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What made Christian Black Voters diss Gay Marriage Rights on November 4th?

The 19th Amendment to the Constitution was invented so that the right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex...
this meant that a Man wouldn't be jailed if he spent Election day in a whorehouse and didn't bother to vote.

I'm kidding.

What this means is that the American Woman
dunna-nunna-na na-na
finally won the right to vote when the 19th was ratified in..
wait for it..
Isn't that special.

50.8% of Americans are Female

Fifty years earlier in 1870, Black MEN were gaurandamnteed the right to vote when the 15th Amenment was ratified. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude. No reference to the majority of Americans who had ovaries.
Baby this is a Ma-a-an's World

Sure Black MEN could vote, but in many parts of the States they were prohibited from entering White Only restaurants or sharing public washrooms.
Isn't that special.

It wasn't until 196 f*cking 4, nearly a Century later, that LBJ passed the Civil Rights Act making it illegal to compel segregation of the races.
Incredible as it sounds, in the Prezimadenshul eelekshuns ov '68, five Sawthun' States voted FOR George WallASS's seg-e-gation fo' tha nation.

One of the luxuries of being an Agnostic is that I am exempt from basing my cosmology on any particular religious doctrines that need to be adhered to as the gospel truth. I get to be more pragmatic than dogmatic and don't have to worry about being shunned or burning in hell for eternity.

So basically issues about ethics & morality fall into the Biology and Social Studies category based on historical, scientific, and empirical data.

Now before anyone sends me the hate the sin not the sinner sermon puhleeze..
I served my sentence..

I spent a decade debating against the notion that being ghey is the direct result of demonic activity with many of my fellow Pentechostiles.
I finally strayed and left the fold.

Have you ever noticed that one does not often find Agnostics or Atheists carrying placards that read God Hates Fags...Flags maybe. The reasons for this should be self evident.

Think about it...where did people get the notion that sexual orientation was a decision? Tragically many received this message from fire n' brimstone, tongue talkin', preachers who look like game show hosts or perfectly positioned predatory pedophiles pontificating in purple robes..
which in turn exacerbates the ludicrous notion that all gay men are pedophiles.

Who told the parishioners that homosexuality was a choice that was driven by satanic demons instead of say, oh I don't know, how about genetic predisposition?
You only get one guess.

Incredible as it seems, apparently 5% of Earthlings, 330 Million, have decided to be Gay...
which coinky-dinkly equals the population of the third largest country on Earth, the USA.

Now I found it interesting that more African Americans voted against gay marriage on the same day that a biracial man was elected President. One CNN commentator stated that this is reflective of the Black Community being very "religious" ...
for which I am eternally grateful because the simultaneous election of a Black President while rescinding marriage rights for homosexuals presents quite the paradox.

The separation of Church & State could not be fuzzier.

Racial discrimination is really bad in this politically corrected world, but Sexual Orientation discrimination is not as bad and as we go down that road we find that lesbians are cooler and not as bad as Gay men.

Examining the predicament of Middle America's favorite, daytime, Lesbian, TV hostess, Ellen DeGeneres..

who replaced Rosie O'Donell who was Middle America's last favorite, daytime, but only rumored to be Lesbian, TV hostess who was finally outted..
so much for making Tommy Cruise your beard.

Middle America really, really, loves Ellen (because she is AWESOME) but the 800 pound Gorilla in the studio audience remains her relationship with her adorable, petit, partner Portia de Rossi..
who prolly weighs 100 pounds soaking wet. Portia was funny as hell on Arrested Development .

Yikes this is a whole other post but let's agree that Middle America is slowly coming around..
and that Lesbians are easier to swallow than Gay Men...
if you know what I mean?

I don't understand why Gay people can't have the right to be as miserable as the 50% of heterosexuals whose 'til the death do us part marriage implodes in divorce? For those who do not prefer Homosexuality, couldn't the legal right to a messy, expensive, gut-wrenching, divorce be considered enough of a cruel and unusual punishment?

I presume that discrimination in the 21st Century is still viewed as sort of a cafeteria and you can pick and choose your whichever discrimination suits your situational ethics. I mean if an African American is a Christian that's one thing, but if he is Gay that is quite another matter.

