Monday, February 25, 2008

Another Oscarfest in the can. My favorite part is always listening to the writers acceptance speech "never giving up on your dream" yada-yada-yada ...
I know it's corny but it gets me everytime.
The truth of the matter is that there are hundreds of awful writers making tons of money in Hollywood.
Have you ever noticed that the film that wins Best Picture is rarely the biggest moneymaker of that year.
Here for your viewing pleasure is a list of Movies by Year listed in order by
You can click if you don't believe it.

Enjoy the show!

1980; Ordinary People/Star Wars Empire Strikes Back/Can't Stop The Music
1981: Chariots Of Fire/Raiders Lost Ark/Mommy Dearest
1982; Gandhi/ET/Inchon
1983; Terms Of Endearment/Star Wars Return Jedi/Lonely Lady
1984; Amadeus/Beverly Hills Cop/Bolero

1985; Out Of Africa/Back To The Future/Rambo 2
1986; Platoon/Top Gun/Howard The Duck
1987; Last Emperor/3 Men and a Baby/Leonard Part 6
****1988; Rain Man/Rain Man/Cocktail
1989; Driving Miss Daisy/Batman/Star Trek 5

1990; Dances With Wolves/Home Alone/Ford Fairlane
1991; Silence Of The Lambs/Terminator 2/Hudson Hawk
1992; Unforgiven/Aladdin/Shining Through
1993; Schindler's List/Jurassic Park/Indecent Proposal
****1994; Forrest Gump/Forrest Gump/Color Of Night

1995; Braveheart/Toy Story/Showgirls
1996; English Patient/Independence Day/Striptease
****1997; Titanic/Titanic/The Postman
1998; Shakespeare In Love/Saving Private Ryan/Burn Hollywood Burn
1999; American Beauty/Star Wars Phantom Menace/Wild Wild West

2000; Gladiator/The Grinch/Battlefield Earth
2001; A Beautiful Mind/Harry Potter/Freddy Got Fingered
2002; Chicago/Spiderman/Swept Away
****2003; LOTR Return King/LOTR Return King/Gigli
2004; Million Dollar Baby/Shrek 2/Catwoman

2005; Crash/Star Wars Return Sith/Dirty Love
2006; The Departed/Pirates Carribbean 3/Basic Instinct 2
2007; No Country Old Men/Spiderman 3/I Know Who Killed Me
Like most of you, I've seen all of the REDs and all of the Greens, and atleast 20 of the so-called Cheesy Stinkers.
I seem to watch more Movies at home now and don't have that shared experience with the audience because they are so f*#%@n rude and disruptive...
How about you? Do you get out to the Pictures anymore?


  1. Anonymous5:22 p.m.

    I love going to the movies. It was a real treat for us as kids 'cause the seats just got so ruddy expensive, so whenever I go (which is quite a lot these days mind you, now that I've got my student card/MASSIVE concession for being lazy) I get all excited, buy Minstrels, smile at strangers and take my shoes off when I get in my seat (so that I feel AT HOME. Very important. You should try it, just don't put your feet up on the chair in front of you 'cause it'll gas everyone out - unless you've gone to see I Know Who Killed Me, 'cause no one'll be there, including you.)

    I'd never had a bad cinema experience either, until I went to see The Golden Compass before Christmas when not only would the group of scallies sitting behind us (who should have been in school anyway) refuse to SHUT THE HELL UP, but another clan of delinquents went and sat right at the front and took flash photos of each other 'enjoying the film' all the way through, so that Iorek Byrnison kept glowing red. Someone got the bouncers to "eject" the scallies at the back (I love the use of that word in Cinema warnings...) but the red flashes persisted all the way through. I was less than amused.

    i don't understand why kids would pay £6.50 - yes, you heard me, THAT MUCH - to sit in darkness and NOT watch a film. They can have a chat whilst loitering on street corners swigging Strongbow, out in the cold where they belong....

  2. Anonymous8:20 p.m.

    And just what in f*** was wrong with "Can't Stop the Music"? Steve Guttenberg, Valerie Perrine, Allen Carr and the Village People together in one blockbuster musical salute to . . . oh, THAT was what was wrong with it.

    Never mind . . .

  3. fathorse,
    You are such a gentle kind spirited soul..if that sort of tomfoolery is going on near me I eject them!

    I had some 'scallies' yakkin behind at Jurassic Park and I turned around and told them to PLEASE STOP TALKING!

