Thursday, January 18, 2007


How would you like to

Play POPSTAR matchmaker with your favorite
boy band BOY and your favorite
girl band GIRL
(yes, you can hook up Lance & George if you like)
and create your ultimate teen idol dream couple?

You can just rant (get medieval if you must) about who owes you BIG TIME for years of unrequited fanatical Love, Devotion, Dollars and Fashion Fiascos..

You can even tell me who you are still secretly 'holding out for'..
I promise not to tell a soul.


  1. hrmm... marylin Manson and the Wiggles in a polygamous relationship... An orgy of Skivies and black make up.

    Trent Reznor owes me for years of fanatical devotion even supporting his relationship with COurtney love (YUCK). I was also torn between manson and reznor during their split. It is hard to be the kid in the middle.

    Not really a secret but the only threat to my marriage is Trent Reznor. Or maybe Jeff Martin. Its a Rock thing

  2. Anonymous5:39 p.m.

    Hi there. Visiting from Ces' blog.

    I'm afraid I'm not much into girl or boy bands. Didn't even spend years in fanatical devotion to anybody (yep, not even madonna).

    But I am secretly holding out for Daniel Craig. not a pop star I know, but what the heck...

  3. I'm still holding out for Ian Gillam. I'm sorry, Aidan. But he's the frontman of DEEP PURPLE for god's sake! Gotta love an ageing rocker.

  4. Anonymous6:32 p.m.

    Fresh idea for a post! Tiffany, for me.

  5. Stace: when the ramp is no longer just for the equipment it is time to walk away:)

  6. Anonymous7:14 p.m.

    I was madly, passionately, desperately in love with Freddie Mercury. His voice, his look, his on-stage presence quite literally made me quiver. *Sigh*

  7. Anonymous8:33 p.m.

    I am a Bobby Sherman kind of girl... no... wait... David Cassidy!

  8. Anonymous9:11 p.m.

    Andy Gibb, baby!

  9. aidan,
    Stace would like to get her nine inch nails into Trent would she?
    Manson and the Wiggles eh...stranger things have happened in show biz.

    AHA James Blond..
    oooh those shoulders.

    DA NA NA!

    I think we're alone now your secret is safe with me.

    For gawdsake man just let it go..
    let her have her little fantasy.

    I'm going slightly maaaa-aaad...
    I loved Freddy too. He was the genuine article. He oozed charisma!

    Oh kindness, kindness, kindness do ya love me!
    Do you have any Tiger Beat mags hidden under your bed?

    ms val
    Did you want to be his everything!? Victoria Principal was some pretty 'stiff' competition.

  10. I always drooled over the blonde woman in Heart (You KNOW I don't know any names).

    What a gorgeous face, unbelievable hair, fantastic bod, what moves while playin' that guitar...

    And those clothes she wore...and that song...


  11. Frank Zappa will return for me from beyond the grave.

  12. wintered in,
    Oooh Nancy Wilson is a goddess!
    She is married to Cameron Crowe (Almost Famous)and they wrote some of the songs for the movie and she and Peter Frampton gave the actors lessons on how to be a Rock Star!

    Fer sure fer sure! Love Zappa: Sharleena, Dynamo Hum, Rudy wants to buy ya a drink, Jewish Princess, Titties and Beer, He's so gay, Valley Girl and F*ck Yourself.
    Totally unique entity.

  13. I used to kiss my Bon Jovi poster every night before bed. Sometimes I licked it. *hangs head in shame*

    Sammie Roberts will always have a special place in my heart.

  14. christine,
    HA HA HA @ hangs head in shame..
    it took a lot of courage to admit to that...HA HA HA..
    that is awesome stuff.
    She says: We've got to hold on to what we've got
    'Cause it doesn't make a difference
    If we make it or not
    We've got each other and that's a lot
    For love - we'll give it a shot
    We're half way there
    Livin' on a prayer
    Lick my poster and we'll make it I swear
    Livin' on a prayer

  15. Anonymous1:41 a.m.

    Ha, ha, haaaaa! Now what option do you think bohemians are practitioners of, hmmmm? ;-P

  16. Poster licking?

    I find that oddly arousing.

  17. miz bo,
    Knowing your penchant for those hot blooded latino types I suspect that you were busy clicking on the MENUDO poster on the post to see how cute little Ricky Martin was...aaaah..
    livin' the Vida Loca!

    I see a trend forming..
    careful, those edges are sharp.

  18. Anonymous8:36 a.m.

    I think someone should point out to laurie that Freddie was not exactly into girls.........sorry kid.

    But DAMN he was good!

    I vote for KISS meets the Lennon Sisters!

    Or how about a blind date between the Osmond brothers and Twisted Sister? hmmmm....that could get complicated........

