Sunday, October 15, 2006


Hey how would you like to make ONE BILLION DOLLARS?

If you fancy yourself as a bit of an Impresario and could find a way to make it happen, there is only one band in the world, that I can think of, that everyone would pay anything to see. You would be known as the Concert Promoter of the Century and a Marketing Genius to boot!
I mean, really, who wouldn't want to see and hear
.sorry...unless of course the members of ABBA change their minds..
because they have already turned down an offer of ONE BILLION DOLLAR$ to reunite and perform live and in concert.

Pffft! Forget ABBA. If you could manage to coerce or cajole these fine young lads from England to perform together on stage it would be the musical event of the Millenium!

So here they are...

Zak_Starkey click here,

Dhani_Harrison click here,

James_McCartney click here,

Julian_Lennon click here, the


These offspring are all musicians,
look like their Pop Star Pops,
and I can say, without fear of hyperbole that 'everybody in the world' would pay outrageous $um$ of money,
 to see, hear, and experience, this once in a lifetime (maybe twice if it catches on) experiment in sublime surrealism.

ultimate dream/cover band performing and recreating Beatlemania.

Now there is one glitch and that
of course is what to do with Sean Lennon? If you were alive when the Beatles broke up you probably still hate Yoko Ono and therefore 
Sean_Lennon ...

the poor kid will probably never escape the stigma of his mother's unfair treatment in splitting up a band that had run its course.

Anyone who wasn't atleast ten years old in 1970 probably doesn't care...

that being said..

IMAGINE the sheer euphoria of travelling back in time to a place when the future was still full of hope?

post script;

The Repeatles are certainly welcome to update some of the material and add original songs to the playlist if they so choose.

Could you dream up another Rock N Clone Band that would be as popular..or should I just answer that question now


  1. I'll be honest, I just don't understand the hype with these guys. My parents will talk about them occasionally like they were the greatest human beings ever. I just don't get it.

    I guess I'm too young to understand it all, but I mean come on. Was the music so bad back then that everyone in the world had to worship the same band?

    What was up with you guys back then?

  2. Holy doodle, HE, the second generation really *do* look like the first, don't they? Creepy. I never believed that Yoko Ono had the power it was suggested that she did. By that time John seemed to have turened a corner or something and she just happened to be conveniently controlling. Remember the clever, witty early interviews with John? Did you ever hear the later stuff, mostly self-obsessed rambling?

  3. OK, you guys, don't hate me because I have a wall dedicated to the Fab Four, but that aside, it never even occured to me what those four might come up with on their own if they decided to give themselves a shot as a band. Could be interesting to see what they came up with (no, I don't want to hear them do covers of Daddy's songs). But tell me, does Ringo's kid even play the drums? Some kids rebel, ya know.

    And in rebuttal to the first comment, you weren't there, so no, you DON'T get it. Just like alot of us old hippies don't understand why rap and most pop today is considered music at all. However, I listen to new artists all the time, and the song remains the's either worth listening to or it sucks. And that, my friend, is timeless!

  4. grumblicant6:19 p.m.

    No problem! You'll need a couple of sets of recording tools, at the
    least- one for work, at least one more for rework. You could package
    the band as, "The PreFab Four (or, Five... who's counting?)"

    The Oldies radio station here treats the original band with a special reverance, by shoehorning
    an hour for them in, right after
    the "Ol' Blue-Eyes" Hour on Sunday
    mornings. Brilliant! As if to say
    to the Unwashed Masses, "Brush your teeth and get your a$$e$ into
    Sunday School classes- or, face this playlist in Hell's Dental offices, forevermore..."

  5. The Repeatles?

    Tell me you just made that up...

  6. Perhaps you had to be there but the Beatles took Pop music up a notch..sure Sinatra was the 1st POP idol and Elvis brought Rhythem & Blues to 'white America and brought a generation gap into music but the Beatles provided the Baby Boomers with the full media package. With the wizardry of producer George Martin Pop music evolved into an artform and the Beatles for whatever reason were in the right place at the right time and did something with it!

    It is amazing how much they look like their Pop star Pops! Yes despite Yoko's screaming I can't blame her for all of the fallout..she certtainly didn't help anything but I think that Paul and John needed a break from each other and the whole crazy experience.

