Monday, August 06, 2007


Tonight I watched Pan’s Labyrinth awesome! and yesterday I saw The Bourne Ultimatum-Terrific.

Over the last year I watched a few movies..
Tristan & Isolde/Firewall/Thank You For Smoking/Lucky Number Slevin/The Sentinel/The Da Vinci Code/Over The Hedge/Cars/The Illusionist/Fearless/Last King Of Scotland/The Queen/The Departed/Babel/Borat/Bobby/Casino Royale/ Happy Feet/Apocalypto/Blood Diamond/Mission Impossible 3/The Good German/Rocky Balboa/ Freedom Writers/Music & Lyrics/300/Hot Fuzz/Shooter/The Illusionist/The Prestige/The Wild/Children Of Men/The Black Dahlia/Running With Scissors/The Constant Gardener/Good Night and Good Luck/Hannibal Rising/Hollywoodland/Simpsons!/Breach

But I am still behind and waiting to see these….
Transformers/Sharkwater/Why We Fight/The Darwin Awards/Underworld Evolution/Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer/Spiderman 3/28 Weeks Later/Live Free Or Die Hard/V For Vendetta/Oceans 13/Pirates of the Caribbean:Dead Man’s Chest/An Inconvenient Truth/Sicko/ Who Killed The Electric Car/Miami Vice/Iraq For Sale:The Profiteers/The U.S.vs John Lennon

Coming soon…
Ridley Scott’s American Gangster-Denzel&Crowe/Australia-Kidman&Jackman/10,000 BC/Angels & Demons/John Rambo/Valkyrie-Cruise/The Dark Knight/Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test/The Brave One-Jody Foster
How about you
..any Movies that I simply MUST see or avoid at all costs?


  1. I would forget Pirates of the Carribean if I were you.

    And I noticed you haven't watched 300??? Tell me you have! If you haven't, then please watch it. :D

  2. I loved Tristan and Isolde..I see u did see it.

    I went to see Premonition the other week, forget it!!

    Went to see In The Land Of Women..loved it..not just a chick flick either ..

  3. What? Only one Bond moviein that list?

    I am very glad though! Can't stand him in any of his avatars!

  4. menchie,
    I saw 300 with #1 son the week that it came out and bought the DVD the day that it came out!!


    However I am not exactly chomping at the bit to see anything else that is a threequel because none of them did that great..Spiderman. Shrek, Pirates..but the Bourne kept that bar up high.

    Adam Brody makes me laugh and the story sounds do-able ..afterall I did go to see Music & Lyrics and that was an uber chick flick but I laugh at, I mean with, Hugh Grant.

    Only one Bond came out? Daniel Craig is now in some scifi-horror thingamabob with Nicole Kidman looks as if it is going to be stretching the suspension of disbelief to the very limits of good taste...without the shenanigans of one of our beloved heroes wh we expect to save the world. It had better look realistic...oh what am I saying aliens and viruses..geez one or the other usually works best.

  5. Anonymous10:30 a.m.

    Pan's labyrinth scarred me for life. The bit where he caves that guy's face it with a bottle - not good.

    But I am in love with Jason Bourne. I must also see the new fantastic four (does that mean I need to see the first one??) simply because I was in love with the silver surfer when I was little. So misunderstood...

  6. fathorse,
    Pan was as terrifying as it was mystical. The psychotic step-Dad el Capitano was the cruelest military villain on the big screen since Ralph Fine's portrayal of evil incarnate nutjob Amon Goth in Schindler's List!

    I was a huge Surfer fan too but I realised that the great unwashed is not ready for a mass marketed glide into galactic I expect that the CGI is way ahead of the curve on this one but's the Silver Surfer!!

  7. See, for SURE - Hairspray the Musical - we saw it yesterday and it was FABULOUS!!!!

  8. Once were warriors, and What becomes of the brokenhearted.

  9. STeve makes a good point on once were wariors... Depending on intoxication levels i would suggest Plan 9 From outer Space, it is billed as the worst film ever made
    "Greetings, my friend. We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future. "

    nuff said

  10. shelley,
    Hairspray has had fab reviews from a lot of our peers and it counts as a date movie as opposed to Live Free or Die Hard.

    I saw Once were Warriors years ago it is an amazing disturbing film that made me depressed for days...I kept hoping and hoping...

