Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I am THE luckiest guy in the world to be married to such a wonderful Lady.

When we first met I was instantly attracted to her beautiful smile, sparkling hazel eyes and her wicked sense of humor.

She was a quiet, little, school teacher who miraculously ended up teaching in her hometown. All of her students, and every kid that she has ever taught, knows that they will get a HUGE HUG whenever they see her!

She is patient, kind, and absolutely beautiful…maybe too beautiful. Now I know that this sounds like I am insecure but sometimes when other men are staring at her I can get a little JEALOUS!
Hey, I’m only human.

Do any of you remember the song
When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman?

"When you're in love with a beautiful woman,

It's hard.
When you're in love with a beautiful woman,
You know it's hard.

Everybody wants her,
Everybody loves her,
Everybody wants to take your baby home.

When you're in love with a beautiful woman,
You watch her eyes.
When you're in love with a beautiful woman,
You look for lies.

Everybody tempts her,
Everybody tells her,
She's the most beautiful woman they know!"...

I know that deep down that she loves me from the bottom of her heart

(she tells me atleast ten times a day)

so I need to just relax and enjoy my unbelievable good luck.

Why she picked me I’ll never know…but I do know this..
I’m going to hang on to that little Lady for the rest of my life!

Now here is a real picture of us

what a gal!


  1. What a goober...

    I've been hugged by your lovely wife too...and barely survived with my ribs intact.

    She is indeed a beautiful woman. And you are indeed a lucky man.

    I think that pic was before she REALLY got into the weights and the synthetic hormones, though, don't you?

    (**RUNS AWAY LAUGHING, wonders when or if Alice will ever invite him over for supper again**)

  2. You've convinced me -- and with a bod like that I'm wondering if she's "ambidextrous?" :)

  3. withering withoutweights,
    You're the only guy that I know who still says 'goober'
    ..what a goober!

    Was this taken 'before she REALLY got into the weights' No Duh!
    That's all 100% Pure Country Girl!

    I doubt if you will ever get invited again but if you do she'll probably give you a couple of 'Green Acres'!

    Yes she is ambidextrous,
    she can easily kill me with either hand!

  4. i want to be your wife.

    i mean, i don't want to marry you, but i want to be that woman in the pic. what legs! if i showed up at a regatta wearing those quads my opposition would just quit and go home w/o getting their boats wet!

  5. Are you celebrating something or have you been forced to sing that song?

    "Why she picked me I’ll never know…"
    I think with those muscles she can pick any guy she wants to.

    What a lucky guy you are, HE. and she IS beautiful!

  6. Awwww... however I would like to officially chalenge for the title for worlds luckiest guy... Come on stace is georgeous funny and crazy.

    I think the only way to to solve this logicaly, is via the ancient sport of Jelly wrestling your wife versus mine for the title of luckiest guy in the universe..

    On a serious note...Jealousy.. congrats you are officially human.. a little twinge is probably healthy makes you appreciate what you have, you might even work a bit harder, just to show you still care:)

    Cute post

  7. Awws shucks, Aidan!

    Lovely post, HE, and your wife certainly is... um... interesting! ;)

  8. HE,
    Nice tribute to your wife -- has she seen the pic you've posted already?

    On the jealousy, I must admit I feel a bit thrilled whenever the hubby feels this -- but only when it's not over the top!

  9. that must be some woman; looks like she broke your jaw in the picture there.

    quitcher whinin, bucko. try being married to a butch as f*** biker god. women want him, men want to be him, and gay men want him and want to be him simultaneously. we eat at home a lot. it's tough.

  10. Anonymous9:42 p.m.

    Fess up Donn...
    what did you do?

  11. I hate this verse:
    "When you're in love with a beautiful woman, you watch her eyes. When you're in love with a beautiful woman, you look for lies."

    That's terrible! If I was looking for lies, then I think that would be a signal to call it quits. Who wrote that song anyway?

    Ok, back to you. I'm pretty sure she picked you because she saw so much in you to love. Your intelligence, your humour, your kindness - these are just a few examples that we see. I can only imagine how much more she sees in you on a day-to-day basis. She's most definitely a beautiful woman, but you're also a beautiful man.

  12. You have every right to be jealous.

    Your lovely wife confessed to me that your children were fathered by WW!