    THE michael ,
    check out the links..Zak is the hottest drummer in the world right now. He was just here playing with the WHO and he is the drummer for OASIS...not too shabby!
    Sure we could let them play a few originals but I was just thinking out loud here..I mean its a one time thing and it is what it is...from there they can do whatever they like..but while there is still a boomer breathing they could cash in and cash out in a single year..not too shabby.

    True since Michael Jackson bought the Northern Songs catalogue he has whored out the material into the stratosphere...i was just thinking that it would be a kick to go out and see the material done sincerely like a family heirloom..those guys have quite a hill to climb so they could just DO IT and get it over with...feed the machine and advance without all of the whispering...know what I mean.

    Yes Ma'am I made that will never happen because these guys want to have their OWN careers but what the heck..there are a lot of Oscar Ward Winning actors who have swallowed their pride when there were enough $0000s and afterall is said and done it is showbusiness!

  7. hmm but wud they even be any closer to the Beatles?

    My belief is that u can never make a 2nd original.


  8. keshstar,
    It is what it is..and it would be awesome! I don't know about Jimmy Mac but Julian's voice sounds identical to John..have you ever heard Valotte?

    Anyway it would be a chance to relive that first burst of the 60s when young people were going to change the world and they had the numbers to do it.
    An unwinnable war in the far east was finally stopped by protesting...the dream died in 68 killed by assassinating their heroes... and the hippys turned into yuppys by the 80s and now all of a sudden they are 60 years old and watching another unwinnable war in the east..the clock is tickin' would be an elixer of youth, a mirage, an illusion to share with kids and grandkids...
    Circle of Life type FUN!.

  9. Can I have a yellow submarine?

  10. I don't care if it orginal or a copy,
    as long as end up inside the sea.....

  11. well Hell. What about Nelson??? Where is their Respec'? Sheesh, HE!


  12. gautami tripathy,
    Sure nyou can have a Yellow Submarine... where are you going to dock it?
    What if the Blue Meanies find out?

    HUH Nelson ha ha ha very funny...actually Tracy looks more like Pop than the albino brothers.

  13. Fabuluous lack of vowels, my frrrrriend. Tracy, eh? Sadly enough I have the feeling you know a lot more about the Nelsons than I. doesn't make me makes me worried...for YOU! =D

    Start listening to Ben Folds. He'll fix ya right up.

  14. tiiiiidlgrl,
    My girls made me hip to BF...thank goodness I trained them well by playing a little bit of everything and not too much crap...oh and pointing out all of those remakes (what the)over the last 2 decades and playing the original..which is not always the best version of a song..oddly enough.

  15. Anonymousblogger:

    You really DID have to be there. You've grown up with nothing but four or five guys or girls altogether playing a song.

    What I remember, or at least my reality, was the Beatles were the FIRST group to appear on my radar.

    Like HE says, there was Sinatra, there was Elvis, there were some other groups, but the Beatles were like a tidal wave following an earthquake.

    You just can't imagine the euphoria. Now that kind of "euphoria" is all media-driven.

    The Beatles wasn't media-driven at all, it was a natural thing that grabbed the world, in fact, almost in spite of the media's ignorance.

    HE, I think you've stumbled on to something here. I wouldn't be surprised to in fact see this happen, exactly as you paint it.

    Mark my words, it's too good a possibility to pass up...and love Grumblicant's "Pre-Fab Four" thing.

  16. God this reminds me of a hilarious and absolutely unrepeatable Yoko Ono joke. I'm going to go laugh my considerable posterior off for a while

  17. anonimousblogger:

    Yes, you really did have to be there. It was new, fresh, and you just don't get that much talent in one place very often. Any one of those guys (with the possible exception of Ringo, the human metronome)would have been their own band with mediocre "side boys" in this day and age of "music product". The last time I can remember such a naturally occurring phenomenon was either "Blondie" or "The Sex Pistols". Ah, entropy.

