Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I love the droll antics of the

These Kooky Kiwis Kwack me up!

Have a lash at their Bowie sendups! For diehard Bowie fans like myself, these two have brilliantly captured the intonations, nuance, and stylings, of Rock's greatest chameleon to perfection with hilarious results.

First to get a feel for the droll self effacing flavour of this duo, you need to sample a typical Band Meeting...

now you can enjoy watching them parody the eccentricities of the Thin White Duke and his ever ch-ch-ch-changing personas. HA!

Ziggy era Bowie

Ashes To Ashes Bowie

Labyrinth Bowie and in spay-ay-ay-ce!

'ave yew 'evah' taykin a Flight Of The Conchords?


  1. Anonymous11:13 a.m.

    OMG, this is a new trend! Me first!
    Have you heard their song, "Business Time?" I love that one too!!! LOL!

  2. I would rather not painstakingly research this band. I would prefer to take your word for it. That way, if it turns out that they are NOT cool, and that I am stupid for even THINKING they are cool, I can casually turn and point at YOU, Donn, for having brainwashed me into thinking they were cool. Cool, huh?

    So I'm lagging here......sue me.

  3. I am too lazy to watch all these clips.

    Could you come over to my house and act them all out using hand puppets?

  4. That's so cool. And weird. And cool.

    I have heard Bi'ness time it's an awesome song!
    So are The Humans are Dead and of course the Hip-Hopapotamus meets the Rhymenoceros!

    Lazy buggers!

    What a riot eh? Perfect description weird and cool...
    those Bowie impersonations are so hilarious...and Brittt is so nonchalant about the nocturnal visitations..."bye David Bowie"

  6. I grew up listening to Bowie, my Uncle was mad mad mad on him! He had all his records, and most of them had those zany images of him actually ON the vinyl itself. I loved listening to him and reading the front and back of the covers over and over.
    My favourite clip with him in it is when he duetted with Tina Turner...what a hot hot clip it was. Ahh I found it on you tube...


  7. Oh yeah, and that sexy saxophonist Tim in the clip there, phwoarrrr! I won't go there, lol.

  8. bowie is kind of legend... kind of :)

    i also didn't watch the clips... i don't want to be sued, so just spank me instead :)

  9. Oh yeah right!
    Ya have to be a heroe just for one day. What a space oddity. Maybe your a jean genie? could be cahnges going on......

    OH by the way...donn, I'm only dancing!

  10. Did you see a BBC series recently called "Life On Mars?"? (Two ?'s deliberately; one's in the title and the other's mine to you.) Totally irrelevant to this, but it was a fantastic show.

  11. Kia Ora Bro


    Love Bowie and love Flight of the Conchords so that's choice aye.

    Enjoyed your post, it was sweet as.

    Shaz (Whitesnake's Kiwi wife)

  12. Pretty choice this post aye bro!

  13. I'm a total Bowie fan. I suppose I got hooked in the 80s when he came out with China Girl, Modern Love...

    But my favorite? The Christmas duet of Little Drummer Boy with Bing...


  14. I suddenly miss my HBO.

  15. CAZZIE
    Do tell.
    When I was a teen I was convinced that he was an extrarrestrial genius like his character from the Man Who Fell To Earth..he just seemed light years ahead of the curve.

    I loved how he changed his schtick every album...perhaps that is why I change my template every week?

    Sued? Who is going to sue you? I don't receive any income from my blog..all I am trying to do is increase their fanbase..all they have is Mel!

    However if you really, really, real-ly, want a good spanking....

    Well done old man well done!
    I appreciate it.

    I cannot accurately describe how much I loved that song on Hunky Dory..I mean all of these other rock stars are still singing about gettin' laid and taking drugs and here is this guy exploring brave new avenues..taking risks.

    Aside from Floyd and a handful of others he was freaky far out...he had me from The London Boys and Sell Me A Coat.

    Hey!'s always neat to find out that your homegrown talent is being appreciated on the other side of the world. We have a seemingly similar co-existance with the Yanks as you do with the Ozzies...bloody showoffs!

    Yes but funny IS funny and it doesn't matter where it is from...really.

    They are pretty freaky but their style of humour and the IN jokes just kill me. I'll bet that Bowie peed his pants when he saw this.

    I concur..I remember thinking that I had taken some bad shrooms when I heard that Bing & Bowie were doing a duet. HUH?
    Bing was the living embodiment of squareville old hollywood and to pair him up with the edgiest most creative musician in history was HUH?
    But the result was beautiful..I remember Don Rickles said that he met Bowie backstage and didn't know whether he should give him a kiss or a lump of sugar!

    How goes it? Yes it is hard to believe that in the midst of the most wretched vapid programming in history on network TV out in the indies the most brilliant shows have evolved. If only the ratio wasn't 100 to 1.

  16. Anonymous6:23 p.m.

    Do you want to borrow my jumper, Bowie?

    HAHAHAHA! complete genius, you have made my day!

    I would SO lend David Bowie my jumper. It'd probably fit him.

  17. Billy got me to watch Flight of the Conchords, but I didn't really get into it. I enjoyed the song spoofs, but got bored with the sit come stuff.


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