Monday, August 03, 2009

Can you remember why you started Blogging?

I distinctly remember thinking that I wanted to create a omnibus that I could drive around and explore why Humans are so frustratingly f*cking stupid. Despite all of the advances we have made our world is in shambles.

If you have ever watched a movie or documentary on the omnipresence of War you realise that for Millenia Politicians, Clergymen, and Generals, could dream up a War and force our Brothers, Fathers, Uncles, and Cousins, to dress in brightly coloured uniforms, stand upright in neat little rows, and let others kill them.

Modern Humans in the developed Nations choose to immerse themselves in a vapid culture of hedonistic consumerism and pretense while 1 Billion other people are hungry and homeless.

Modern Humans are deeply divided by ancient ethno-religio inventions and saddled with our frightful Primate instincts of self preservation.

I have recently become aware of Empire of Illusion by Chris Hedges.

Hedges tries to map an overview of our political, social, and econmomic morass in the West.

"Democracy and Capitalism are antagonistic entities."

"The motor of all radicalism is economic despair."

Some of his other books look equally tempting..have you read any of them?

Now that I have lived for half a Century I have lost any naive notions of my species suddenly getting it together. I now know that Mother Nature and Fate are going to decide our fate. Even if the 5 previous Mass Extinction Events accidentally paved the way for us to ascend the throne, we aren't going to leave much for the next dominant species.

After presumably abandoning the highly competitive feast or famine lifestyle of the Hunter/Gatherer Clan and banding together in Cities a few thousand years ago, we've somehow managed to actually magnify the problems by creating divisive religio-political-military organisations known as Countries. Now the actual dirty work involved in the accumulation of territory and resources are fought equally through the Military and the Global Corporations.

Since the beginning I have wondered out loud why Disease and Warfare have lost their grip on keeping our numbers in check. Humans didn't number in the Billions until 1800. Even the most shallow perusal of History exposes the pathetic fact that WAR is not only the biggest Economic force in our world it makes up the core of our male dominated existance...which always brings me back to the single most obvious mistake in our world; it is dominated by males.

Since all vertebrates are formed as default females and the success of a species is it's ability to reproduce, why isn't our species following a natural Maternal pattern? Look at the carnage in the wake of being slaves to the warmongering mutant Male. Take everything by force and eradicate the competition.

It's the reason why we still have Male Dominated Religions assigning the origin on the sinful plight of Man to the lesser afterthought "the Wombman".

Males have dreamed up a litany of unspeakable horrors to keep the power by force. It's the reason that even here in the 21st Century, there are so-called honour killings and 80 million girls are forbidden get an education.

We know that the key to rescuing our species is to abandon our pathetic efforts to date and adopt a more natural, logical, symbiotic order of things. Since that is unlikely to happen the male Generals and Politicians are going to lead us towards Armaggedon... unless of course Mother Nature creates a viral remedy to regulate the number of sperm donors. The race is on.


  1. OMG I'm first up!! if you know what I mean...and now I can't think of a thing to say...think i need to read the post again...just a min...

  2. I blame Louis Pasteur, oh and bicycles

  3. I thought I was coming for Tennis and the post changed!
    I'm fresh from watching a documentary about Greenland, so I'm already feeling impotent.

  4. Tell me about it, Donn. I'm at work looking at the cheapest polar bear outfits for this pr stunt we're planning. People love polar bears. People don't love people.

  5. It gets easier when I remember that for every quark of matter there's an equal quantity of anti-matter.

    This duality thing's a bitch, eh? ;)

  6. A little light reading for bedtime, eh?

  7. I tell you something for nothing , I work in an office that is mainly women....they are flipping evil to each other , so I have no hope that a world run by women would be any different.
    Balance is what is needed
    The Beast has spoken

  8. Don't be so stupid Mr Beastie. *Slaps Beast round head with banana*

  9. *throws water-filled balloons at Beast's head*

  10. *and my flaming uterus when "that time of the month" comes round again*

  11. HAHAHA @ DI-AGNOSTIC!!!!!! brilliant!


  12. "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."--Jimmy Hendrix

    Survival of the fittest; when the species becomes out of sync with the environment and fails to adapt to the changes, the species will be replaced by another.

    I'd like to think that there are still some smart people around. I'd like to think they are smart enough to survive and make the changes necessary to bring about a better change.

  13. Absolutely wonderfl post Donn. You touch on subjects that I often think about. The answers just seem so clear on so many levels, yet humans do have the knack of thinking complex to attempt to control simple problems...and I think that has alot to do with why so many things just don't quite "mesh".

  14. Anonymous5:47 p.m.

    Need a good, all-consuming virus? Might be worth coming Down Under - apparently, some farmer's pigs have caught his flu.

  15. I wish I had been forbidden an education. Well, except for Arts & Crafts Class, I was OK at coloring.

    Oh Hai MJ!

  16. Thou art brilliant, my son. Now go forth and multiply, then divide, then conquer, then contemplate your naval........

  17. The world was run by women as they had the power of reproduction. When men worked out that they also had a part to play in it then the power struggle began.
    War is a necessary evil and Americans did support Mussolini just prior to 1939 so a well titled book.

  18. Ok mate when do we start?
    Or are we gonna have a meeting or something like that?
    Obviously by the time we do make a decision it will be too the world turns and history continues too repeat itself only in different ways........

    Now where is my boiling oil cauldron?
    Oh Donn, Don't forget the crucifition crosses, Third door down turn to the left!

  19. Anonymous7:33 a.m.

    Most of them are in sub-Saharan Africa too. Here are the < a href="">statistics< / a >.

  20. Crap! I've just found someone who speaks some truth and am I to believe you're stopping blogging? Or is it that I don't understand English anymore??


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