Friday, February 12, 2010

The SUEnited States Of America

Congratulations America.
As the most litigious people on the planet your society is malfunctioning.
If you live in SUE S. A. perhaps you need a copy of this BOOK
..maybe a in the car, one at work, one at home.

Actually, you should sue the Government for not giving you a copy!!

This recent story perfectly demonstrates how governments and corporations are so worried about covering their ass, that this paranoia of facing liability seems to have superceded the last shred of decency and common sense.

These rent-a-cop so-called "guards" are just there for decoration and to stop the occasional suicidal person from jumping in front of a corporate train in a public area. They have orders to observe and report...
is that useless or what?

Seriously, how much longer can the average American afford to live under the ubiquitous gaze of ambulance chasing lowlife lawyers and their greedy willing accomplices?

What is up with these spineless security guards..
oh I know they are following their orders..
but for the price of three useless rent-a-cops they could probably afford a real cop that could have intervened, restrained, and maybe even tasered that psychotic little bitch into submission.

I can't wait to see photos of these three spineless wussy asshats..
how could all three of them stand there and watch a 15 year old girl get kicked in the head...
especially since she ran over to them and asked for protection?

Here is an American Dude who sued Guiness Book Of World Records for being named the most litigious person in the world.



  1. Don't take on so!
    President Palin will sort it all out.

    wv = tuate
    Nothing to do with Palin, then.

  2. That's it, I'm moving to Canada!

  3. "Everybody was kung fu fighting ..."

  4. That is the most depressing thing I've seen in a long time - amazing!

  5. I saw that video a couple of days ago - makes one ashamed to be part of the human race

  6. My wife had to stop (or at least she tried to stop) a gang of teenage girls beating the living shit out of another girl in the middle of a large shopping centre yesterday. While everybody else looked on or walked on by. Including the security staff! (They said it was a police matter!!)

  7. Oh, and I would like to think the media for informing any berserking punk out there who watches TV that they have a green light to trash malls, go wilding on shoppers, and assault anyone they want to with no consequence, just as long as they exit the premises before the so-called "security guards" call the cops, or better yet, take the walkies from the "guards" before they can even do that, since they probably aren't even allowed to defend THEMselves........

    Hasn't it occured to any of our enemies to just attack us here on our own beaches? We wouldn't have a CLUE as to how to respond!

  8. Unbelievable - we're well on our way to that sort of situation in UK now.

  9. A nation that sues for getting fat from fast food.

  10. I would like to be able to slag that off, but as a Merkin and someone who is getting ready to move to the UK's version of Kentucky... Well, we're all just screwed as a society, really.

    On a plus note you will be happy to hear that at age 18, and a Uni freshman, the Fledgling Sparrow has finally quit calling Canada "Canadia."

    I knew you'd be thrilled.

  11. I call them plastic police. Waste of time.

  12. We're number one!
    We're number one!
    We're number one!

    And if you don't believe us, we'll sue you!

    That's just pathetic with those security guards!


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