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Last week when my goodladywife had a dental appointment my 5 year old son and I went along. We weren't there for moral support...we were all out shopping beforehand and tagged along because...
Riverpark Dental Centre has TV screens in the ceilings for patients to watch while they work on your teeth AND in the reception area there is an awesome SEGA game centre and Internet facilties.

So while my son was playing Sonic I was blogging! We were actually miffed when my wife finished in record time because we were having fun...and I wasn't finished reading Gautami's post.

If you would have asked me a few months ago if I was addicted to Blogging I would have I am googling Bloggers Anonymous. As I await my 10,000th visit I realise that I am hopelessly obssessed with this blogging phenomenon.

Oh sure I still like the RW (real world) but out there I am confined by the annoying laws of time, space and reality ...unlike the blogoshere.

Here I can be or create whoever or whatever I want but like Dr.Jeckyl I have created a a Mr. Hyde. My alter ego is now a monster who needs to escape and search the bolgroll for victims to leave his comments on. I can't stop him.

The only thing that can prevent me from soothing the beast (posting) are self inflicted technical difficulties.

Anyway thanks for dropping by...

Your Blogging Type is Pensive and Philosophical
You blog like no one else is reading...
You tend to use your blog to explore ideas - often in long winded prose.
Easy going and flexible, you tend to befriend other bloggers easily.
But if they disagree with once too much, you'll pull them from your blogroll!

I am curious to see where you usually do your bloggin' and
where was the weirdest place that you found yourself bloggin'.

F%@#! Is this totally boring or what?!

It is Monday morning and it is grey and drizzly!


  1. I usually blog from home. To be honest the only other place I've blogged from was Salzburg Austria. There was this little internet cafe that caught my eye. I updated my blog while sitting between 2 Islamo-Fascists. They were there to check their email. ;)

  2. nekked,
    Austria! Well g'day mate..why don't we throw another shrimp on the barbie!
    (dumb & dumber)
    Were those two guys wearing huge lumpy jackets?

  3. I usually blog at work (until they drag me away along with my stuff packed in boxes) so the weirdest place I've blogged is my office. Interesting, huh?

  4. carm!,
    Don't 'they' monitor what you do on the computer? Up here they do...the boss can get a complete minute by minute report of where you were visiting on the internet.

  5. The weirdest far the closet. I am talking my old bedroom closet. I was just about to move from my mom's and the computer was in my closet. I immediately suffered withdrawal and connected that sucker right then and there to get my blog on.

    Let's just say, sitting with heeled shoes poking you in the rear is NOT comfortable.

  6. hmm, does getting in trouble at work because your internet activity exceeds most others at your company count? I had been mindlessly clicking and surfing (not actually reading) other blogs via BlogExplosion and such during the day to increase traffic to my blog....back fired a bit! :P

  7. awaiting,
    Well I for one am glad that you finally made it out of the closet.
    Blog on!

    Oh oh. I hope that it wasn't too serious. If I was still in an office environment I would be out of control! Maybe there really is a Bloggers Anonymous...there must be by now.

    PS if you are at work right now read this later when you get home.

  8. too late! :)

    no, no big deal. It was in my favor that they like me.. :)

  9. Hi HE~! I'm adventurous but I've never blogged anyplace too weird. I've had to RUN home and delete a post that was a little too TMI...but that's because I don't want to be well-known as a slut! HAH! Too many people had already read it before I even got it down...including the guy I wrote about, and had kicked out that morning. WOOPS!!!

    Anyway I took that quiz and it was a giant CROCK. I'm not anything like it portrayed me. Oh well. Keep bloggin' man! =)

  10. I almost always blog in my room on my laptop. Occasionally when I bring the laptop to school, I'll do it from there, but that is rare. Less rare is me adding comments from school however.

    You're at 10,056 views. Congrats.

  11. Well, lookie lookie...

    Your Blogging Type Is Thoughtful and Considerate

    You're a well liked, though underrated, blogger.

    You have a heart of gold, and are likely to blog for a cause. You're a peaceful blogger - no drama for you!

    A good listener and friend, you tend to leave thoughtful comments for others.


    Hey, whatever.

    I must confess to having done a bit of blogging at work, but it's just like you said...they monitor.

    A memo was just sent out a couple of weeks ago about exactly this. It listed a whole bunch of sites people had visited, and it was sites, the whole shebang.

    Blogger or my own site or anyone else's I look at weren't on there, but it gave me pause...

    I do my blogging almost exclusively from my pc at home.

    Congrats on 10,000 plus, Donnie.