  13. Ok HE. do not lose yourself in this......

    Harden the F*&K up!

    I don't want you dying before ya time. Women do that to ya mate....

    PLEASE come to ya senses......

    Lucky bugga!

  14. ol HE, romantico I-taliano stud...and a caring little wife. Man, wish you guys a 1oo years together.Snif snif...Beautiful.

  15. sounds like a 'guilty' post to me!
    And looking at those muscles you're right to be scared!

  16. OMG finally I get to see her! THANK YOU soooo much for posting that last pic. WOW she's BEAUTIFUL! U 2 look so happy and soooo in love.

    U r very lucky and she is DAMN lucky to have u!

    Now can u find me a man like u?

    Im so happy today HE...cos I saw ur better-half :)

    btw see what u think abt my current post. wud love to hear ur thoughts.


  17. You are a beautiful looking couple and look perfect for each other.

  18. chaucers bitch,
    "i don't want to marry you"
    You cut me deep Shrek!

    Can you imagine the POWER at your disposal?! Stamina may be an issue don't see many athletes who have HULK bodies competing in any Sport that require anything more than sudden bursts of strength.

    Ha!She could LITERALLY pick up any guy that she wanted to. What a nice guy you are, such a gentleman.

    It's on! I'll secure the TV rights and see if we can get some sponsors.
    I'm all choked up because nobody has ever called me..human..before..

    Interesting eh? I shouldn't put people on the spot because a few men are actually married to Lady Bodybuilders and probably like being crushed by a an Amazon who feels like concrete. To each his own.

    Personally I don't get it but I do understand how much work it takes to maintain those muscles (which need to be torn to become bigger and start to dissolve after 72 hours) without steroids.

    Good luck in the jello!

    Actually I don't understand why women would like jealousy because it teeters on neurotic love and objectifies the woman as proprietary object to be owned.

    Look at Marc Anthony, world's leading jealous husband, who is single handidly killing J-Lo's career and cementing the insecure latino lover image that is perpetuated in modern culture as the norm.
    She will escape someday and then we will all expect him to go loco.

    first nations,
    Don't worry I'm just messin' with the jealousy part..I do not have enough emotional capital to waste on negative 'issues'.
    The biker god chick/gay magnet thingamabob sounds like you have it under wraps. Do you do anything special when the two of you are 'forced' to be out in public?
    Pepper spray? or do you Scowl and telepathically emit 'warning' signals.

    How is my little cyber lurker?
    Actually I didn' do anything wrong..well anything out of the ordinary litany of daily transgressions..and it was a desperate attempt to get her to comment on MY blog..

    back to the drawing board.

    I HATE HATE HATE HATE that Dr. Hook song..AARRGGHHH it's as awful as the Pina Colada song or Muskrat Love or Seasons in the Sun or Having My Baby or Feelings!!!
    The lyrics are so stupid and tacky and yes it drives me crazy and I can't get it out of my head now.
    ((Ka-Boom!)) thud

    Don't get all Anna Nicole Smith DNA testing weird on me here?
    WW could not have impregnated my wife because she was still in grade school while WW was still experiencing his 'fertile' years.


    Thanks but I don't want to live for another 100 years because if I took Viagra at 150 my bones would shatter into dust particles and gently fall like 'snowflakes' down into my shoes!

    I am NOT GUILTY of anything other than being immature and insensitive to men who actually live with Amazonian Spouses who could crush their mates like bugs and then devour them..usually starting at the head the female decapitates her sperm donor even as she is still receiving his packet of DNA material.

    My little lady is a 'saint' to put up with me and I wish that she understood that a lot of gals would still like to get with this!
    I was actually trying to get her jealous but it has obviously backfired.
    I'll be right over.

    angel without wings,
    Aww gosh. Well she works very hard at trying to justify tolerating my hijinx when she could be stuck/trapped/suffocating/dying-a-little-bit-more-everyday conventional boring husband!

  19. Great to see your BETTER half at last, brother!!!

    I send my hugs to her as one school teacher to other.

  20. Is she trying to hug you in that pic? Or strangle you?

  21. gautami,
    She certainly is my better half and her very existence negates all of my tomfoolery. I 'learn' a lot from her.

