Friday, June 26, 2009

"IT" doesn't matter,
Who's Wrong Or Right

Yesterday I left a comment on a Blog posting dedicated to the passing of Farrah Fawcett. The texan beauty whose wholesome face and feathered blonde hair were made famous by her ubiquitous bonerific 70s poster made her rich N' famous. Farrah lived her life and her final showdown with Cancer out in the open.
She was 62.

I stated in the comment section that once MY cohorts (50ish year old celebs born 57.58) start expiring, then I'll start to feeling mortal.
The two shiniest stars in my age bracket are Madonna and the most famous person on the planet, Michael Jackson..

shown here as he should have looked at our age.

Some of my other cohorts are:
Sharon Stone, Annette Bening, Madeline Stowe, Holly Hunter, Michelle Pfeiffer, Rachel Ward, Andy McDowell, Jennifer Tilly, Daniel Day Lewis, Gary Oldman, Alec Baldwin, Kevin Bacon, Viggo Mortensen,Christopher Lambert, Tim Robbins and Spike Lee, Prince, Kate Bush, Simon Le Bon, Donny Osmond, Sid Vicious, Joan Jett, Neil Finn, Grandmaster Flash, Paul Weller, Sheila E and Belinda Carlisle, Ray Romano, Jon Lovitz, Denis Leary, Ellen DeGeneres, Bernie Mac, Megan Mullaly, Keenan Ivory Wayans and Dan Castellanta (DOH!) and Osama Bin Hidin.

Then I learned that the frail, tortured, gloved-one had beat it.
Michael was as gifted as he was cursed.
One look at his Father (JW) Joe, a clinic in his own right, and it's easy to see why controversy would shadow his career from the getgo.

A few days ago I had tossed Michael's name in with other famous Bad Dads..mainly because he dangled his child over a balcony...
I should have included his monstrous stagedad!

I prolly got more schadenfreude from Britney's very public meltdown (shame on me) because at least for a while, Michael was a genuine musical phenomenon and trendsetter...thanks in large part to the brilliant Producer, Quincy Jones.

You have to admit, that as far as having "IT", few other performers in the 2oth Century could compete with the innate charisma of Michael Jackson.

Jackson's life has all of the important ingredients required in creating an icon although he would have been better off had he passed after Thriller.
At that point he was still hip N' happenin', before the scandals and scalpels era which has overshadowed his showmanship for well over a decade.

Timing is everything in Show Biz/Life.

A huge part of being an Icon is the whatif factor...
what if James Dean had made 4 movies?
What if Marilyn wrote a tell all book about the Kennedys?
What if Martin Luther King had to face the music about his adultery?
Humongous Elvis trolling around the slot machines in his jumpsuit...we don't want the truth..we can't handle the truth.
These STARS should have been taken down a notch that's what! Their stock should have dropped when all of the evidence is in right?.

Most people assumed that Jackson was descending into weirdness even if he had soldout his London concerts. Most of us figured that he was "done" and headed for his Vegas-Elvis that would have been a perfect ending :)

Unfortunately Reality dillutes the Fantasy.
Icons, are essentially a Lie.
We choose to believe and cherish the good stuff.
The empathy factor overrides the culpability and voila..a teflon icon is born.

Thanks to the Internet, the frail bleached performer will become an instant Icon, in the truest sense of the term. Unlike most of the present I-Cons who are fabricated pretentious poseurs or I-conjobs (infamous for trying to be famous) Jackson actually deserves to be famous.

I wonder if Michael had any real friends who looked out for him?
Maybe Liz Taylor?
Taylor certainly knows how fickle fame can be. She was also a child star who was later villified as a slut and then reborn as an Aids crusader.
Being a Celebrity SUCKS.

The troubled man who never had a childhood, and chose to live as a child in his adult years (because he could afford to do it) won't need to worry about what other people think about him anymore.

The great thing about being an Icon is that we, the great unwashed, remember the good's called selective memory. Jackson will now take his rightful place in the pantheon of the American Iconosphere.

You either have IT or you don't and his lyrics in the song Beat It testify...

IT doesn't matter,
who's wrong or right.


  1. I saw him at Wembley in '92 - it was one of the greatest shows I've ever seen. And it was a show not a gig.

    He was a talented and exceptional performer.

  2. I kind of grew up with his music. His music has always been a constant with me despite the fact that I am rock music fanatic.

    I can't describe how sad I felt. He was always questing for happiness. He made so many of us happy.

    He died a lonely man. Wacko or not, his music will live on. One of the greatest performers of all times.

    Hope he finally gets the peace he deserved while he was alive.

  3. I spend a few months in 1982/3 walking around NYC listening to Thriller over and over on my Walkman. . .

    . . .it's a part of my life, as is a lot of his music

    perhaps he's at rest now

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  5. I wasn't the biggest Michael Jackson fan, but there's a memory of my childhood that I love: saturday afternoons watching the Jackson Five cartoons on the TV. And the song 'ABC'. He was cute as a little boy.

    Rest in peace, Michael Jackson.

  6. lol.. first, i <3 you! schadenfreude...hehehe...

    and that list of yours has me feeling pretty mortal too.. crazy.

  7. No one's perfect; but he had talent like no one else, and he had problems like everyone else. He was a great artist, and I wish his children the best and much more luv than their father ever received.

  8. Poor Michael jackson I never did like him my taste got in the way. West side story dance gang fights are wrong on so many levels.

    I remember the song: I'm looking at the man in the mirror, I'm asking him to stop sleep overs with young boys.

  9. I wasn't a fan... but he was always there in the background... and yes there are a lot of 'what ifs?' in his case.

  10. He seemed so fragile -- I'm not surprised he didn't live past 50. I guess that hyperbaric chamber (or whatever it was he used to prolong his life) he slept in in the '80s didn't work.

  11. I am not going to judge Michael because I had the good fortune not to walk in his shoes. The best I could have said about him was that he was an EXTREMELY talented freak. However, I think it is owed to many things outside his control that made it even possible for the worst of Michael to shine thru for the tabloids to feast upon, and yet, the one true Peter Pan somehow managed to have his way.

    It sucks being 50-something, especially when death comes knocking for no good reason.

  12. The man was a fruitcake, and his parents were largely to blame.
    I was never a fan... but there are those who love him and will miss him, just like any other fruitcake on the planet.

  13. I too, was no fan. I grew up with the cartoon, and all the other exploitation. The Thriller years showed he had talent, just not to my taste. I was too old for that by then.

    The taboo about speaking ill of the dead should work to the label's advantage. Then too, you can't be a pedophile if you're dead.

  14. This was an amazing post you've done here.We have to recognize that he really deserved to be famous,he was multi talented and i agree to say that no one could compete the artist,as for his personnal life,well it's another matter,but it's true,celebrity sucks and being a child celebrity can do serious damages.R.I.P. M.J.


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