Saturday, January 27, 2007

You like very much Yes?

There are several excellent reasons for watching BORAT.

We need to understand that our present era of Political Correctness is a mirage that has failed miserably and may actually be strengthening prejudice and ignorance.

The blatant anti semitic, homophobic, sexist and xenophobic demons that live in our day to day world are brilliantly exposed in this film.

The tender, vulnerable, underbelly of the status quo are eviscerated with the skill of a surgeon's scalpel by Sacha Cohen's character Borat.

This movie is a wake up call to all of us even if
Borat shone a very harsh, bright, light in the not-so-dark corners of the American Heartland. The cultural cockroaches that scurried out were very disturbing..
most of which are still ((sigh)) unfortunately universally practised around the entire planet.

Before you blow a gasket I realise that most Americans are not guilty of being the dumbass rednecks revealed in the film.
The fact that there are so many of them is what may be terrifying to some..
but it is the worst kept secret on the planet.

Cohen's defense of such outlandish parody is that indifference is one of the culprits.
He is the grandson of a Holocaust survivor and rationalised his approach during an interview in which he stated that apathy is a devious enabler that allows these old hatreds to fester beneath the surface..and as he has proven whether through his alter egos Bruno, Ali G or Borat, that it doesn't take much to release them.

Perhaps this comedic expose may help clean up the collective denial concerning some Americans and their refusal to comprehend why the rest of the world 'does not prefer' to be subjected to Uncle Sam's interference in their domestic affairs...
never mind the imposition of 'American' values which they view as the Pot calling the kettle Black.
Critics of the film are aghast with indignation and will probably never be able to understand why the rest of the world displays such contempt for the US?

It also revealed that in this Information Age, the YouTubian 24/7 world of instantaneous ego parades, that you and your stupid ideas are all fair game. Nobody is exempt from making a complete ass out of themselves.

Several scenes deftly reveal how both pretentious pseudo-respectability, manic spiritualism, and blatant, jawdropping, 'good-old-boy' ignorance all deliver well deserved embarrassing retribution to their creators...
that they can never take back.

That includes all of the knuckleheads that have launched lawsuits against the Producers of Borat..
you made your bed and no amount of money will ever restore your dignity..Neener!

Lets be honest, putting any culture or country under a microscope is as dangerous as it is depressing.
The reason that the disrobing of the 'U.S.and A.' is so rewarding should be obvious. The shameful veneer peeling of the Nation in which many, certainly not all, of its citizens consider themselves God's Gift to the rest of the world is UBER schandefreude!

If you have ever wondered how a transparent Trojan Horse like the 'great warlord' George W. Bush was elected to the highest office of the greatest Civilization in History.... TWICE??.... watch this film.


  1. I find Borat's pekini (portmanteau, or does that piece of clothing already have a name ?)
    very sexy :-) Will it become a success in the clothing world do you think ?

  2. hildegarde,
    HA pekini! I think that it will catch on..
    especially in that particular shade..
    very Metrosexual..
    if Becks starts wearing a pekini when he moves to LA then it will be a great success!

  3. Anonymous4:38 p.m.

    As an enemy of mindless political correctness, I loved Borat so much that I wanted to stay and watch it again. I was crying within the first 5 minutes. It has become the stuff of quotes and reminiscences in our household, something only a truly memorable movie could ever do. Thanks for the giggle .... again.

  4. I agree with what your saying, nut i never found any of Sachin Cohens characters all that funny. Although i think i am in a minority.

    But it is good to see that satire is not dead. The greatest satire ever "Flying High"..

  5. And if you're going to tell people the truth, you'd better make them laugh...

  6. I'm with Andrea. I absolutely loved Borat and was crying from laughing so hard.

    Excellent movie review, by the way.

  7. When I heard that Borat was heading to the states (Im in the UK), I thought one of two things would happen.

    Either, Sasha (aka Borat) would come home with over 100 law suits and several inbedded bullets, or people would "get it"... If the public "get it" then Borat has a much greater meaning than an a crazy hairy kazakh.

  8. Anonymous4:46 a.m.

    thank you for your note. I enjoyed reading your post. I loved the movie. and find it funny that people are sueing him to get themselves 'removed' from the film as such...

  9. Anonymous3:23 p.m.

    Ptheeeewwwtt. That is the sound of my gasket blowing.

    Not really. I mostly agree with what you are saying.

    Now about that pekini...when can we expect you and WW to model them for your blog fans?

  10. Anonymous5:51 p.m.

    boo-hoo...I haven't seen the movie.I'll have to wait for video.I am also an arms-bearer in the war on mindless political correctness and I fully support Borat. Which is more than his pekini does!
    Great word and yes, you guys should hit the catwalk. Maybe wait till after winter????

  11. Anonymous8:06 p.m.

    I just have a few comments on this film.

    I think a lot of people who went to see this movie probably missed the real point of it (which you talked about perfectly). When the movie first came out, it was getting really good reviews, and I was shocked. I assumed beforehand, that it was going to get beat down. I guess the critics saw in the movie what you saw.

