I do about the Canadian political landscape. Like all of the other boiling frogs, I'm suckered in by the outrageous uber- exposure of living next to the Elephant next door.

Like most Canadians I was deeply saddened by the death of Jack was a real kick in the balls and a stab in the heart. The momentum and spirit of the 'Occupissed' insurrection dovetailed so perfectly with his ascent. It felt like the wind left the sails..much like 68 when Bobby and MLK were taken from the Americans..and then half the Boomers morphed from Hippies to Yuppies said the hell with it. 

In my heart of hearts I can understand how the average traditional person fears change, but like the proverbial boiling frogs the Conglomerates have submerged themselves in a pool of cognitive dissonance and tried to justify that the corporate lobbyist kidnapping of the political process is all for the better...give the 1%ers tax breaks and they'll create JOBS!

It's so out of control that Bill Moyers had to come back...he had a fantastic "HELLO!" interview with fallen-from-grace Bruce Bartlett this weekend. Mr. Bartlett also mentions how discouraging it is that people seem to be unable to read an entire magazine article and Moyers mentioned that people are unwilling to accept facts (the new "F" word) if they interfere with their belief-system...the age of compromise and forming an opinion based on facts seems doomed.

Okay You know all of this, I'm starting to ramble.
Listen I just wanted to thank you for stirring the pot so that some of the boiling frogs might get uncomfortable enough to jump out! Another byproduct of the corporatization of the lamestream media is that more and more of us ordinary citizens are relying on your type of program to cut through the bullshit and soften the truth about how screwed up the system is, with humour anchored by a huge dose of wtf common sense.

So thank you. Hopefully you receive plenty of positive feedback.
I hope that you realize how much your efforts are appreciated, and keep up the good fight.
The next time I see you I'm going to give you a BIG hug!

Sincerely eh!,
P.S. Let's hope that the 'Occupissed' Movement reaches the boiling frogs. Cheers


  1. Attention Donn's Merkin, Ozzie and Brit readers:

    You have NO IDEA how big a Canadian moment it is to meet Rick Mercer like this.

    Donn: This couldn't be any more quintessentially Canadian if you inserted a Hinterland Who's Who segment into it!

    Donn ©oppens and Rick Mercer...two of the funniest men in Canada and two of my favourite Canadians.

  2. "America is drinking Canada Dry!"

    Wayne and Shuster

  3. Poor Rick Mercer. He had to endure YOU. He likely will never come to Winterpeg sgain. But he, Alice and Ridley miraculously survived. Can they survive YOU in the long term?

  4. "... TV star has quickie with Canadian blogger's wife in snow..."

    Good thing I know what you really mean!

    Yes, I had to go to Wiki to find out who this chap is.Sounds like someone I'd stay up late to watch.
    Thanks, Donnnnnnnnnnnnn

  5. OMG Rick Mercer? Freakin' amazing! Only completely! You are so lucky!! I love his stuff! His writing! His delivery! His ability to walk backward in abandoned warehouses! I bet you never wash your wife again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I managed to read the whole post!!!! My attention span is growing!!
    Will look up Rick Mercer now.

  7. MJ it was weird because we don't have many Canadian Celebs and I was not my usual imposing time I'll make hay when the sun is shining

    lx hahaha it's true they already have our water sewn up

    Dinamow you'd get a real kick out of him..he's very funny and smart

    Nations my good-lady-wife was totally thrilled and I appreciated his effort..he must get hounded all the time

    Scarls I apologize for my ecruciatingly long posts..I'm afraid my mental diarrhea is permanent

  8. Within oops I'm not used to writing comments anymore..damn you Facebook!
    He is prolly okay with gawking fans I just wish that I could have blurted out something funny.

  9. Speaking of Canadian celebs, I am tempted to show you a photo of me with Red Green.



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