Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Here are a few photo'd & shop'd images of other animals that I have seen over the past several summers whilst on holidays.

Deer, Black Hills South Dakota

Dragonfly, Salmon Arms, British Columbia

Mallard, Fort Whyte Centre, Manitoba

Alligator, Reptile Gardens, South Dakota

Goat, Heritage Museum Steinbach, Mb

Garter Snake, Hecla Island, Mb

Field Mouse, Winnipeg Zoo, Mb

Reef Shark, Mall Of America, Minneapolis

Plover, Hecla Island, Mb

Pronghorn Antelope, Custer National Park, SD

Mountain Goat, Mount Rushmore, SD

Bighorn Sheep, Golden, British Columbia

Reba, foster puppy, next door

Canada Geese, Wpg, Mb


  1. Wait.....that field mouse looks suspiciously asleep. Can ya sleep with your eye's open?

  2. What filter did you use?

  3. Ute
    He's pining for the Fjords..beautiful plumage the Norwegian Blue..look there he moved!

    I am a sucker for Poster Edges..
    just enough to make it look like a rendering...
    it's magic I tells ya! MAGIC!!!


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