  19. THE michael,
    I wish that the Lennon Sisters had been video taped with John Lennon in a 'menage-a-cinque' during his nudie 'Give Peace A Chance' protest in Montreal..that would have spiced up their image...or how about if they were caught trashing Hotel rooms with Keith Moon.

  20. he, i have to think about this. you have stimulated my morning by mentioning the lennon sisters.

    hey, he!! fantastic logo you have,or whatever it's called. what a classy blog you have. are you hoping for international recognition? if so i will pray for you.

  21. kj,
    My sister loved the Lennon Sisters at about the same time that I was listening to the wasn't pretty.
    Yes I am aiming for complete domination of the Blogosphere.
    My simple dream entails exerting my will upon all humans and specifically instructing them on how and what to think about everything...

  22. Anonymous10:31 a.m.

    i'm still holding out for king robbie.. ah but thats not really a secret is it?

  23. reyspoutine10:58 a.m.

    is this part of the forensic interpretation, or just a distraction in lieu of?
    how about michael jackson and donnie osmond? i sensed some real chemistry there (at least on one side of the equation).

    speaking of distraction, i still want to borrow RB and live in the past.

  24. angel,
    NOT robbie Will-yums???
    I never did 'get' him but to each her own...of course he isn't that big on this side of the pond so maybe I missed something.

    Look if you can't stand for a little levity now and then perhaps you need to start
    Mr Seri-ass.Blogspot...

    I tend to get incredibly bored when I formulate and forcefeed my a-la-carte cosmology...
    it becomes so tedious that these fun and seemingly frivolous posts actaully accomplish a great deal towards my not-so-secretive quest to become my namesake (Donald) Master Of The Universe...

    pssst(there are subliminal messages flickering underneath this crap so relax...see if you can read them...hee hee hee)

  25. To hold out for ?? my dictionary is not clear about that : to hold in, to hold under, to hold aloof, to hold back, to hold down, to hold off, to hold on, to hold over, to hold up, ... Yes, yes, I understand :-) , I just miss fanatical devotion to bands, are Vikings and medieval knights OK too ?

  26. Anonymous4:54 p.m.

    I at one time, had both Spice Girls albums.

    Ok, I will be honest, I still have them in my room. I don't listen to them though. I keep them so I can look at the CD covers, and the little booklets that are with each disc.

    That might be even more sad.

  27. Sting (sighs dreamily). When I first developed an interest in The Police, I had a crush on Stewart Copeland (the drummer). It didn't take long for Sting to step in though. Seriously, what woman wouldn't love him... the man can go for hours!

  28. Anonymous6:17 p.m.

    I'm still secretly holding out for Salma Hayck...

    The restraining order she put on me is making things difficult though. ;)


  29. hildegarde,
    You can't kid a kidder..I know that you verstehen what it are holding out for Lancelot du Lac aren't you.

    Ok I was always torn between Sporty and Baby but when Sporty morphed into Mel C she won...I listen to Goin Down and When You're Gone all of the I won't tell if you don't.

    Oh puh-leeze you don't really believe that Sting story about Tantric Sex..poppycock I say!
    Besides I don't even think that it would be fun to have sex for 4 consequtive hours...I said that out loud didn't I?

    steven novak,
    I completely understand your lusting after Salma..Grrr..she is toitally on my fantasy 'to-do' list...I mean if I had one..which I don't..sheesh why would I...
    (HE is simultaneously struck by lightning from above and a frying pan from behind)

  30. reyspoutine10:47 p.m.

    "pssst(there are s(S)ubliminal messages flickering underneat(T)h this crap so relax...see if(F) you(U) can read them...hee hee hee)"

    found it...hey!

  31. Anonymous3:26 a.m.


    No penchant for Latino here! Not after Spain... and not after a hot life with a hot Loverboy... this Iranian man does it for me as with him you get the hot bloodedness and mucha pasión with intelligence to boot... I like my man challenging and after Spain, Latinos? *shudder*

    No gracias!

    I will confess to having been party to a geeky dance to "Venus" by Bananarama where my sister, girl cousin and I were the main dancers and my brother and boy cousin shook their thangs while standing between us and yeah, we performed away for family members and are EVER so thankful that such a horrible event was never filmed! DIOS MIO!

    Other than that, Madonna was my goddess! FO SHO!

  32. It was Duran Duran, all the way, baby!

    Of course I remember seeing NKOTB my graduation night at Disneyland, but it's not like I bought a ticket to see "the right stuff" or anything. I was more concerned with getting high and riding Splash Mountain.


    Oh the memories.

  33. Well, when I was four I had a crush on David Jones AND Peter Tork of Monkees. At the same time. There was David Cassidy, David Essex (who I still feel a bit gooey about, despite his thinning hair), David Bowie (not now he's had his teeth capped. Sigh). Is that enough Davids?

