Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Right Wing Media Gadfly
GLENN BECK, rhymes with Dreck (Yiddish dirt) said on a televised show that U.S. President Obama is a racist.

Glenn said,
“I’m not saying he doesn’t like white people, I’m saying he has a problem. This guy is, I believe, a racist.”

Okay, Glenn obviously uttered this stupid f*cking comment to get some ratings spin. For those of you unfamiliar with Glenn, he is at the forefront of the Celebrity Infotainment Culture in America. He has Peter Pander Complex which forces it's sufferer to do or say anything to get attention.

Glenn wraps himself in the flag and pretends to extol the virtues and aspirations of the little guy, the everyman who if given half a chance would gladly gnaw off one of his own nuts to be a Loudmouth Right Wing Celebrity Millionaire like Glenn!

The consequences of recent history have run roughshod over the Right (Never Wrong) Wing of American Politics. boo-hoo. The political mojo of the Right has been justifiably eviscerated for it's role in destroying the Economy by

A: allowing unregulated charlatans to rule Wall Street and the Banking Industry and

B: ex-President G. Dubya Bush and his collection of myopic Fat-Cat cronies and henchmen started several unjustifiable Wars in the Middle East that may take decades to resolve and trigger an even larger final confrontation between the reigning Monotheistic Behemoths..
imagine Armageddon and all the worst parts of the Bible coming to life in your backyard.

Haven't you wondered why the Media isn't raking these perpetrators over the coals now that they are out of office? Could it be because that for nearly a decade the MEDIA was complicit in the sh*tstorm? All they did was re-broadcast press releases from the Dubya's White House. It's not their fault, the NEWS is now owned by Conglomerates who see Infotainment as another division that needs to sell ADs and turn a profit?

Anyway all that is left of the Right, are the pathetic, last ditch antics of celebrity moutpieces like Rush Limpbaugh and now ex-Governor Sarah Failin. Pretty sad.

They do make a nice couple eh?

I had originally intended to write about Loretta Napoleoni's book Rogue Economics;

"As in the film The Matrix, the world we live in is an illusion.
If we break through the Market Matrix we discover that our planet is being reshaped by dark economic forces creating victims out of millions of ordinary people whose lives have become trapped inside a fantasy world of consumerism. The world has been overrun by organizations, both private and public, that have accumulated vast fortunes and enormous political influence by regulating, containing, and manipulating the market to their own advantage

From Eastern Europe’s booming sex trade industry to China’s “online sweatshops,” from al-Qaeda’s underwriters to America’s bankruptcy and lending scandals, Rogue Economics exposes the paradoxical economic connections of the new global marketplace."

So when a celebrity like Glenn calls the President of the US a racist, it's not just a cry for help, he is trying to sell more ads on the Fox Network. Seriously Folks we don't get our NEWS from father figures like Walter Cronkite (1916 – 2009) anymore..nope..we get our so-called news from handsome/beautiful, sometimes nekkid, models and announcers..which is exactly what Cronkite had tried to eradicate.

Napoleoni writes, "Celebrities are performers and politicians encourage famous people to be part of their team because their image translates into votes. Celebrities belong to the Establishment because they owe their stardom and wealth to the obssesive marketization of their image. Their loyalty to the market is unshakable because their existance and continued success depend on it."

So ignore getting caught up in this charade. It does not matter what Glenn says about anything. He is just a celebrity who lives and dies by his pandering and vitriol..if he can't attract attention and sell soap..
the Conglomerate "suits" will find somebody else who can.
Glenn schmenn!

Glenn you may have tried your best to wrestle the eyeballs of millions of potential consumers from the turmoil and mysterious circumstances surrounding Michael Jackson's death, but we ain't buyin' whatever you are sellin'.

Accusing America's first Black President of being a racist is about as f*cking stupid as it gets Glenn. That ain't RIGHT!

You should be talking about something that Consumers are genuinely interested in, like why did Michael Jackson die?
Pictured here as he might have looked in the real world.