    The scallies turned out to be 4 Gang members who were as shocked as I was.
    I fully expected to be knifed in the back of the head for the next 1 1/2 hours of the film..when it was over I fugured that my day of reckoning was at hand but when I looked they were gone.

    And directed by Myrtle the maid from McMillan and Wife!Nancy Walker! Don't forget Bruce Jenner.

    Hey it did do well in Australia?

  4. Anonymous10:33 p.m.

    Damn, I forgot she directed it! Jenner, on the other hand, stood out like Saran Wrap.

  5. I haven't ventured out since they made the switch from silent pictures to talkies.

    It's just not the same anymore.

  6. I've been to more movies in the last 3 months than I have the last 20 years. I'm not sure why I'm going more, I don't think it's because the movies are better, maybe it's because there is a nice theater in town that has a balcony for those over 21.

    I have to say the best movie I've seen in a long while is "Across the Universe". If you've not seen it, I highly recommend it. I bought the movie for my boyfriend, myself and also the soundtrack for myself and numerous others. It's really a great movie.


  7. Homey,

    I am under the influence of major narcotics right now due to surgery... but I wanted to send you some love. Hope to send more meaningful comments in the future but for now... just know... You are a star and I love you man!

  8. guess wut Homey..Im so outdated with movies right now. The last I saw at the Cinemas was The Pursuit Of Happyness..gosh thats so ancient!

    **chuckles n hides***


  9. I still go to the movies -- just not as often as we used too. So far, i've missed Juno -- though will probably make it up with Kite Runner showing soon.

  10. Interesting. You've also reminded me of a whole bunch of movies I want to see again. God I'm tired. Tomorrow is my last day of work, then I'm officially unemployed. Wow. Yawn. Night night... Oh, I still have to eat before I can sleep. Bugger.

  11. i can sit for even 2 hours in the cinema, sometimes i force myself to see the movies with sfx once in the cinema...normally i dload all of em. It just stinks, worthless sometimes to see the big money earners coz they dont have nothing good in them except mindless action, cheesy love n dialogue. overated hollywood.

    I jsut watch the trailers at Apple and be happy. :)

  12. I've seen about seven of all those films. We saw this year's Oscar winner but that was the first we've seen since American Beauty and didn't think much of that. Unforgiven stands out as the only truly great film.

    The cinema-going experience is OK except for the one half a mile away. It's in the town centre and is always full of unruly teenagers.

  13. I found that working for a living seriously interfered with my cinema going. I now do it in the afternoons which feels very decadent.
    Your list is very interesting - thanks.

  14. 1996; English Patient/Independence Day/Striptease. Says it all, really.

    I get out to the flicks a fair bit, but I usually try to avoid the movies (so much better on tv I find) and go for arty films like Caramel instead. My fave anecdotes are:

    1. Brixton Ritzy (south London): Watching Out of Sight which thrilled everyone apart from the man down the row who spent most of the film eating those individually wrapped processed cheese slices. I wasn't the only one who hissed "Is that really necessary???" in a pious manner at him. Oh we were so restrained.

    2. Whitechapel Genesis (East London): Watching the first Harry Potter film with the local kidz who popped out to get McDonalds and KFC throughout the film. Then they had a food fight in the front row.

    3. Indeterminate Fleapit in Bavaria: Watching the first half of Jamón Jamón and the second half of a Jan Svankmeyer film in succession because the projectionist got the reels mixed up. I never did work out how Jamón Jamón ends.

  15. I can't remember the last film I saw in a theatre. But I do give my kids $20 a pop and see it go up in smoke. Does that count?

  16. I have just realized that I have seen nearly all of these movies. I also noticed that the further I got down the list the less interested I was in watching them.... Ideas?

    Hi HE love.

    soft love,

  17. Excellent post. I used to go to the flicks a lot, but the trend of allowing stinky food in the auditorium has put me off. Even with super-duper sound-systems, sometimes you can barely hear the dialogue over the slurping :(

  18. heh! u always crack me up when u change nicks. I love the homey, feels like you are in ur 20s :p

    I was just writing my new post when ur comments came in.

  19. Anonymous5:36 p.m.

    I was at the movie theater a few months ago.I can't even remember what I saw so it must not have been that good.

    Anyways,I prefer the home movies I make more. ;o)

  20. God, no. If I had the time, I'd sleep. Or shower or something. (I do miss it from time to time though)

  21. Fronty,
    That flick made Xanadu look like Saving Private Ryan! I wish that I could say that they don't make them like that anymore.

