Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chillin with Psilocybin

For the past three days I have been imprisoned in my home nursing a wrenched lower %$#@ back.

All together now, "you poor little bunny". 

This morning I may have overmedicated.

Ask your Pharmacist if Magic Mushrooms are right for you?..
and hey kids, Score Goals NOT drugs!


  1. Too many drugs? Is such a thing possible? No one told me!

  2. Nice posts. Somehow I got a little behind; the updating thingee in my blog roll doesn't seem to be working at 100%. Anyway, like I said, nice posts/pictures. And here it wasn't that long ago you said you were going to archive some significant posts and then quit updating this blog. Glad you didn't do that.

  3. "Eats?" chuckled Tim, rummaging through a handmade leather pouch. "Jes' hang loose an' I'll fimb somp'-un f'yoo. Lemmesee, oh, oh wow! Dint know we had any this left!" Clumsily he scooped out the contents and set them in a bent hubcap before them. They were among the most dubious-looking mushrooms Spam had ever seen, and, rather rudely, he said so.

    "These are among the most dubious-lookin' mushrooms I'm ever a-seeing," he stated.

    Nevertheless there were few things in Lower Middle Earth Spam hadn't idly nibbled and lived to tell about, so he dived in, stuffing himself loudly. They were of an odd color and odor, but they tasted okay, if a little on the moldy side, and after that the boggies were offered round candies with little letters cleverly printed on them. ("They melt in yoor brain, not in yoor hans," giggled Tim.)...

    ...Tim, now a rather handsome six-foot carrot, laughed loudly and changed into a coiled parking meter. Frito, dizzy as a great wave of oatmeal flowed through his brain, grew heedless of the puddle of drool collecting in his lap. There was a noiseless explosion between his ears and he watched with terror as the room began stretching and pulsating like Silly Putty in heat. Frito's ears began to grow and his arms changed into badminton rackets. The floor developed holes out of which poured fanged peanut brittle. A score of polka-dotted cockroaches danced a buck and wing on his stomach. A Swiss cheese waltzed him twice around the room, and his nose fell off. Frito opened his mouth to speak and a flock of flying earthworms escaped. His gall bladder sang an aria and did a little tap dance on his appendix. He began to lose consciousness, but before it ebbed completely, he heard a six-foot waffle iron giggle, "If yoo dig it now, jes' wade till th' rush hits you!"...

    - Spam, Frito, and Tim Benzedrine, Bored of the Rings, Chapter II: Three's Company, Four's a Bore.

    Seemed appropriate, what with the Led Zep post below and all. Hope you can feel that good without the drugs soon enough.

  4. Alex Pendragon10:57 p.m.

    What HE said....LOL!

  5. vicus
    My dear fellow, surely you jest? All that "too-much-of-a-good-thing-is-bad-for-you" rubbish is pure government propaganda.
    You just wait and see, once the PTB get to sell it and tax the sh*t out of it, it will be the greatest thing since sliced bread!

  6. Rimpy
    Hey man it's been a while since I've really been out here. I keep vascilating because FB is easier, but it's all Lookie-Loos and Lurkers...except for the bloggers slumming over there. Catch 22.
    I still don't feel 100% comfortable letting it all hang out over there, so I might get back, get back, get back to where I once belonged.

  7. breakerslion!
    Gadzooks man, that was terrific!
    You had me from "Jes' hang loose an' I'll fimb somp'-un f'yoo"'s almost as if you were there....were you?

    I had better see what you've been up to during my exile.

  8. Sir Alex du Pendragon
    Exactly. Tough to follow up that eh?
    This is sort of cool being back here, what a different vibe man.

  9. I fear it's the Freakin' Green Elf Shorts that are coming, and it's having a mighty effect on you.

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

  10. I'm all a-titter that you're back.

  11. Idiot. Farcebooking will do that to you. Nie picture manipulation. Bet you couldn't do THAT on Face Book!

  12. damn, chris beat me to it! you can't do this kinda shit on FB, sugar! come back to blogging, i'll let you poke me here1 *snickering* xoxoxoxox

  13. Anonymous5:02 p.m.

    These damn mushrooms grow evrywhere ...

  14. You will let him poke you, eh Savannah?? What some won't do just to get him off Farce Booking and back to blubbering. I'll warn you, he's a goober...

  15. Anonymous3:21 p.m.



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