Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Do you remember when Chopper would say "Close yer eyes Yakky 'cause you shouldn't oughtta see what's gonna happen"...

well we all see things, certain things that we should never see...
and they get stuck in our brains.

No matter how hard you try you can't forget them.

These unforgettable images are almost exclusively Life&Death images..beautiful babies being born or horrible auto accidents or accidentally viewing our parents when they are nekked..eeewww!.

Sometimes you get the eyefull power of seeing something so spectacular that you don't ever want to forget it. These one in a billion chance events usually occur during a hole in the space/time continuum when all of the planets are perfectly aligned.

Say for instance a spur of the moment skinny dip on a hot summer night under a full moon with a living goddess right out of a Frank Frazetta illustration!.
Like a scene out of a movie you want to pinch yourself (sort of)..am I dreaming..is this really happening.. and time stands completely still..
while your aperture is wide open and set on surreal!

Hopefully most of us get to experience atleast a handful of those rare opportunities..
a chance to witness something so spectacular that your brain makes about 1 million copies and 'squirrels' them in every corner of your brain.

Unfortunately your brain makes this new space available by throwing all of the 'whatever' memories overboard and permanently deleting the ability to remember useless crap such as where you just put your car keys five seconds ago.

Who f*#ing cares...
all of that crap is joyously jettisoned so that you will never, ever, ever, ever, forget that precise moment in time...
when the universe was perfect,
and you were exactly where you always dreamed of being.

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  1. Anonymous4:25 a.m.

    thanks, mate. the beagle getting raped by a racoon is now burnt on the back of my eyelids in perptuity.

    also, YAY! FIRST!

  2. BLEACH! Where's the damn bleach?!

    Now I'm sitting here wondering what dog/racoon puppies would look like... not that it's possible, right? Great, now I have to go look this up.

    What was your post about?

  3. SSOO TRUE! And now, I believe that you just cleared a few things up for me...or away for me...some more useless crap. Yeah...that pic of the racoon and the dog? Thanks for that. It's burned in there.

    Now where did I put that toilet? Oh well, this corner is as good as any...

  4. chaucer's beeyotch,
    NEENER to the max!

    laura e,
    I remembered how much you loved that 'crazy' cat and I couldn't find a better expression anywhere on the internet.
    This thinly veiled tribute to my skinny dipping partner was my way of saying Thank You.

    Well I could have called my Blog

    Hetero Escapeons
    but it didn't make sense. I get a lot of visitors expecting to find a gay issues emporium but what are ya gonna do.

    I realise that for many people the vernacular meaning of the word Homo (perjorative or endearing)supercedes the authentic latin form but I do not prefer to indulge in Political Correctness because we all have some kind of frivolous, annoying label because we are lazyass language apes.

    Like most of us I have a Cousin and an Aunt who are active in the community, as well as old friends and co-workers who always found me supportive and open minded..
    (oh hooray for me bleccch!)..
    look, people are either charming or tedious end of story!

  5. Let me raise the tenor of this (raccoon-dog) post about what our (raccoon-dog) eyes record for posterity (posteriors of raccoons & dogs)...arrrrrggggggghhhhh!

    Imagine a sandy strip of beach with a slightly chill wind...the shadow of giant, horse-shaped ex-Nazi bunkers dotting the edges of the water and thatched-roof cottages decorated with red and white flags in the backdrop. There's a beautiful boy standing on the top of the dune in the long swaying grass, holding flowers that he intends to give me after a sweet kiss...

    Now imagine, among all this sereneness...

    Naked Fat German Tourists Sunbathing !!!!

    MY EYES!!!!! MY EYES!!!!!

    *sigh* the only thing that marred the perfect danish holiday.

  6. Funny you should mention this as I can't get soem of the words and images out of my mind from watching news coverage of the first day of the Robert Picton trial. Too gruesome. I wouldn't let my kids watch.

  7. Anonymous11:52 a.m.

    Got over your monday mope, then?
    Stick with the crow -he/she is your talisman

  8. tidal grrrl,
    That's the WURST!
    I ran into plenty of portly Deutsch Touristos down in Mexico who had nothing but a speedo to HALT their Flabbalanche!

    Totally sickening...both the offender, his defenders and the media circus.
    I am offended by the inefficiency and of our legal system and the ridiculous f*#ing waste of money being spent molly coddling this psychotic bastard..I may be a bleeding heart Lib on most issues but I totally lose it when it comes to placing any value on serial killers..what are we going to accomplish by warehousing an animal like this for the next 40 years @ $150,000 per annum????
    If nobody else wants to pull the trigger or tie the noose I volunteer.