I realise that Martin Luther King Jr, a Black Baptist Minister, would have been elated to witness Obama climb the mountain, but that he too would have empahtically voted against the right for a Gay Christian Black couple to be married.

Since Gays and Coloureds are not a separate sub-species of White People it would be safe to assume these are Human Rights issues.

I would venture to say that 99% of protestors against furthering the cause of Human Rights are motivated by religious beliefs who have been convinced that their faith trumps their political sensibilities because their exclusive doctrine is an absolute and eternal certainty, while their societal duties are only temporal and subject to situational ethics.

I had better wrap this up..switchin' to decaf..
of the +/-300 MILLION Earthlings who are US citizens:
50.8% are Female & 49.2% Male
77% of them are labelled as "White" People
12.7% Hispanic
12.5% Black
3.6% Asian
and yes I know that adds up to 105.8?

Of those 300M Americans:
78.5% call themselves Christians and 55% of them are Protestant & 44% Catholic
10.8% of the Protestants are Evangelical Baptist
7.5% are classified as "other" such as
Jews 1.5% and Muslims 0.9% and Rastafarian?

14% are in the purgatorial no-man's land of Non Religious or "whatEVER" since it seems that only 4% of Americans just come right out and confessed that they're Agnostic or worse yet, an Atheist!

To put things into perspective, 4.2% of Americans claim to be Gay.
So there are more Gay people than there are Jews and Muslims combined.

So let's take one last look at the slippery slope of deciding who can and cannot get married.

Let's say that only Heterosexuals could get married..wait they already did that..

OK then let's say that the majority of the population who just happen to be White Christian Protestant Heterosexuals voted that their group were the only ones allowed to enter into wedded bliss before half of them dissolve into a spiteful winner takes all, no-holds-barred, he-said/she-said, expensive legal battle, that ends in bankruptcy, and will scar them both for life.

No wait we'll go one better and imagine that the largest Protestant subgroup, the White Evangelical Baptists could get married!

A-ha now we're getting somewhere..
if we separated the religious notion from the political process, like it is supposed to be, then being gay or naturally better at sports or good at math or even wearing white after Labour Day, is simply a matter of fact, and not something that a bunch of church ladies or virulent, anti-gay, crusading, hypocrites like Ted Haggard can vote on.

Here endeth today's very preachy sermon from the Book of


  1. Prohibitions driven by religious dogma's are simply an ever-decreasing vehicle of the imposition of power by one group over another. Can you imagine all these paranoid persecuted pentacostals NOT having some way to force others to live according to THEIR narrow dictates? Secular law is robbing these people of ways to piss on everybody elses parade and they will grasp ANY method they can, including this gay marraige bullshit, to one; make it sound as though there is something terrible that these religios nuts are going to protect us all from, and two; somehow make their paranoid and hateful dogma relavent in a day and age when Nazi's and Klansmen can only operate in the shadows.

  2. Great post , but the opening question answers itself. (by using the C-word)

  3. It really pisses me off that if I listen to my innerself and turned lesbian that I wouldn't be able to marry or adopt babies.
    What kind of old school shit is that?

    America (especially in the south) is full of conservative, republican folk that are so tight that if you shoved a lump of coal up their arse, you'd pull out a diamond.

  4. Donn, as one with no religious upbringing whatsoever, I have done a bit of research over the years into different religions and can't find anything that would compel me to embrace the doctrine of any of them.

    I don't understand the thinking behind the gay marriage ban, just as I don't understand the reasoning behind any racist comments, thoughts or actions.

    We are all human beings - we are the same species. Just as dogs come in all shapes, sizes and colours, so do humans. We all feel the same pain, joy and sorrow, and we all bleed red blood when cut.

    Sexual orientation is, as you stated and as I believe, not a matter of choice but a matter of genetic predisposition. Just as being right handed or left handed. It's just the way you were born.

    Excellent post. As per usual.

  5. Hindu scripture is filled with gay relationshis but it still is kind of tabboo to talk about it openly in India. Truthfully it is illegal and is a punishable offence, although many are working towards it to be legalized.

    Somehow I don't understand why should we question anyone's sexual orientation? I am one of the few ones who speaks my mind as I know a few gay men and like them to bits. Their personal life do not affect me or anyone else, for that matter.