    For some reason, my favorite scene was when they showed the footage of the little kids beating the "Jew Egg" with sticks. That made me laugh out loud.

    Like many movies, I think we will be able to look back on this one in future decades and enjoy it even more. It is a critique on our current generation as much as it is anything else I believe.

  12. andrea,
    ..we are making the words funny too Yes.

    Flying High was marketed as Airplane here in the Americas and you are right it is now the stuff of legends.
    "I speak Jive"
    "and stop calling me Shirley"
    "Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up _______"

    as Jack said in A Few Good Men,
    "You want the truth..
    You can't handle the Truth!"

    Every once in a while something comes along that becomes a must see and now there will be a flurry of knock off movies that will use this premise..however I thnk that more people will be cautious about speaking their mind when there is a camera in their face.......

    I still don't think that a lot of people are going to get it..especially in the Southern States where they seem to eschew social progression and view it as an intrusion...I am not sure why some of those folks think that the way things have always been done must be the right way just 'cause it is.

    Thanks for stopping by from NZ..I can understand why those Frat Boys would want to crawl under a rock and die...can you imagine that idiot ever finding a girlfriend..
    wait I take that back..
    that guy is probably notorious now and some bubblehead will be thrilled to say that they went out with a guy who was in Borat.

    You can expect me to wear one at the drop of a hat but WW is quite a prude so it would take some prodding from his formidable female fan base to get him to put out.

    OK maybe for a special get back into shape for the Beach posting I will be able to drown WW's common sense inhibitor with a magic elixer (or several as required) and take some photos for all of his devotees.

    I laughed at the Jew Egg too..I also realised that Political Correctness has completely enveloped me because I realised that it was OK to laugh because Cohen is Jewish..
    but then I thought if I had written that I would considered anti-semitic..
    just as black comedians can use the N word but I can't...
    I was watching Blazing Saddles last night and I was trying to decide how Mel Brooks got away with the whole thing..
    making fun of Nazis is a no brainer but his jabs at all of the stereotypes was quite an accomplishment.

  13. Anonymous10:45 a.m.

    Yeah, ever since Dubya, I often scratch my head in similar simian fashion, goin'

    "Why? Oh, why do they hate us so?"

    But as an American I know the true answer; for our fearless Leader and intrepid Decider has told us: Because we are a good, pious, Christian Nation and stand for Truth, Nobility, Goodness, and Democracy.

    Evildoers around the world hate us for this.

    We're just that good. Anyone who looks at US foreign policy basically since after WWII can see that the US has been all sweetness and light in relation to other nations round the world. We are anything but exploitative. And I just don't know why the whole rest of the world doesn't thank its lucky stars and strive each day to emulate The Shining City on the Hill, to bring back fond memories of Reagan - that smiling, charming actor-president-hero of mine. The Great Man who finally brought the US to recognize that The Market is Holy - for did He not foreordain the Market, with all things? - and if you just let the rich get obscenely rich, then it all "trickles down," just takes a while I guess...

  14. HE:

    I tried to post this comment to your blog Sunday, but as a recent convert to the new Google Blogger, I was unable to be me.

    I got so pissed off I stormed off in a huff.

    But I can't resist responding...

    When I first saw this guy, I thought he was a moron and didn't get why he was getting all this pub.

    I haven't seen much of him, but clearly he's a genius. I saw a bit of him last night and he's a blast.

    Bush and the U.S. and the whole world -- WE -- need a guy like this to poke fun at what we tend to ignore or not get about everything the Bushes and Stephen Harper and their ilk don't want us to get.

    As far as the pekinis, what you didn't tell the rest of the blogging world is that Borat is way behind on this trend and is just following us.

    You didn't tell them that I have a pink pekini and yours is bright orange and that's what we wear when we meet every week or two at our place.

    Maybe we need to take that photo and reveal it to the world.

  15. Dubya was elected twice because of a confluence of two powerful forces....the "religious" right and the great enabler. George enabled the narrow-minded, rightous, God fearing undercurrent still prevelant in this nation to direct our domestic and foreign policies with drastic results, and it is going to take awhile to recover, if ever, thanks to a left wing and moderate tendency to fight back with wet noodles when bitch slapping these people is truly what's needed, once and for all.

  16. Just WTH is this dude wearing in that pic with the chicks..YUIKKKKKKKKKKZ! lol!


  17. anonymous patriot,
    Certainly the world appreciates all of the efforts to open up new markets for American producers of goods and services as well as eliminating warlords and governments that suppress human just have to go about with a little more tact and think it through a little longer before you barge in like a bull in a china shop.

    wuthering widgets,
    The world does need someone like that to hold up a mirror and let us gasp at how we really are.
    I would have no problem wearing a pekini because that's how high I like to hoist my underwear and my pants.

    THE michael,
    Borat proves your argument that just beneath the surface of much of America it is 1763 and the Civil War is still ongoing.
    Perhaps one day your country will just get it over with and divide into the two countries that actually exist.

    Is it hot in there or is it just you? You like the pekini don'tcha?
    C'mon admit it...


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