  9. Anonymous1:24 p.m.

    "Cheer up sleepy Jean
    Oh what-a-can it mean
    To a - daydream believer and a -
    Ho-ohm-comin' queee-eee- eeen..."

    Davy Jones, Daydream Believer

    I could swear you left a comment with a similarly timely quotation and that I replied, but I can't find it in my thread.

    So, I suppose... "I'm goin' down. I'm going down. My pappy taught me how to float but I can't swim a single note. He threw me in ta teach me how, I stayed there floatin' like a momma cow, and now I'm floatin' way down stream - oh this has to be a dream..."

  10. Flabbalanche!! I <3 it~!

  11. dinahmow,
    No more mopehead! Never really had it and actually I feel sort of guilty for not having it.
    That Crow better start talking next time he/she shows up...I need a 'real' sign from the great beyond about my destiny..
    .but I'll settle for Lotto numbers!

    Percival Old Sport,
    Why of course I did. Barely a day goes by without me quoting atleast one of the Monkees.
    I trust that there isn't some sinister plot underfoot to stop this Monkeeism from reaching its full potential..
    "Mister Dobalena, Mister Bob Dobalena.
    China Clipper calling Alameda.
    Never mind the furthermore, the plea is self defense.
    It is of my opinion that the people are intending.

    tidal grrrllll,
    Ja Ja das gut ja!?

  12. Sorry to go on the depressed tangeant, however.. it is hard to grasp just how much is lost. Imagine our grand parents generation the world at war and at peace twice, the moon landing, countless medical breakthroughs, depressions and recessions. All those amazing moments, and the feeling associated with them were lost.

    What will we see in our life time?

  13. Aidan.
    My Grandma rode to school on a horse drawn sled (he then went home and went back to get after a snack)and of course she lived through all of those momentous events...

    believe it or not I watched the moon landing and I saw Michael Jackson do the moonwalk for the first time!

    We'll probably see more 9/11s in the US and Europe, countless televised wars from the Middle East and Asia, a few giant Earthquakes taking out major cities like Tokyo, LA or Vancouver, Tsunamis, Volcanos, Floods, Droughts, Famines, School shootings, assorted disasters and a Royal Wedding or two...and all of them in real time!

  14. Anonymous6:42 p.m.

    When I see a list of figures like your reading report, the left hemisphere shuts down completely.Numbers are not Dinah-friendly!

  15. Anonymous7:14 p.m.

    Flabbalanche! Loved this!

    Well what do you know, learned something useful today and it's only 8am!

  16. **or accidentally viewing our parents when they are nekked


    btw HE u made me blind with that last bit!


  17. i think virginia wolfe called these moments "streams of consciousness", he. i am thankful for every one i've had.

    hey, i like the way you play with words. you could write your own dictionary!


  18. dinahmow,
    I hate numbers too..but I like statistics. If you manipulate them properly and add some spin you can prove anything.

    Flabbalanche is from an old Saturday Night Live skit where they made fun of Arnold Schwarzenegger...I use it quite often..and you have to say it out loud with a thick German accent!

    there I fixed it up a little...quite useless anyway..people look at my posts at noon, 7pm and midnight...for whatever that's worth.

    I enjoy those streams as well...wth let it out...I was just celebrating having a magnificent mental image that I can pull up whenever I am stuck in a lineup for something.

    I realised that most of our burned images are probably negative but I didn't want to just digress into the survival techniques of our ancestors to store dangerous materials..

    I am sure that we have also remembered pleasurable events for millions of years.

    Our brain rewards us with dopamine when we do something good...what a teriible name for an addiction driving substance..

  19. This was a pensive post...and very insightful. Especially the image of the racoon and dog.

    I think the images of huge events or feelings that get burned into our memories are our brain's way of helping us put things into perspective.

    And we probably do ditch the crap that really doesn't matter -- or stuff we know deep down shouldn't matter, or we should get over -- overboard.


  20. what the hell did you say to me, he? it's over my simplistic head.


  21. Anonymous12:29 p.m.

    you know, i do believe i've had a couple of those moments!

  22. Anonymous12:31 p.m.

    and i do love frazetta!

  23. Anonymous2:03 p.m.

    Wow... another obscure yet important Monkees quote.

    But I really really hated

    "There'll be birds singing everywhere/And the wind - it will be blowing through your hair..."

    "On the day we fall in love, you and I - it will be on the day we fall in love..." That had to be the worst.


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