Saturday, May 12, 2007


LU Mommy,

Ridmeister XXXX OOOO

To all you Muthaz out there:

Fête des mères Sul y Mamau Muttertag Dia de la Mare Motinos diena Festa della mamma День Матери Äitienpäivä Γιορτή της Μητέρας


  1. I've spent the day cleaning the toilet and shower, changing sheets, washing,and cooking.Mothers everywhere know that it's mother's day every day :).

  2. OOO -- she's a purdy one. What did you do to deserve her, HE?

  3. happy mother's day to you too


  4. On mother's day, I did a post for my dad..Typical me.

  5. I'm still convinced those kids are WW's.

  6. Anonymous9:20 a.m.

    hey, wasn't mother's day AGES ago?

  7. lee,
    Yes it is. Everyday is Father's Day because since WW2 Dad's eveywhere come home to a woman wrapped in nothing but celophane is eagerly waiting with a martini, pipe, and his slippers. Supper is hot and ready to be served after the children are quietly skooted out of the house so that Dad have unwind for half an hour after a busy day at the office.

    I don't want to drive all of the ladies insane with jealousy so I can't tell you...except that it has less to do with being patient, understanding and romantic and more to do with a certain glossological anomaly that I have in common with Gene Simmons and that's all I'm saying!

    i like the view,
    These hallmarkian holidays are such blatant commercialistic moneygrabbing guilt inducing creations but what are ya gonna do?

    Daddy's girl. Why not.
    cue The Mamas & Papas:
    You've got to go
    where you wanna (wanna) go,
    do what you wanna (wanna) do...

    As if! The Government had him neuteuramilized in the 70s. Atleast that's what it says on his rap sheet from Corrections Canada that I googled under the freedom of information act. What if the Government joined Elections Canada and Corrections to save money and we just had Erections Canada?

    Enjoy the l o lo lo ve lo lo lo ve!

    It is happening here and we North Americans believe that since we are the centre of the universe that everybody else can darn well get in the program.
    Sad but true.

  8. She's a beautiful woman. It's so obvious that you totally adore her and that's beautiful too.

  9. Happy Mom's Day Ally Baby!

    HE, go outside and work on the deck some more. I think you said in Russian, "I'm a dipstick."

  10. OK, OK...a very nice tribute to a gorgeous woman and mother. You's a lucky guy, but she's a lucky goil.

    And Rid's lucky to have you both.

  11. Ah... they are bonny pictures. Don't think it's Mothers Day in France or Russia today, though; might be wrong. United 93 on, seen that anybody? Bit bored of this computer playing up xo

  12. he -apart from the cellophane, that actually sounds like a very good scenario to me -must be living in the wrong time period :). What's supposed to happen is that I'm supposed to get home from work at 6 or 7pm at the same time as the husband(if I still had one-haha).Shovel some kind of convenience meal into the family and shove them into bed. Do it all over again the next day.Why are mothers who are purely just mothers so undervalued today? It gives me the peedoodles :).

  13. she's so damn beautiful. happy mother's day to all ye mothers out there. :)

  14. Great pictures and looks like you revamped your site recently unless I just didn't notice till just now - I'm notorious about overlooking things in the external environment, fortunately did not grow up among cliffs. But Marxist Lennonist - ha ha...

    Je pense que cets mots et l'Italienne?? Je parle seulement l'Anglais et le Francais trop mal.

  15. Beautiful pics n post!


  16. just go with the flow HE, go with the flow. . .

    (especially where a mutha is concerned)

    or become an outlaw and celebrate something everyday whatever the day! (ever read Still Life With Woodpecker?)

  17. thanx h.e.! i love those photos!


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