Thursday, May 14, 2009

It is becoming painfully obvious that the Earth cannot support a population of 6 Billion Homo Escapeons..especially the way that we treat it.

It's hard to believe that there were only 1 Billion of us by 1800..and the world was a bloody mess then!

We just don't do well in these large numbers. Click here and watch the
counter ...90 million surplus humans every year!

The last time that we negatively impacted our environment was when we were living in small clans as semi-nomadic hunter gatherers. Ever since we started building Civilization we have systematically eviscerated the local habitats..which either terminated the "Empire" or forced us to "annex" the property of our neighbours, which usually didn't happen peacefully.

SO, since the Earth can't handle 6 Billion of us we need to start sterilizing everyone until the entire world population gets back under One Billion. There are roughly 200 countries so that means that each can have maybe 5 Million people (MAX)... which is theoretically a manageable sized population..
great news for Vanuatu but really bad news for China and India.

We should also level the playing field by making all of the countries the same size and making each nation a Democracy, globalising standards of education and law, sharing technology, yada-yada-yada..

OH and to be fair, every country gets one (1) big, fat, Nuclear Weapon.

We wouldn't even survive that would we?


  1. I have already done my bit by not replicating my genetic material.

    *flounces off smugly*

  2. Same as MJ here!

    *flounces off smugly to join MJ*

  3. No one wants my genetic material.

    Oh Hai MJ!

  4. Too late.

    Unless I kill mine, I've already added to the mess....and now they're replicating, too.

  5. how do u sell stuff if u have only 5 mil ppl per country :D

  6. I am at least responsible for 3 or 4 million off spring.

    We need a space ship to put hot eve's on in a frozen state (like my ex wives) ..... leave out Adam I'll pilot it.
    then when the world is safe and empty Old Knudsen will repopulate like gangbusters.

  7. The planet's been trying to wipe out the excess population for years with AIDS, bird flu, swine flu, the plague...
    And now you've made me feel guilty about trying to get pregnant!

  8. I like the idea of leveling the playing field by leveling the planet.

  9. No matter how hard we try, no matter how much we complain....everything remains the same or worst.

    Have no fear my friend, Mother Nature (That Bitch) will come up with something, she always does!

    We are about due for another boil up or another ice age aye?

  10. Now THIS is the stuff of which the original Homo Escapeons evolved from!

    But it's all an, ahem, Moot point. China and India will, of course, take over the world.

    Then there will be just two countries. And in a war of attrition between them, I'd be betting on China.

  11. I've done my part and not reproduced.

    But not from lack of practice over the years.... obviously I need more... oh wait... that won't work... I've been neutered. *sigh*

  12. @ Ponita. One can still practice!

  13. @XL: Well, yes, that is true.... but one needs a partner to practice properly. :-)

  14. MJ & Gautami
    I don't mean us charming people, I mean other people! You know, the tedious variety.

    HAI XL
    I highly doubt that have you posted your DNA on Google?

    My goodness what have I started? I didn't mean this as a rebuke geeze I added 4 more. I'll be more specific next time.

    A-HA! We don't NEED all of this sh*t and believing in an exponentially growing demand for goods and services got us into this mess. As it is 99% of the countries that exist cannot take care of their own people now!
    Simplify, share, savour instead of more-more-more-cheaper-faster-easier.

    HA! I'll tell you what...we'll find you your own planet to repopulate..what? It's not that weird the Mormons are counting on it.

    By all means go for it! We prolly have a generation or two before the curtains come down..plenty of time to enjoy Muffahood!

    You and about 3 zillion other space invaders! Unfortunately we'll prolly make this place a toxic wasteland before the others get here...if they're not already here that is..doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo...

    How right you are. There have been 5 MAJOR extinction level events and each one paved the way for the next guess is that the insects are going to get the next shot.

    Well I don't know? They both have an almost endless supply of troops and they both have lots of Nukes. If they ever did Nuke it out there wouldn't be world left worth winning.

    I'm glad that you have not abandoned practicing..if everybody did more of that there wouldn't be so much strife in the world. That old phrase Make Love Not War comes to mind.

    HAI XL
    See now that's the spirit!

    Well technically no but it is nice to have someone else present to verify your awesomeness...
    and to make a snack after :)

  15. Ok,now you are telling us that we are going to die??!!
    And why do you care since you're a vampire Yvan!LOL
    Where's Moot?Ah and Mr Morninghood,he's so sexy,yet a bit frightening,lol.

  16. CAZZIE
    No Australians are well hidden from the rest of the world whereas I'm stting 100 miles North of ground zero :(

    I care because if all the Humans die I'll be back sucking blawhd from rodents again..blech!
    Mr Morningwood is on his way with an expose on the Myth of the Male ORGASM!

  17. Oh my oh my, following years of practice I replicated twice! ((the news was alarming: Spain's negative population growth not so long ago, so the govt encouraged everybody to perpetuate their genetic material, hence 2 little Qinans were born!)).

    Now exceeding the 5 million ideal figure, the country proudly declares it has no nuclear weapons so far -but instead we have some nuclear power stations (shoddy pieces of work that could work someday as such)-, how funny is this?

    (BTW, love your vampyre look)

  18. No rugrats here. Have you seen the movie Idocracy? I think that's how it will shake out. The smart ones aren't breeding. The knuckle -draggers will let the infrastructure collapse, thereby dropping the population through many interesting but painful misadventures. New Orleans was just a taste of things to come.

    On a lighter note, I plan to sit it out by being dead by then.

  19. Isn't this why they were digging up victims of the 1918 flu epidemic? To attempt to re-create that deadly strain - to kill a billion or two of us off, but make it appear natural (keeping the antivirus for themselves)?

    I wonder how the Pope'd feel about such a mass of late abortions though!

  20. Anonymous4:39 p.m.

    Ultimately, some natural phenomenon will resolve the dilemma. It might, like the meteor and the dinosaurs, take a while...
    But I am willing to bet that, when the survivors re-invent themselves there will be re-runs of "I Love Lucy" and the bloody "Waltons."


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