    She can't keep her hands off of me..
    especially my freakishly large prominentia laryngea!

  22. Boo Hoo...whose idea was it to post a real, live pic of the two of you? Did she boot you in the balls when you got home?

    Or did she just tell you, 'OK, that's it, nuthin' for a month!'

    I dunno, Donnie, I think Ally and I beg to differ with you...I'll always be fertile...

    Ally, Baby, when am I invited over to dinner and for some o' those hugs???

  23. WW can have hope - Charlie Chaplin was fathering children way into his seventies. ;) Now if he can only find the right woman.

    HE- what a wonderfully sweet post. How'd I miss it before? *grumbles at Firefox refresh rates*
    Well I'm glad I finally saw it.

    Official "Awwwww" post of the day.

    New pics from the Mustache Party coming up soon!!

  24. Thanks for sharing the pic HE. Kudos on the lucky wife. You are indeed a lucky guy, but I bet she knows she's a lucky gal too. And I mean that in the most non-gay way possible.

  25. the best part of that song is those back up girls... "You bedda watch your friends, you bedda watch your friends, you bedda look out!"

  26. I HATE HATE HATE HATE that Dr. Hook song..AARRGGHHH it's as awful as the Pina Colada song or Muskrat Love or Seasons in the Sun or Having My Baby or Feelings!!!
    The lyrics are so stupid and tacky and yes it drives me crazy and I can't get it out of my head now.
    ((Ka-Boom!)) thud

    If you hate that Dr. Hook song, why did you just quote it? And what's wrong with the Pina Colada Song???? Anyway, thank you for not lumping Jefferson Starship, Boz Scaggs, and Lobo into the above diatribe.

  27. Such a beautiful woman and such a beautiful tribute.

    Gives hope to all of us who have yet to find it, that true love is waiting!


  28. awww, he. i'm glad to know you love someone who loves you. that makes life alot easier, doesn't it?
    i am equally fortunate.

    as for jealousy, it is bad. but in small doses it can invigorate.


  29. Awww, I love that song, I love what you wrote here today, I love that piucture of you both, you are both glowing in that image!!!
    Just lovely!!!

  30. without an avatar,
    I did because nobody picked up on calling her the little woman and dragged me thorough the ringer for being sexist so I thought that I should just mush it right out!

    Moustache Party!!!!
    How long would it take me to drive there?

    She doesn't actually look like that first picture but she is that strong!

    Hi val,
    Sorry I do like a lot of those tacky schmaltzy 70s AM GOLD type songs but I thought that this one was so ridiculous that everyone would gag..what do I know!?

    She certainly is and yes this proves that there is a LID for every POT.

    It certainly does make life more rewarding and actually I am quite used to other men staring at her but I look so threatening that like submissive wolves greeting the alpha male they all cower and wet themselves when I snarl.HA!

    et tu cazzie,
    Why does everybody love this song? Doesn't the guiyu sound like a complete twat and his BW sounds like a vapid flirtateous slut!
    What am I missing..according to my interpretation of the lyrics in that song I give this couple about 4 more hours before he goes postal or she runs off with the next guy she sees.

  31. hello to the diva
    in Saskatoot, The Skatch!

    With friends like that! Oh well it was the 70s and everybody was still experimenting.

    Hey has Spring arrived in Saquatchewan? It is supposed to be 18 in Whateverpeg tomorrow!

    Could it be Magic?!? (Manilow)

  32. OK, now that we all know that SHE is the woman of your life and that she is strong, you can safely blog another half year, LOL
    A hi from Flanders to your very nice wife !

  33. fantastic post! you're both so blessed to have each other!

  34. hildegarde,
    You don't miss a thing do you?

    We are lucky, but I'm luckier.

  35. Nobody with a beating heart could NOT love that babe.

  36. You make a cute couple!

  37. joyce,
    ..or even someone with a heart that is dead... like a Vampyre!

    miss cellania,
    It is amazing how wonderful the other person becomes after several glasses of 'Oh what the hell I forgive you'.

    This is my favorite
    "You're a Schmoopy,
    You're a Schmoopy"
    picture of us.

  38. Homey you tell from that picture that your house is full of love and laughter!

  39. Cozy, cuddly couple. Melts my heart.


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