    You can bet that I have enjoyed Plan 9, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and many other so called WORST MOVIES EVER!
    My eldest Son and I always make a point of watching a stinker to enjoy the sheer pathetic angst of the entire experience and it also makes you appreciate great, even good enough movies.

    I wish that those nutty, zany, wacky horror/UFO drive in days were still alive...much healthier than teen slasher stuff.

  11. Pan's Labyrinth was great! I was really disappointed with The Good Shepherd (Matt Damon/Angelina Jolie). Was rated as a great spy movie but I thought it was a big snore ...

  12. You know, I gotta get out more often . . . . I'm a moddy, insular fuckwit.

    "Why We Fight" is worth it - better than Fahrenheit 9/11.

    Actually, if you can find a copy of "Downfall", that was a riveting piece of cinema - the horror of Berlin near the end of the war mixed with the banality of evil. I felt like taking a shower with bleach and a wire brush afterward

  13. "why we fight" is the one for me!!

    I am still figuring why ppl do!

  14. bibi,
    I have heard that Good Shepherd was a doddler. Tonight I watched Harsh Times with Christian Bale who of course excels at playing psychos...but what the hell ever happened to getting a little empathy for your protagonist? Seriously.

    Did you see Denzel's Training Day? You hate him from the beginning and you are actually relieved when he dies...the same goes for Bale in Harsh Times..I couldn't wait for him to die..never had an ounce of sympathy for him not even for a second. Way Too Stressful to enjoy.

    Hey man where the hell have you been? I am so glad to hear from you.

    I read a lot of good things about Why We Fight..but I will have to wait a few days beforee I tackle anything else HEAVY ((shudders)) I need to fill my head with fluff after Harsh Times.

    Amen to the more often!

    White Forest,
    How wonderful to hear from you!
    We humans are perplexing creatures..
    trapped with these stone age brains designed to live in small clans...
    living in a city, never mind a global village, is way beyond our natural limitations..
    the fact that it all keeps going every morning is astonishing!

  15. I cannot offer any advice... I haven't seen any you have listed except spider-man 3.. ha! Classes are taking up all my time.

    How are you?

  16. inside our hands,
    I am perturbed that I watched Harsh Times. I guess that I am a real 'meat & potatos' kind of movie person.

    I prefer to view good triumph over evil, I like my protagonists to have some redeeming qualities, and I expect conflict resolution to satiate my idealistic expectations...
    so what if LIFE isn't always like that! I like those VISA ads that depict a kinder, gentler world full of honest upstanding people.

    We go through enough crapola in our own lives. Watching other people make one bad choice after another until the inevitable impact of the karmic boomerang decapitates them!

    Obviously I am in dire need of a mindless comedy to balance out this uneasiness. I have some empathy to unload on a willing recipient...gime, gimme, gimme.

    I am grateful that I have made better decisions in recent years and I look forward to making a few more tomorrow. Every day exchanging CO2 for O2 is a good day.

  17. HE wut r ya a movie-buff? :)


  18. keshtar,
    Not like I once was but I do love the Pictures! I don't seem to have enough patience to read novels so I am sentenced to enjoy these filmatic quickies...generally not with you know I HATE sharing the experience with people who are chomping, slurping, crinkling, coughing, talking, especially crinkling!!
    Open the gawdam bag before the movie starts and pour out the contents onto a bloody napkin you frickin idiots!

    Ahem...rules are apparntly a real firstborn thing top get saddled with.

  19. I'm no help as I've been waiting 'til everything is released on DVD.

    But if you want advice on old movies from the 20s-60s, I can assist. Yay for Turner Classic Movies channel!

  20. mj,
    I always prefer to watch at home thanks to the unrefined antics of the great unwashed..and I have watched a lot of oldies in my time and I must admit that I think that many are highly overrated and boring as hell...however those oldtimers did know how to be a STAR!
    I think that the Studio 'system' should be put back in play and then Cruise wouldn't be jumping on couchs and Lohan would have a chauffeur.

  21. Instead of Cruise jumping on couches, he'd be lying on casting couches.

  22. I've seen a few that you mentioned. Blood Diamond and The Last King of Scotland were amazing. I can't remember any others that moved me. Yesss Attack of the killer Tomatoes! I was raised on B-movies, my favorite being Cave Man, starring Ringo Star, Shelley Long and Dennis Quaid.

  23. mj,
    We would still be casting aspersions!

