Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Generation GAPS
There are actually several Generation gaps, none of which may interest you in the least. Well TFB I think it's fascinating.

"You don't know your past, you don't know your future." Ziggy Marley

Because nobody cares aboot Canadian Demographics or Politics, we will examine the American population distribution which is basically the same as Canada anyway, just 10 times larger.

If you look at the Democrat/Republican Party split between the cohorts, it is never more than a 3% diff, so basically a 50-50 tie. The good news is that Independent candidates are continuing to grow in popularity.

Gen Y 100 million
The Gen Yers are the techno-cyber generation who are already changing our world. There are aboot one bajillion of them, and they are going to do whatever they want, and I'll be dead in a few years anyway so.. whatev!
b. 1985-2010
25 yrs old and under
38% Dem 33% Rep 29% Ind
"As a homegrown labor force of epic size, they will stop immigration cold and restore manufacturing."

Gen X 69.5 m
The Xers have always lived under the shadow of the Boomers and Reagonomics and they seem to be perpetually pissed off about everything. I am absolutely certain that they will introduce 'Youth'anization drive-thru clinics to kill off the Boomers asap.
b. 1965-84
26-45 yrs old 
38% Rep 36% Dem 25% Ind
"The housing market is tanking because Xers lack the critical mass to buy up the Boomers’ starter castles and will torpedo Social Security."

Baby Boomers 78.2 m
The Boomers are still waiting for their parents' generation (Silents) to die in a timely manner so that they can finally make some "real" change.
Grasshopper, what is the sound of one foot tapping?
b. 1945-65
46-65 yrs old 
37% Dem 35% Rep 27% Ind
"Boomers won’t stop spending beyond their means and will bring strong opposition to the religious right and finally legalize marijuana."

Silent Generation 35.6 m
The Silents who all smoked like chimneys, ate red meat 3x day, drove drunk without the kids in seatbelts, and tossed garbage out the fkn car window....are already starting to crash the Health Care system.They will squander Trillion$ of the Boomers inheritance by trying to live forever.
b. 1925-45
66-85 yrs old
39% Dem 36% Rep 24% Ind
"The remnants of this tiny generation will give us the false impression that the longevity trend has reversed and will shut down the assisted-living industry"

GI Generation 5 mish
The last few GIs are not long for this world.They grew up during the Great Depression and they saved Trillion$. They are leaving all this moolah to the Silents, who as I mentioned, are unfortunately trying to live forever, but are actually crashing the Health Care system and squandering the inheritance that should have trickled down to the Boomers.
b. 1900-25
85 yrs old +
41% Rep 39% Dem 20% Ind
"They amassed personal wealth of nearly $11 trillion through saving and still wield corporate influence. The few remaining are living longer because they can afford the best health care. The last of many generations characterized by racial and gender intolerance."

Well, is it too obvious that I'm a Boomer? I tried to be fair..sort of.

Here are some of the sources which I manipulated to back up my half-baked, fanciful notions:The Age Curve, Census, Greenberg Research, and my own rash conclusions.


  1. With the last few letters of the alphabet taken up, what will they name future generations?

  2. "which is basically the same as Canada anyway, just 10 times larger."
    Is obesity that much of an issue?

  3. Yeah, whatever, can we have some nice pictures of beavers?
    ...and who are you calling 'pissed off'???

    Sx *stamps feet and stomps off*

  4. If we are to survive as a species, we need to make changes to save our earth.

    We are not going to make a drive-thru "youth"anization clinics that would waste resources and cause pollution. We should embrace greener ways like the Eskimo method: Put the old on an ice floe and set them out across the ocean. It's environmentally responsible and the wildlife get to eat! It's the circle of life and we'd be celebrating the native cultures of the Americas!

  5. Any room for the old Brits on the ice flow, Mr Swings?

  6. MJ
    You're right, I guess that Generation "Z" will have to be the last of the Mohicans?

    Yes. We are as jiggly as the Yanks, but we have better Healthcare so whatev.

    I feel your pain. Gen X never had any trends or fashions or anything. Everything was always aboot the Boomers. Boomers this and Boomers that. I'd be pissed off too!

    Mr Swings
    That would be Greener except that we are running oot of Ice Flows! If we did, we'd need to stack them in piles. The lucky buggers in the middle would stay warm longer, and if they managed to hang on long enough, one of the thousands of Russian subs sneaking aboot the Canadian Arctic might find them and steal their wallets!

    Don't be silly,
    it's much too chilly,
    too willy-nilly,
    for a gal from Picadilly.

    Our trends were much hotter than the Boomers...

  8. Two words, Mr Coppens, will sum it up nicely... Duran Duran.
    I rest my case. And my make-up bag.

  9. Of course we love the Canadians! All those beavers!

  10. Scarls
    I take it all back. Nicely played.

    Indeed. A profound observation.
    Mea culpa..We hewers of wood and drawers of water certainly do have an inordinate fondness for Beaver.

  11. Yes! I'm a generation x-er, those of the slacker generation.


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