    So you like movies that don't have need a lot of dialogue to set up the scene.
    wunka wunka wunkawunka
    OOOh aaaah oh YES YES

    I have been listening to the Soundtrack because my girls LURVED it too. I'm glad that I raised them to appreciate the Beatles and yes I will definitely be watching it.

    You are so sweet and I hope that everything works out because you deserve it and let's make it happen.
    xx oo

    WHAT? Put your hands in front of push yourself away from the computer..and go see some Movies! It only takes a few hours..c'mon shooshoo.

    Juno was fabulous and authentica and funny and heartwarming and made by Canadians! My Goodladywife is excited about KiteRunner but I never read the book..she is amazing! she reads about a thousand books a month.

    The Big Day is almost here eh? It is weird how some movies resonate with us and we can watch them over and over and I HAVE to do that because I usually fall asleep..although I can still watch 2 in a row on a Friday night if everyone else is asleep.

  22. ghostay,
    Now that Hollywood is catering almost exclusively to Teens most of the trailors are better than the movies. I still can't get over the fact that the Gaming Industry is BIGGER than the movies and that they can make an entire movie for 50 Mil that will break even but it is really just a glorified ad for the Game that will make $300 Million?!

    Get thee to a Moviree!
    I know those bloody little bastards can totally ruin the whole thing. Unfortunately I am THAT GUY in the theatre who sssh'ss everyone and even asks people to leave.

    I'm bad...unless it is a kid's movie then what are ya gonna do?
    "SSSSH I can't hear Nemo's Dad's solliloquy!"

    Isn't a Matinee delightful..except for the dregs of society that are surrounding you..but usually there aren't too many of them because they are still out shoplifting and jacking cars.

    La Di Da Arthouse films for you is it? I wish that I had a more cultured palette but the generous use of the


    in arty films makes me squirm. I am a sucker for costume/history pieces but the historicity is usally laughable but whatev..I appreciate honest attempts at time travel and I am there to be WOW'd.

    A serious side effect of taking in all of those Blockbusters and Body Count Extravaganzas is that I am totally desensitized. I can watch 500 guys machine gunned into powder but hurt one hair on a Puppy and I am bawling my eyes out.

    winky wankerpants,
    You desperately need to go to the have a bunch of movies sitting by your TV that you haven't even seen...
    what is up with that?

    It's called gettin' O...oops it's becaause you are becoming more discerning and Hollywood just spits out sequels and prequels for teenagers out on dates, look at the list of most recent flicks!...

    and those bloody teenagers are text messaging throughout the whole bloody thing anyway. They should have their own bloody theatres!

    The 'upscale' theatres have tried serving cocktails and hamburgers and pizza and wine in the futile attempt to lure Adults back to the Cinema..NEWS FLASH..start making movies for Adults!!
    I generally need a tranquilizer administered to my cranium if I am forced to sit near people who CHEW WITH THEIR MOUTH OPEN until I snap and kick them out!

    All of that tomfoolery with my avatars finished.

    preposterous ponderings,
    Homemade movies?
    ((wunka wunka wunkawunka))
    Like the ones on YouPorn?

    Ah yes having a young family will do that to long as you don't snore you can have a nice 2hour nap at the theatre?

    Oh that's me!

  23. No. Of all the Oscar nominees, the only one I saw was Ratatouille. It's to depressing to hire a babysitter in order to go to the theater alone, and most kids movies just suck.

  24. Anonymous11:40 p.m.

    I think I can top (or undermine) Can't Stop the Music: a movie so bad that there's not even a complete synopsis available on IMDB. A movie so bad that Tawny Kitaen's nude scene is more than mildly embarassing. A movie so bad that even 'Fame' isn't quite as embarassing to watch as it should be given the confluence of Lee Curreri in both flicks.

    Yes, it's "Crystal Heart." It still makes me uneasy more than two decades later.

  25. i hear ya about the game. i used to be an addict for the strategy games...but all that comes out now are first person shooters...boring...

  26. Honestly, I probably see more of the Green movies now than the Red ones. No particular reason. I guess I buy into the hype.

    Also, 1998 was a terrible year when Saving Private Ryan lost Best Picture to Shakespeare in Love. Terrible. I honestly stopped watching the Oscars after that. I just lost faith...


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