    Blood Diamond and King Of Scotland were both excellent windows into the long term effects of Colonialism in Africa.

    I loved Mysrtery Theatre 3000!

    The ultimate Peanut Gallery Party for baaaad scifi movies!

  24. more depressing movies!

    I saw Premonition and I have to agree - that was a real STINKER. I want that hour & 1/2 back.

    The man and I watched Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightly and we both really enjoyed that one too. Donald Sutherland and Brenda Blethyn star as well, and are amazing. I have always like Donald Sutherland, but HATEHATEHATE Keifer. Yuck. You can't pay me enough to watch even one episode of 24.

  25. tidalgrrrl,
    Blasphemy! Keifer is single handidly ridding the Free World of Terrorists and his Grandpa was Tommy Douglas the most admired Canadian in History for gawdsake.

    I really liked P&P too.

  26. The two movies I'm really hanging out for are both based on books I've loved: "Stardust" by Neil Gaiman and "The Dark Is Rising" by Susan Cooper. Although "The Dark Is Rising" is a favourite book from way back, I think the movie will be sadly mediocre... "Stardust" will probably translate better into a movie, but I'm still hanging for both just as much!

  27. Good Luck with that, Movies are easier for me and my subatomic attention span..

    I just saw THE SIMPSONS and as a long time fan I LMAO through the entire thing!!! Hilarious.
    This totally makes up for nailbiting my way through Harsh Times.


  28. 10,000 BC, Ridley Scott’s American Gangster-Denzel&Crowe - The Dark Knight---> waiting for these only. Camille Belle...wohoo! my wife.

    BTw...i cant tell much bout new movies, but have you watched Terry Gilliams Brazil? And also Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, The Fountain, Darren Afronskies 'Pi', requiem for a dream. And you must definitely get all the best anime you can egt you hands on. If you like anime, tell me, I will have a post of the best of the best...

    Head my way to c some sun dogs...but ofcourse you get to see the more impressive aurora bear-rialis all the time :p

  29. ghosty,
    Love Brazil and 12 Monkeys. I am out of the loop on anime but I did start out with Astro Boy and Simba the White I dating myself.

    Yo Dawg show me your Sun Dogs Dawg.

  30. I agree...I hate it when ppl start talking when I wanna watch something I me it happens ALL the time at home! :(


  31. hemm...anime is the movie version of the stuff...I hate the series, or OVA the serials. Try googling for satoshi kon - millenium acctress and maybe Spirited away...all of them are soul food. Its nice, they have great great SF stories.

  32. i'm no help either, he. how come i'm not seeing movies these days?
    i'm still watching sex and the city reruns, and i suspect you would not like them as much as i do....


  33. seen: Tristan & Isolde (good), Lucky Number Slevin (bucking frilliant loved it), Over The Hedge (brilliant), Cars (brilliant), The Queen (good), The Departed (bucking frilliant loved it), Casino Royale (brilliant), Happy Feet (brilliant), Blood Diamond (bucking frilliant loved it), The Prestige (bucking frilliant loved it), Underworld Evolution (good), Live Free Or Die Hard (bucking frilliant loved it), V For Vendetta (brilliant), Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (bucking frilliant loved it)

    wanna see: Transformers, The Bourne Ultimatum, 300, Pan’s Labyrinth , Sharkwater, Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer, Spiderman 3, Oceans 13

    can't think of anything you need to avoid, but i also enjoyed "hoodwinked" for something different... is "pans labyrinth" in spanish...?

  34. Avoid Hairspray! I was dragged there by my grandaughter and French niece.
    Good job it was after a copious Sunday lunch and a couple of bottles of Rosé with my friend, Didier. I say good job because I slept throught it.

  35. kesh,
    You must train the others to properly bow when you enter the room...they are not to touch you or address you directly unless you motion towards them to do so.
    Watch 'The Queen' with them, they will get the idea.

    I am afraid that I will get hooked..what about the entire genre as a metaphor for the repression cemented into Japanese society, this stilted, immature, structure that ruptures out into their adolescent fantasy world of sex, violence and over the top drama!? Huh?

    Not on TBS? I often wonder why they even attempted to have SinC when they are going to bleep out all of the pertinent nudity and the outrageous dialogue?! Censorship for whom?