  12. Well, Dances has originated from this one spot since the beginning, since this is the only computor I own and I don't have a laptop. I never go anywhere else TO blog from, so, well, ok, I've blogged in the happy?

  13. Very nice my friend,
    let's see...
    I blog too much in the morning, and I blog to much at night. I am a sentimental blogger who blogs her self into the pages by writing what she knows is real.

  14. LOL HE so u went to the dentists with ur wife so that u can blog while she was fainting in horror?? :):) btw I HATE dentists, they scare me so much!!!

    **The only thing that can prevent me from soothing the beast (posting) are self inflicted technical difficulties.


    Well lately Im becoming a bit lazy to blog...mebbe I have hit the saturation point I dunno :(...lets wait n see.

    **where you usually do your bloggin' and
    where was the weirdest place that you found yourself bloggin

    Most of the time I blogduring work-breaks.

    Wierdest place? LOL thats a top secret haha!


  15. Most of my posts come from work when the boss is not looking.....
    or people arent complaining that out interest is too high.

  16. tidalgrrrrl,
    Is that post still out there in cyberspace for all to enjoy? Now I will have to do a little research.

    That quiz was total bullsh*t! Where is the gritty I am sitting here in my underwear with my glock and a nearly empty bottle of Jack Daniels at 3 in the morning?

    I am not much of a laptop guy YET but maybe someday I will get there.

    You probably have a lot more interesting things to do at school than comment..I mean there must be 500 members of the opposite sex wandering around with anonymousblogger t-shirts on...hmmm.

    without guile,
    Hey what the hell is that guys name that checks up on you Boris Spassky or something. I am sure that all of the guys in your department are not just looking up baseball stats!

    I guess that survey was spot on at describing your sensitive sharing WSM who will write absolutely anything to attract hot middle aged women who are ready to burn up frequentt flyer points at the drop of a hat in search of romantic encounter with pantless writer who is currently stranded in arctic climate for the next 6 mindnumbing months of sunlight free despair.

    Thanks buddy.

    THE michael,
    In the buff! ok I am now hitting the system restore button and resetting my brain to one second ago when I did not know

    hi lindsey,
    Gonna take a sentimental journey.
    It is nice to meet a sincere blogger who isn't out here just for the fame, fortune and adulation of others. This I have to see.

    Hey! You are in a funk? I know that you must have lightening fast keyboarding abilities. This just took me 5 minutes to write thanks to my ten thumbs.
    Can't you find a dentist that has angel fingers and happy gas?

    Is your interest in blogging higher than your interest in high interest rates? The rates are going up here tomorrow..not sure how much this will affect our economy ..the North American housing market is slowing down but hey it is so artificially inflated that it could drop 50% and still be above true market value...somewhere around 1980 was the last time that it was real.

  17. This is Spain so technological comforts are limited... but dammitall if I could I would blog while eating, showering, on the john, driving... first thing I do when I get up is rush to my laptop and check my email for comments...

    Dios mio!

    And yeah, before understanding what it was all about i thought bloggers a bunch of attention starved losers! Then I thought the same thing about those who used You Tube to tape themselves and now...


  18. oh no dun underestimate my dentist's soothing-Keshi capabilities...he's all good but I just dun like his tools.


  19. miz bo,
    You should blog from all of those locations because you somehow mange to be interesting and provocative and funny despite your outrage...HA your YouTubian debut was you have unleashed yet another genie out of the bottle..dios mio is right.

    Poor Spain will be such a dull place when you leave.

    Sorry but I am not biting at that setup. Have you ever seen the movie Marathon Man starring Dustin Hoffman..Larry Olivier plays Dr. Josef Mengele, the most famous Nazi dentist in history...
    that movie gave me nightmares for weeks..

  20. If by blogging you mean the very act of sitting at a keyboard and typing, then it rarely gets any more exotic than under my stairs, occasionally in the altogether.

    I have started to blog in my dreams though. If my boss ever catches me doing it when I'm at work then it might turn out to be in my worst nightmares too.

  21. Anonymous9:55 a.m.

    I usually blog from work but I read blogs from home :)

  22. hey its rainin here too!

    The weirdest place would surely be in my dreams while in a vehicle or somesort on a distant planet trekiing trough a jungle. Honest. I get all sort of Sci-Fi dreams.

    I all into this bloggin thing...its like an alternative world where I can have as much faces as I want.

  23. I too blog from home mostly. Or from my brother's place.

    Weird place? I think it was singapore airport where I kept going till my flight was announced.


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