Michael Jackson was the biggest celebrity (Human Brand) on the planet and his premature demise is a ratings bonanza of O J Simpsonian levels! In the simple minds of tens of millions of potential Consumers of stuff Jackson's departure will easily supercede all other Earthly Events for the rest of the year and perhaps the rest of their lives!?

Maybe Loretta has uncovered the Matrix of Globalization. All those Newspeople are starting to look more like Game Show Hosts and it does seem like we live in a Matrix of make believe. We have way more information being thrown at us but most of it is utterly useless...unless it's about Michael Jackson.


  1. Oh, great post!
    I kinda think Glen Beck is honestly dumb ass crazy and really believes all his dumb ass crazy remarks. Thank god there is Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to counterbalance him. My ONLY source of news now. Call me one sided but the greatest truth can be found in the greatest wit.
    ps (I'm emailing this post to others who would appreciate it and in a better world it would go viral, but most of the world is just dumb ass crazy too)

  2. ***takes sip of starfucks****
    Errrm someones a little scratchy this morning
    ***wolfs down Mc Jacksons Memorial burger***

  3. I think that you are lovely.

  4. I agree with Vicus above, lol.
    Donn, your posts are always full of the hell do you do it man? Write a book already!

  5. Yeah, I remember this blowhard before CNN canned him. I couldn't stand him! Such an irritating a$$wipe! I thought, who the hell did he blow to get a show? He was always bragging about being a recovering alcoholic. Listening to his bullsh*t, I wish he would start drinking again. Where can I send him a case of vodka?

    Ellen is so right on! Thank goodness for The Daily Show and The Colbert Report! I luv it when they expose the hypocrisy and idiocy of the so called media, especially Faux News!

  6. I want to see how Fox spins the ever increasing symptoms of Climate change......I'm sure they will blame it all on Obama. I wonder if Rush already has a reservation at his local survivalist compound........

  7. Michael Jackson killed himself because he spent all that money becoming white then he gets a president who wants to repatriate people who aren't black to where they came from.

    Am I right?

  8. 'Aint dat da troof?

    Sorry Donn haven't been here for ages

  9. Old crinkly men read the news on BBC 24. There are no ads!

  10. Oh, you are sharp and forthright. Two of my absolute favorite things. Love the post and glad I stumbled across you today.

  11. Brilliant post Mr. C. I'm glad it's so hot that I'm on basement arrest and am actually taking the time to read blogs today. Immediately rewarded! Good feedback, too.

    Yeah -- the humorists are the ones who see it all for what it really is. On that note I'm unplugging and checking out of mainstream society for good. My tomatoes are starting to ripen so at least I'll have something to eat here in blissful exile.

  12. I'd heard a brief mention of some wanker calling Obama a racist but now I'm up to speed on the male version of the Paris Hilton sound byte attention seeking plague effecting so many vacuous plastic not-so-fantastics.

  13. HAHAHHAHAHAHA @Bush's pic!!!!! u crack me up Donno I luv ya!

    And I checked out ur Summer shots...ooh lala looking good! I just wonder why I never meet handsome witty smart n hot men like Donn here in Aus :(

    *just being a tart, pardon me* ;-)

    hv a good one!

  14. Uh, isn't there supposed to be 35% CanCon in these posts?

  15. Anonymous6:24 p.m.

    I seem to be in agreement with Vicus again.
    (I like to hang out with intellectuals)

  16. Hi Donn, Sounds to me like you've smoking skunk again. Good for you. The world is better place for that. Ever thought about running in politics?

  17. Glenn Beck has always been a loon - but yeah, he's just going for ratings. I have trouble believing any of these fuckwads believe the tripe they peddle.

    And Keshi - that's a real picture of GW - it wasn't doctored. I think he was trying to be a joker.

  18. Great stuff!
    "Image translates into votes"
    Napoleoni must be writing about UK. Poor old Gordon Brown - he has one eye, one outfit (a suit and tie) and no charisma.
    Whereas the other (Tory) chap wears Converse and claims he likes Morrisey and The Arctic Monkeys.
    As the States move to the left we move to the right.

  19. Oh aye! The US political media is completely bizarro. It makes our stuff here in Australia look pretty damn good.

  20. LOL Tidal does he even hv to try?



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