    I think Billy Idol and Debbie Harry would've made a good teen idol couple. Well, I fancied them both during the "confusing hormonal phase" and they could both share hair peroxiding duties.

  34. reyspoutine,
    HA HA HA
    Oh you sensitive Arteests! You are more than welcome to espouse your virulent seem to forget that I am a BIG L Liberal on everything but crime.
    I maintain the right to fritter away valuable cyberspace on any topic of my choosing because of my nanosecond attention span.

    Mizzy Bo,
    ((and I-RAN,
    I-RAN so far away)) some 80s Flock Of Seagulls for you.
    Yes, I hear ya! I thought that the Vida Loca reference was too OLE!
    Madonna, Madonna..she has done a great job of reinventing herself and working with the best Producers to stay current, topical and interesting...I think that she is marvelous...if only she could get a break at the box office..she needs to take on a Travoltian comeback Pulp Fictionesque role.

    ((Step by step,Oh BABY!))
    Awesome premise for a teen slasher movie..
    grad night, NKOTB, Splash Mountain..with Cheech and Chong as your Teachers...woohooo!
    How many Wahlbergs are there anyway?
    Donny, Marky Mark and the guy from American he their brother too?

    Yippee.. a bona fide Music connoiseur...
    I still can't believe that Bowie had to change his name because of that 'other Davy Jones' in the Monkee...isn't Life strange.

    I do like your list of Davids but you forgot the Big one..Hasselhoff!!
    Lurrve your idea of the blondies:Idol and Harry, that is fun couple would be:
    Keith Richards and Courtney Love

  35. I want to hear more about Betty's "confusing hormonal phase." Was that a blog entry that I missed, Betty?

    WV: BJxww

  36. mj,
    Hornymones certainly wreak havoc on all of us at one time or another...OK there is my sensitive stage setting line to put her at for some gentle probing...ooh I like the sound of that...focus, focus,

    I am sure that if we put enough pressure on Betty she will start to dish because she is very forthright...oh that was good...

    c'mon mj let's go find out what Betty was 'experimenting' with back in the day.

  37. wow nice post HE! :)

    I have a 'thing' for Axl Rose hehe.


  38. Anonymous5:45 p.m.

    Now Don, look, the Grand Opening of the Forensic Anthropology Museum and Taco Bar here in Freedom's place has already been delayed once, and I'm not sure I can get The Electric Light Orchestra to reschedule for us again, so get your butt over there and do your thing! We are only going to remain on the map so long as talent such as yours puts it there!
    I must also remind you that the rubber check I sent you is drawn on the Iraqi National Bank and might not retain it's special properties much longer. I know you don't have much time time having to maintain this award winning blog and all, we care........WE're W A I T I N G!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. A. Jimi Hendrix and Tina Turner. Might be old school, but think of the children!

    B. The Beatles owe me for the "bangs" in grade school. This requires explanation. I wanted a Beatle haircut. I was not allowed to get one. Barber cut hair on slant, with chunk cut out to discourage combing bangwards. We wore bangs anyway. We looked like dorks. Hell, we were seven; we were dorks.

    C. I am holding out for the reincarnation of Janis Joplin. Sorry Melissa Ethridge. Close, but no cigar. No pun intended.

  40. No ways.. I'm not holding out for any of these people.. I long ago decided that the (how do I say this?) integrity (?) of any guy that was in a boyband is, questionable, to say the least

  41. ah-the lovely mike nesmith -time to daydream now...

  42. Since you asked, I only really experimented with typewriter correction fluid and anorexia in my mid teens. Sorry - there wasn't much else to do living in the middle of nowhere!

    Hmm ... perhaps I should have made something up ...

  43. Anonymous9:53 a.m.

    Steve Jobs for me!!

  44. George Michael for me. Or Adam Ant.
    But now, as I'm so mature - it'll have to be Simon Cowell. Does that count?

    Came to say hi via Ces.

  45. john lennon and ME.

    (suspend belief for a mo. see, he's not dead and i have a girlband.ok? good. and it coulda happened. he had yellow fever and my distant ancestors crossed the bering landbridge by building a span ENTIRELY OUT OF CHOPSTICKS. i wrote a song about it.)

    right now all i have is a girldog.
    and she's shedding.

  46. keshi wants a 'bad boy'
    neener neener neener!

    OK Michael,
    Alright already I'm just a nogoodnik! Let me finish researching Ross Perot finishing the lyrics to
    'sweet cheeks on Obama'

    breaker-breakerslion good buddy,
    or Hendrix and Macy((puff))Gray!
    We did look like dorks with those bangs but DAMMIT we wuz stickin' it to da MAN!

    So excited to see you got me on my knees..(bet you 've never heard that Claptonesque line before)
    That is good advice and I hope that all of our young viewers are not go out with a boybander.

