Saturday, April 24, 2010



This country functions and flourishes BECAUSE it is designed to function WITHOUT perpetuating the traditional irrational violent religious rivalries fueled by sociopathic zealots who fuel hatred, prejudice, cruelty, and intolerance.

These antiquated practices haunt the Old World and history has shown that it led to nothing but an endless cycle of war. Millions of men, women and children were needlessly tortured and murdered for thousands of years. An insane inexcusable unforgivable waste of human life.

It is one thing for citizens to practice and promote the peaceful positive aspects of their belief system. 
If however, the radical fringe elements intent is to bully others into submission, demand exclusive rights, or threaten anyone else with their own self-serving brand of insane supernatural delusions of grandeur, the f*cking airport is thataway..we'll even pay your airfare....
and don't come back.., not even for a visit.

We tippy-toe around the political correctness ..ooh better not hurt the feelings of people honoring assassins in blatant contradiction to the Law?
Sadly this is a charade and not about forming another "Stan" country, it's about a few assholes trying to gain control of power and money on a local level..
the whole liberation-theology fascade is a cover.

Fortunately the lure of the decadent West and an education based on empirical science will release the majority of the next generation from the mind control of the militants.



  1. One more reason to stay off Facebook.

  2. You were visited by a Jehovah weren't you??! lol...

    Dude, you know my view on the whole thing.

  3. "Good enough for these idiots"

    HA! Lot of good it did them, they're all dead!

  4. I didn't know that Magnum P.I. smoked a pipe and was an atheist!

    I'm betting on reincarnation; hopefully, I'll come back in the next life as a pair of Victoria's Secret underwear for their runway show.

  5. Education is the key. Once people learn HOW to reason, they won't be able to stop themselves from doing it. I was very guilty of knee-jerk reactions and non-critical thinking until I dated a guy for a few years who would listen to me say "I think [x] is total crap!" and he'd say, "how so?"

    It made my brain HAVE to think of why I thought about everything in the ways I did. I'm happy to say that it trained my mind in critical thinking. I'm a smarter thinker because of this guy. We're still friends, by the way.

    Love to see you blogging, Donn!
    (hearts, flowers, gay bees)

  6. What's weird about this story is that the bullies are second-generation. (Very interesting story to me as I used to teach the kids in this community.)

  7. We get the Sikh extremism here in SoCal, too. It's mainly directed at one of the professors here at a local university who is a Sikh and is working on a history of Sikhism that the rest don't much care for.

    And wait a minute, I was under the impression that Jefferson was a Deist?

  8. Whisper it, but we have a devout christian at Burridge. He doesn't push his views though.

  9. Thank You all for commenting on my dead blog :)
    No, really!


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