Monday, February 04, 2008

A former college classmate of mine sent me an interesting scientificky e-mail last week.
"A study conducted by UCLA's Department of Psychiatry has revealed that the type of face a woman finds attractive on a man can differ depending on where she is in her menstrual cycle.

For example:

If she is ovulating, she is attracted to men with rugged and masculine features.

However, if she is premenstrual, or men-on-pausal, she tends to be more attracted to a man with duct tape over his mouth and a spear lodged in his chest while he is on fire.

No further studies are planned at this time."


  1. Obviously a study done by a group of women.

  2. I am attracted every day of my cycle to a man with a nice arse.

    When are you going to send me a photo of YOURS?

  3. Anonymous10:42 a.m.

    lol I heard this years ago, and I can assure you that, regardless of whether it's that time of the month or that time of the life, women are always ALWAYS going to be either Johnny Depp women or Brad Pitt women. Apart from those weird Russell Brand women. They're broken.

  4. Hello?

    Did somebody mention Johnny Depp?

    I’ll also take Eddie Izzard. But only when he’s in drag.

  5. And George Clooney too. We must not forget him.

    Donn, we women do not need any such studies. We know what we need and at what time.

  6. Mmmmmm Johnny Depp.

  7. I read this as 'typeface' ... I like an Ariel bold myself - whatever the time of the month!

  8. And women with no uterus......well, that explains how I got married.

  9. I've tagged you HE. Check out my blog for the details. By the way, I'm definitely a Johnny Depp girl. Although I think I used to date that guy with the duct tape.

  10. LOL HE!

    Im attracted to rough n tough guys 24/7..go figure!


  11. btw Im SO attracted to HE, menstruating or not LOL! ;-)


  12. Keshi: HE does not menstruate as far as I know.

    Do you know something WE don't?!

  13. hhahaa. the two comments up there totally threw me out.
    what ELSE do we not know of the great HE? lmao!

  14. Mistipurple: Well, HE doesn't menstruate, but he DOES get PMS.

  15. HE Love,

    LMAO.You are funny. I think I must be special because it not the face of the men, but the intellect that grabs me.

    We have moods but I do not think I have EVER been that litte dog. That scares even me! ha!

    By the way ..How were those oysters? ::smiles::

    Soft love,

  16. steve,
    Is there anything more interesting than STUDying women?

    I hate to break it to you but you will never get a photo of my impossibly tight dimply tushie..EVER!

    I saw a doc on how we are attracted to people with exquisitely balanced faces with perfectly proportioned features like those two fellers....who just so happen to be multi millionaires.

    You really know how to pick 'em! Do you have a picture of his tushie?

    George I get because he is cut from the same cloth as the gold standards Rock Hudson, Cary Grant and Errol Flynn.

    Another vote for Johnny..I think he's in the lead.

    Really? I'm strictly a Georgia BOLD man myself.

    THE michael,
    No it's your smooth Southern charm and even keeled temperment.

    michelle dawn,
    Oh oh, hope it's an easy one. Another vote for Johnny and one for the duct tape feller.

    My Word! Men do have their own cycles, although we are on more of a daily schedule since we apparently think about sex every 7 seconds. Which means that I would have thought about it atleast 30x since I started replying to these comments...luckily mj's invocation of Eddie Izzard in drag has sidetracked my libido so I am able to function.

    If by MENstruate you mean cleansing my mental palette of Izzard in drag then yes.

    Sure it's funny 'til somebody loses an eye. Hmm let's see..few people would know that I speak in a deep baritone but prefer to sing in a wine goblet shattering falsetto...
    especially after multiple shots of Sambuca...
    like so..

    aah aah aah aah stayin' A-LIIIIIVE!

    Men get DSB not PMS..unless the P stands for premature something or other.

    Oysters are always perfecto..I love everything about them.
    Don't you love the reaction of that other poor little dog "What the Hell?"

    I can't stop laughing at his reaction.

    Welcome back. I take it that you are agreeing with all of the votes for Johnny Depp.

  17. ** Which means that I would have thought about it atleast 30x since I started replying to these comments

    thats so very MALEY lol!


  18. For all that want to REALLY know...

    HE has a cute BUTT! and a HUGE .....

    Attitude !

  19. breadedfish11:59 p.m.

    Clearly, a slight hiccough in
    interpooch communication. That, or
    she lost 'er 'earing, just as Maurice offered to "top up" her waterbowl with a touch o' anti-freeze.


    friends, countrydawgs... lend me an ear.

  20. I love Johnny Depp. And I love the fact that any movie he's in is bound to be good, because it'll be a Tim Burton movie :) And it'll probably have Helena Bonham-Carter too, love her. The three of them all seem joined at the hip, but they make great movies :)

  21. what's the point of taping up their mouths? Surely half the fun is hearing them scream???

  22. i see, some of us here have insider information on your butt. cute huh, whitesnake??
    mj: every part of HE is interesting. did that sound right?

  23. keshi,
    Sad but True eh?

    Easy there fella. You don't want to start writing cheques that my body can't cash.

    breaded fish,
    HA! Whatever happened betwixt these two, that photo captured them having a 'moment' that is hysterically comedic.

    I'm more of a Donnie Brasco/Don Juan de Marco fan. Depp is a fine actor that has overcome his impossibly good looks. Like George.

    My Word! I suppose you have a point there. However my understanding is that whatever comes out of their mouths will be the WRONG thing.

    Don't be mislead by the antics of those two rapscallions. They are simply trying to put the kibosh on this very important discussion on inter-gender relations.

  24. stace,
    Clooney, the King of Hollywood?

  25. I love it when you don't mince your words. That said, I'm premenstrual so if you come any closer I'll have to mince your nose!

  26. HE Love,

    I think the second dog not only is asking that, but thinking might be a good time to get the heck out of dodge. That poor animal has had one too many hormones.


    soft love,

  27. btw drop in at my current post and plz take part HE tnxx! I know, lately Im beginning to sound like a whiney teenager LOL sorry abt that!


  28. Wow - "men-on-pausal..."

    I guess a similar study might have showed that entomology reveals a lot about men...

  29. Oh, him. I can't say I'm on first-name terms with Mr Clooney!

  30. Anonymous6:21 a.m.

    Uh huh - and what are you using to describe men's erratic beahvior?

  31. aah yes, that feeling i know all too well...


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