    Ok, I am not analytical like you are here. But, that does not prevent me from voicing my thoughts.

    BTW, if I praised you lavishly and sycophantically(is that a word?!! LOL!), I don't think you would like that. Becos I won't be me then!

    Also, you make a good sounding board...


  6. What a great write!

    Seriously Mr Coppens, if I owned a newspaper this would lead on the front page.

    You said it all, and I am so sorry I do not have the answer(s).

    It's Only Love.

    A change is comin' tho'....I can feel the breeze a blowin' up my clacker.


  7. Yes, it's a great question. Why on earth?? I don't understand religious dogma either but I do understand that it's just an anchor for simple human nature and the dislike and/or distrust of anything "foreign" which just boils down to xenobphobia.

    What complete tosh. In the same vote, Massachusetts decriminalized cannabis. Same spectrum; different degrees.

  8. Oh come on, of course sexual orientation is a decision - it's exactly the same for homosexuals as it is for us heteros, ya know...

    How well I remember that day in sixth grade trying to decide whether to feel sexual attraction to Linda or Bill - or both! Like most red blooded males, I carefully weighed the alternatives, giving equal weight to each of the options.

    Finally, after a night of tossing and turning, I picked heterosexuality for reasons well grounded in faith and reason: it was biblical and Bill would have punched me out if I'd tried anything with him.

    While Mr. Johnson did in fact already have a firm bias in favor of Linda, let's not confuse the issue. We're talking about my choice here, not his, and mine was perfectly free. In fact I even thought about being attracted to maple trees in the early "brainstorming" part of my decision-making process.

    Did others find themselves doing looking at the plant world? A major part of my thought-process here was the safe sex aspect.

    And thanks, Donn, for a safe forum where people can share their intimate decision making about sexual orientation.

  9. PS: Sorry for the typo about "'doing' looking" at the plant world. I want to be clear: I ONLY looked. Maple trees were only in my thoughts. I deny ever acting on any impulses toward maple trees.

  10. Excellent post. Love the puns that were used to make these points.
    As I remarked to my husband, this country would elect (most anyone) before they'd elect a homosexual person. HUMAN rights are for ALL Humans.

    Someone close to me attends a "Bible Discussion Group" with other gay friends specifically for discussing ways to override aka shoot down, the "bible's anti-gay" (ridiculous) messages.

    What makes your post even more humane, is that I think you're Canadian?

  11. FANTASTIC POST! I totally agree - Portia needs to gain at least 25 pounds. (Oh yeah, and the rest of the post was very engaging as well... ;op)

  12. Yeah...SO true, ALL that.

    And then there's the question: how it is that two gays marrying changes the "sanctity" of a heterosexual's marriage. How? Why? Where? What? What does their marriage do to mine? Huh-HUh-HUH???

    I. Don't. Get. It.

    Don't even get me started on this subject. Makes me want to spit.

  13. In Spain, gays are entitled to get married with the same rights and obligations as hetero.

    This is quite recent, and of course, the catholic church protested, but to be honest, for a still catholic country (at least the tradition is), people started assuming this situation, as it should be.

    We're still at the neginning, but luckily, the times they are a'changin' :)

  14. LOL @first they came!

    **Think about it...where did people get the notion that sexual orientation was a decision?

    I agree. Some ppl r stupid beyond our imagination! thats why.


  15. This discrimination truly sickens me. I heard on NPR that roughly 45% of the funds for California's Prop. 8 were from the Mormons.

    Religious intolerance is hypocrisy in action.


  16. I disapprove of any kind of marriage.

  17. There should be a separation of Church and State. Unfortunately, the movement for gay rights in California lacks leadership and direction. But I think they're getting better and this defeat can only serve to strengthen their resolve and make others realize that if you want equal rights, you have to continue the fight!

    I find it ironic how the Mormon church feels gay marriage is wrong, but it's okay for pedophiles to be polygamous!

    I firmly believe things will change for the better. So long as we work hard and keep hope, we can grant get equal rights for all in America.

  18. Did some one mention sex?

  19. Did some one mention sex?

  20. dude... only you could make something serious so fargin funny!

    wait... i've said that to you before, haven't i?


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