    It was the touque eh?..oh sorry wool hat..Mike invented what became MTV and made millions from making a career out of suing people who stole his ideas...

    ..and Mike Nesmith's Mom BETTE invented liquid typewriter paper which I thought was a great segue into your teenage addiction...I find it hard to light.

    whiter forest,
    Hmmm...OK you like genius inventor/futurecasters who work for $1 a If I had to befriend a Billionaire it would be Steve Jobs.

    Welcome. How kind of you to reply..Adam Ant I can understand, George was soo cute but Simon Cowell is a very disturbing choice on so many like snarky eh?

    first nations,
    HA HA I desperately need to see those lyrics..actually I can picture you and John...hey you should listen to Bare Naked Ladies 'you can be my Yoko Ono!'

  47. I don't think Betty has adequately addressed her "confusing hormonal phase" relating specifically to fancying both Billy Idol AND Debbie Harry but tales of substance abuse will suffice for now.

    She's getting off lightly this time.

  48. mj,
    I concur.
    We shouldst pursueth this delicate matter in her comment section because she hath been presently spookethed here and henceforth shall n'er returneth for an fortnight, yea perhaps fourscore!!

  49. lol yeah I like bad-boys. u know wut HE...I must be genetically programmed to attract jerks/losers...LOL trust me when I say that!


  50. It's the middle of the night in the UK.

    Betty won't notice if we slip over now and leave some droppings.

    You go first.

  51. Slash and Debbie Gibson, doing Gershwin covers? No? Debbie Harry and Marilyn Manson, doing Christmas
    standards, then.

  52. Hmmmm...this is easy peasy. Wayyy back in the day (90's bare with me) there was a guy who was a rapper. Not your typical gangsta rapper, but your sugar gum pop a lock rapper. He was FINE as heck and I daydreamed about him. He wasn't in a boy band but dude, he was cute!

    But to answer...I'd like to see Britney get with Ozzie Osbourne. That should be interesting...and make one hella reality show.

  53. Jeff Gagne11:11 p.m.

    i'm going to be the next n-sync (or equivalent).. i don't really care who is in my band because it will be a group where they only care about me, like JT in n-sync... then i'll do a solo album, date camerian diaz (or equivalent) and then just be named the sexiest man alive.... (or equivalent)

  54. What about Lawrence Welk and Mel Torme?

  55. Anonymous11:51 p.m.

    hemmm...the jackson 5 with Destinys Child and the Beatles. :p

  56. Cool & creative post!
    Wish I could play, but I'm not into music that way. I enjoyed reading the comment thread of others here. :)

    BTW, groovy/rad/ header!

    P.S. No caffeine for moi. Am naturally random aka rapid thinker/articulator aka "the energizer bunny" when I choose not to organize comment replies.To me, it's more interesting than "nice post- dig it."-

    I can see I'll enjoy reading your archives, too.

  57. keshtar,
    Stop saying that...
    It goes without saying that most of the available Y chromosones out there are not up to your standards..
    but you just need to be looking in the right places.

    Betty has always been very considerate and gentle when she is debunking my ridiculous notions and I don't want to jeopardize go first.

    I love Slash and Debbie Gibson doin' Gershwin. Gee when I was a lad Alice Cooper was what would an entertainer need to do to be considered shocking? Hmm?

    LL Cool J?
    Grandmaster Flash?
    You know that when you say 'way back to the 90s' that it makes me feel old...OK Who was it?

    jeff gagne,
    Hey Jeff thanks again for dropping by..Spencer and I were just strolling through the Myspace underworld (where nobody over 29 is allowed to exist) and we saw you...
    I am totally convinced that you could be the next JT but you need to relocate..
    or become the new 'Numa Numa'guy on YouTube!

    Mel and Lawrence? They probably were friends...are you trying to hook them up romantically..because that is just wrong on so many levels..look I know that you can name atleast one current Pop star Dallas Green so just try and remember the name of a Popstar when you were a kid back in the 40s..oh I guess you did Mel Torme.

  58. Homily at the Eveready:

    Perry Como, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra...

    I think Mel and Lawrence would have worked...

  59. Anonymous11:56 a.m.

    You what is really creepy ...
    the guys from the Jackson 5 are all old enough to have fathered the gals from Destiny's Child...eeewww!

    green energizer bunny lady,
    Absolutement! I am sorry that I suggested that you were preposterous.
    I am thrilled to have made your cyber give good comment!

    walter whiskeybreath,
    C'mon old man, surely you can remember some of the female artists from your childhood...
    how could you forget listening to Edith Piaf on the gramofone after school.

  60. Yes those were my comments....

    Thank You Blogger for failing to recognise my identity! Is this system ever going to operate properly?

  61. KESH,


  62. Anonymous9:53 a.m.

    heh! hahahahah! man i was out of sync. :p


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