Tuesday, December 08, 2009


The recent Icarian plummet from the heavens of "Boy Scout" brand Tiger Woods has left another vacancy in the hero department of the Merkin Dream.

Why do we insist on hitching our wagons to celebs in order to justify our anonymity and validate our parking?

Like so many other "brands" who seemed to have it all, young Tiger succumbed to the pleasures of the flesh and further cemented the time honoured theory, that a man is only as monogamous as his options.

Like Icarus, celebrities all seem to crash and burn when they fly too high.
We who live vicariously through them, fall victim to our own terminal case of cognitive dissonance..
we are conflicted by our simultaneous schadenfreude of watching them fall from the heavens upon which we had elevated them.
Other than the morality clauses in his endorsement contracts, Tiger owed us nothing but to be a great whacker of balls.

Since when should we expect celebrities to eschew the fruits of having it all?
We would, wouldn't we? 

Our insatiable fascination with them is equally driven by wanton envy and unquenchable schadenfreude...revenge for having more than we do.

I prefer the likes of Mr. Clooney who goes out of his way to demythologize his public character. He concedes that his monetary gain and good fortune is disproportionate to his efforts and his self effacing humour about his "plight" disarms my natural tendency to deplore his good fortune.

I "buy" George because he only pretends on the big screen.

"Run for office?
No. I've slept with too many women,
I've done too many drugs,
and I've been to too many parties."

I sometimes wonder if perhaps, from time to time, George might actually prefer to be as mindnumbingly anonymous as I am?

Actually I would hate to be a celebrity in the TMZ era.
Now nothing is off limits and the most trivial minutiae of a Celebrity's personal life now engulfs the cyberworld and leeches onto the dying carcass of the "old school" news networks as they try to keep their heads above water and cater to the fantasy world of the great unwashed.

It seems self evident that "we" no longer care aboot real news that would actually have an impact on our lives.

This is partially due to the fact that our brains are still hardwired for a simpler existance oot & aboot the ancestral savannahs of Africa. 
Equally important is the fact that we have been lied to and manipulated by marketeers, generals, and politicians, for so long, that we have become comfortably numb in our coccoon of disengagement.

We no longer trust in much of the news that we read or watch anymore..
 so the hell with it.
Survey says..

Rome is bloody well burning so we might as well fiddle aboot on the rooftop whilst the now dominant glad-idiot-orial paparrazi outlets pump out the gossip and shout...


  1. Mr. Coppens: The papers want to know whose shirts you wear.

  2. Mr Coppens - you and George, it's uncanny, were you separated at birth?

  3. I still don't understand Ambien sex!

  4. MJ
    I am impressed :)
    "This is crowd control to MaJor Tom,
    I'm stepping through the doorway,
    and I'm floating in a most-sta-peculiar wa-a-ay"

    What on earth are you going on aboot? The man is hideous! Okay I'm still bitter that I didin't get to play his older brother in Michael Clayton..especially after I left my soul splattered all over that audition room floor!
    "I'm not feeling it" Gilroy says?
    Really, Tony, really!

    Me either..pfft!
    However Rachel Ooch&tell said that her and Tigah had crazay Ambien sex?
    My guess is that the amnesiac side effects are great for dealing with guilt.

  5. In some ways, people are always looking for heroes, someone to look up to, someone they can relate to, and give them hope.

    Unfortunately, the very few who influence (and profit from) the youth obsessed media often push celebrities they think the public ought to worship (hoping that the public will likely buy the stuff these celebs promote).

    There are real heroes out there. For example, I like Jimmy Carter--the former President who is a big proponent of Habitat for Humanity. And there are honest cops and firefighters and teachers and soldiers and health care workers out there working hard to keep us safe and healthy. And there are also parents who work hard to make sure their kids do better in life and become great, responsible adults.

  6. How is there guilt if you can't get it up cuz your snoring!


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