Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Wanna watch Diamond Dolls ?
It was one of the catchiest songs and music videos from the 80's!
C'mon, just click HERE

What...You were expecting Bowie ?

Thanks to my 6 year old son, this ditty has embedded itself in my brain!
You have to admit that the writer used every 80's hook in the book.
If Hannah Montana redid this song it would hit #1.

Check out the Hipster lyrics..

"A girl shouldn't sit in the corner and wait for life
Some girls like to go out looking for paradise
You'll find had it anyway
Don't look matter what they say
You do what you do and you try not to break the law
A girl hits her mark when she don't look ahead too far
There's no're gonna get it all
You'll find out...everything u want"

*Break the Law? Look too far?
Who knew what the hell the Chipmunks & Chipettes were saying?


"We're the one's on the run
We're the girls we're the diamond dolls
(dia-mond dollllllls)
It's a ravenous world and the ceiling is very tall
(doo doo doo doo doo doo doo waaa)
There's a weight and a climb and a ladder and many fall
(dia-mond dolllllllls)
But the cream of crop
Never stops
We're the diamond dolls!"

Good luck scrubbin that out of your head HA!

Tell me that you didn't tap your toes...
and don't lie!


  1. very toe tapping -

    and it will be lodged now for the remainder of the day!

    (is warming up over there yet??)

  2. Anonymous12:31 p.m.

    that bowie cover gives me nightmares...

  3. ziggi,
    Thank You for humouring me and NO it was frickin freezing here today!
    Have a lash...

    Did you even listen to the song?
    The lyrics are quite interesting and practically subliminal since half of them are only audible to dogs.

    Thank You Hildegarde.
    Dank u mijn beste. Ik wist dat ik op u kon tellen. Ik fooling rond met deze vertaling thing..I zie wat u bedoelt.
    Het verliest enkele nuance niet het? Dit is nog mooie pret en atleast kan ik uit voorstellen wat prople zeggen.

    Zie spoedig u.

    HAHAHA! Excellent. Very Punny!

    As they pulled you out of the oxygen tent
    You asked for the latest party
    With your silicone hump and your ten inch stump
    Dressed like a priest you was
    Tod Brownings freak you was!

  4. Thanks; I needed the brain damage.

    No really, I did.

  5. No, I did not tap my toes. I am not lying. I don't even know what the beat should be!
    Maybe this is why I quit writing lyrics?
    Please post a photo of the first daffodil you see this spring.Then, perhaps, I'll do a little happy dance.

  6. Anonymous7:10 p.m.

    They'll split your pretty cranium, and fill it full of air
    And tell that you're eighty, but brother, you won't care
    You'll be shooting up on anything, tomorrow's neverthere
    Beware the savage jaw
    of 1984

    Hah, I remember that album coming out when I was in junior high. And it even had a TV commercial as part of the promo.

  7. Pah.

    That's nuttin.

    You should hear my version of Copacabana on Helium.

  8. Anonymous7:55 p.m.

    No, THAT's nuttin. You ought to see H.E. and me riff on Paul Anka. It's now an official U.N. crime against humanity.

  9. Frontier Editor: Please don't tell me it's '(You're) Having My Baby.'

  10. Anonymous8:37 p.m.

    Ah, you're familiar with the song that dare not speak its name . . . .

  11. first nations,
    You are more than welcome. I find it fascinating how certain melodies and rhythms activate your inner Snoopy.

    My Dear, we won't be seeing Dafs for 2 1/2 months! It was 30 below zero today!

    Did you watch the vid?

    Ooh how I thought that DD was the living end. It caught me in my Nihilist stage, like the three goofs in the Big Lebowski,
    We believe in Nuzzing!

    Come see come see remember meeee!
    1984 seemed so far away (sigh)

    Someday. I would love to hear to hear you do some Cher too.

    YES! Plus it's Canadian Content!

    Don't be dissin' the Anka wot!

    Naturally we will warm up the audience with Diana.

  12. cool cool :)


  13. okay, i admit i tapped my toes... but i HATE alvin and the chipmonks! they rank right up there with barney for me!!!


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