    Way to GO! By your ratings I can tell that you love movies.
    I saw the Simpsons yesterday and my goodladywife said that she will need to see it again because all that she could hear was me and my daughter MANIACALLY LAUGHING AT THE TOP OF OUR LUNGS THROUGH THE WHOLE THING!!!
    Yes Pan is in Espanol with English Subtitles but it is an incredible mixture of Horror and Fantasy.

    Really? They are calling it the Grease of a new generation...well thanks for the tip I avoided Dreamgirls so I can probably skip this one...although I do owe my wife 2 hours for making her watch Harsh Times..SH*T!!

  36. No No No....Go See Hairspray!! The man and I went with his daughter to see it and it was so hilarious in places that we couldn't even hear the music!!

    GREAT flick, and yes, it's stars are John Travolta (Grease 1) and Michelle Pfieffer (Grease 2). There are many cameos by the original cast of Hairspray the Movie, including John Waters in the opening scene.


  37. You got a great point there...while manga (their comic) is thousands or years old, the twisted reality of anime could actually be their outburst of the sick dilemma this world is in. Excellent observation.

  38. tidalgrrrl,
    OK but I get nervous when American film stars get into drag.
    Wasn't Grease 2 blah!!

    WHY the hell is Michelle Pfeifer just getting her star on the Hollywood walk of Fame in 2007??

    What do I know? It just seems to reflect our Western impression of Japan...just like the robotic blind obediance at their jobs, no touching in public, and then the drunken Crazy Karaoke escape at night! Extremes!

  39. Hmm, last movie I saw as th Harry Potter movie, and didn't like it.

    I want to see the new Bourne movie. I have read nothing but great reviews for it. Even the Globe & Mail give it a good review. When do they ever like any movie?

  40. How could you forget 300, you middle-aged moron? You raved about it only last week!!!

  41. globeandmailblogger,
    La di da reading the globe and mail don'tcha know! You can't trust those Easterners! What the hell do they know about anything?

    Ten Second Epic played last night at a little converted movie theatre that is about 2 blocks away from my kids and I are on a real TSE kick this summer..

    without reading the post!
    Hey numbnutz what do you notice about the paragraph listing the movies that I have seen Music & Lyrics/300/Hot Fuzz/which I know that you didn't bother to peruse or even glance at did ya?
    You're the middle aged moron!!

  42. You must see "Because I Said So." It's hilarious. I also think you'd enjoy "23." "V" is an absolute necessity.
    "Sapphire" and I watched several movies from DVD rental over the past couple of months, as is our custom, since we couldn't go on vacation.

    I have not seen so many from your list. I am wayyyyyyy behind in movie watching- have been for several years, but I plan to change that soon with a different cable package. I enjoy reading others' opinions and thank you VERY much for not spoiling the movies (or I'd cyberly strangle you)

    From your list we saw "The Departed" (we didn't like it), "Running with Scissors" (a good one we saw over Winter Break), and "Freedom Writers." Sapphire dearly wants me to see Borat with her.

  43. Where'd my brain go?
    We're a theatre family. You MUST see "Hairspray the Musical." TERRIFIC! Sapphire saw it the week before and took me (not a date; she's my 17 yo). (Nothing like the crappy movie made years ago that happened to rerun a couple of wks ago.)

  44. Oh, THERE'S 300 -- in green, sandwiched in between the black and buried in that seven-line paragraph!

  45. gel,
    You MUST see Borat. It will make you squirm but the results are devastatingly funny/sad/pathetic/hilarious!!

    et tu Hairspray?! So let it be written, so let it be done!

    I would NEVER reveal the plot resolution and be a spoiler for you..OK close your eyes for a second I want to talk about the Bourne Ultimatum..
    just kidding.

    winston wankerbean,
    Whoops there it is! I made you watch it because it was my favorite 'guy' movie this year.

  46. I so enjoyed 300 that I now refer to my significant other as The Spartan in my blog posts. Something to do with the hairy chests.

    Didn't you see The Death of Mr Lazarescu?

  47. spentrails,
    Awesome flick! It is always nice to see a movie that delivers what you expect from the sneak preview.
    So often the best part of the movie is wasted on the trailer and it totally shot it's wad in the advert. Not so with 300!
    I will check out Lazarescu,

  48. Borat was already at the top of my list. She intimated "squirming." I was supposed to see it with my daughter who feels it's a must-see but we ran out of time before she went off to college. (she's already seen it.) So, her first visit home, we have a date.

  49. gel,
    Do it! You will be saying "vairry nice how much?" for months.


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