Saturday, May 09, 2009

It's Friday night and I just finished the first installment of Homo Escapeons; The Ass End Of Man...*sigh...From Chimps To Chumps.

Directly across the back lane a Raccoon is woefully chattering inside the trap that was set a few hours ago.
There are a few flakes of snow fluttering down.

I take a sip of my cocktail, put my bigass headphones on, and zip over to YouTube to listen to the Australian band that
Geoff plugged..Empire Of The Sun it is WE ARE THE PEOPLE

I was quite unprepared for such a luscious haunting chorus and eye-catching characters..all wrapped up in a trippy peyote induced video.

It was weird because I had just watched an excellent documentary on the quest to decipher the 800 Mayan hieroglyphs on NOVA ..they of course were the BIG empire of the Western World and plus the costumes and death masks in the video were well timed.

I had just posed with one of them in Mexico a few weeks ago. What timing to have all the religious imagery and ritual pageantry of meso-america in the video..

it's weird how things happen in clusters.

I wrote and produced TV commercials back in the 80s and unfortunately I still tend to over-analyze Ads & music videos..but I appreciated the extra effort that went into this video.

Awesome song..great on it's own, great creative characters..think Mayan Priest influenced by Adam Ant & Boy George, truly gorgeous scenery both in the desert & the jungle, and most of all that quirky edge thingamabob that you just can't put your finger on, but you know that it works and it's uber-kewl.

You don't quite know if the visuals mirror the lyrics or if that even's ART!

It is supposed to inspire and transport you and I jumped onboard from the getgo and loved every second of it...and that chorus..
I must have listened to it about 20 times

Thanks Geoff..great tip.


  1. Ooh yeah, first! Tell you what Donny, I've not heard this record, although I liked his other band - the Sleepy Jackson.

  2. Glad you enjoyed them, Donn.

  3. I'm still left thinking about setting the raccoon free.

    Some art is unbearably moving to me, some a source of solace, some makes me feel like I am in a sleepwalker's dream, but every once in a while I think WTH was that person thinking? Anything inspired by Boy George would probably get the last response/thought from me. ~Mary

  4. snow!? you keep it there! lol...

    I liked the song walking on a dream. this one (we are the people) was a little gratting to me. *shrugs* it'll probably do really well.

  5. Loved the song. And in that pic, it's hard to tell which of you is dead and which of you is alive.

    I'm betting the chalky-white guy on the right still has life. The one on the left looks petrified.

  6. Definitely got the eighties thing and a hint of something else...?

  7. So why do skeletons so rarely wear clothes? Just an extreme version of "See how much weight I lost?"

  8. Is that a victim of the Swine Flu?

  9. Things certainly do happen in clusters,,, and well, it kind of makes you weary of what's up next sometimes, lol.
    For instance, my friend who gave me my doggie Bondi for mother's day 2 years ago today, she keeps ringing meÏs Bondi OK?" Yes is my reply.. then "Why?"..she then tells me how one of Bondi's siblings has died, got run over by a car etc etc.. and I am like...WTF, I am gunna wrap him in cotton wool soon!!


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