    HE: I don't hate Yoko because of any influence she might have had in the break-up of the Beatles, I hate her for her utter crap artwork, colossal ego, and the absolute shit that used to come out of her mouth. In short, I hate her because she is every bit as obnoxious and detestable as 99% of the 80's Glitterati. She should shack up with that smug asshole Rashid that invented the "Garbo" wastebasket. They were made for each other, except he's gay. Who knows? Maybe he's a closet "mamma's boy".

  18. well that wud certainly be a treat for all of us - an 'air' freshner perhaps ;-)


  19. without pants,
    If they do come to Whateverpeg I will definitely go to that one.

    You are a bigger Beatle fan than I am and you are more of a early post Beatle PAUL guy while I am more of a GEORGE guy. Hey I have 6 RINGO songs in my library and It Don't Come Easy is on heavy rotation!
    It would be cool if it was done right...but not until Michael Jackson sells the catalogue I don't want him getting any of the royaltys.

    C'mon you can't DO THAT! Atleast e-mail the joke ..then I can post it and preserve your dignity..unless it is as bad as you are implying.

    Don't hold back on my account..let us know how you really feel about Yoko.
    I never did get her shrieking thing or why John became attached at the hip with her...all I do know is that 9 out of 10 people would still blame her for the breakup.

    It would be a fantastic diversion (and we all appreciate a decent diversion)from the pessimistic depression that you get watching the world news...
    the whole thing seems to be spiralling down, down, down, down......

  20. k la-di-frickin-da2:58 p.m.

    As far as I'm concerned, the so-called popular music of my generation is embarrassing. Rap? Give me a break. You have to dig a little deeper to find the good stuff. Although I think this decade is doing a little better than the 90's...

    As far as music goes, I'm still going to make my kids listen to the Beatles. And Queen, but that's from looking at your previous post.

    Speaking of rap, Dad I forgot to tell you that in that new kids movie coming out ("Happy Feet") a little penguin raps "The Message." I'm pretty sure you're the only person who's truly going to appreciate that.

  21. k la-di-frickin-da,
    I am so proud of you! (wipes tear)


    That is sooo freaky because I have always associated Grandmaster Flash with 'quins..HUH?..
    Whatever it doesn't matter how The Message gets out as long as people get to hear doubt the lyrics will be tampered with...

    "Its like a jungle some time
    makes me wonder
    how I keep from goin' under"

  22. No, I think Paul sold us all out when he went into bubblegum trash like Band on the Run.

    I'm more a John guy now, although Maybe I'm Amazed and some other Paul ditties are still playing around here.

    George was cool but Ringo??? The best thing he ever did was marrying Barbara Bach.

  23. without pants,
    Ringo's It Don't Come Easy is a great song..check out the Concert For Bangla Desh.
    Paul's Band on the Run is a very good album and Maybe I'm Amazed may be one of the best Pop songs ever written. I also like 1985, Give Ireland Back to the Irish and Beware My Love.
    George's What Is Life, Dark Horse, You and Give Me Love are also on heavy rotation.
    John of course has Imagine,#9 Dream, Instant Karma, and Mind Games...CRIKEY!
    these guys were amazing and I can't wait to see the Repeatles.

  24. Hey! How come my daughter doesn't make guest appearances on my blog!

    Yeah, Ringo had a couple of good songs...unfortunately, his voice just doesn't cut it in my books.

  25. HE - Told you it was pretty unrepeatable, eh? eh?

  26. without shoes in the front closet,
    Everybody is always pickin' on Ringo. He was the self proclaimed luckiest guy in the world, always humble. He spent an entire year in the hospital when he was a kid...and then he won the lottery.
    As an old drummer with the tinnitis to prove it rrrriiiiiinnnngggg argh!

    I salute nyeh!

    I sent you a reply and forwarded your joke to Kim...
    are your affairs in order?

  27. I think it would be so cheesy. Though I do like Julians voice. With reality television the way it is, I wouldn't rule it out.

    I must admit, I like the new show on A&E about Gene Simmons :P and his family.

  28. christine,
    Gene is an interesting case, most of his fans would be shocked to know that he has always eschewed drugs and alchohol, that he is a huge zionist and that anyone sharing a life with Shannon (YEEOUCH!) Tweed would not be satisfied with a monogamous commitment????

    He obviuosly has a well developed sense of self but I like him. He is the alter Ozzy, the example of what living the life of a rock star would be like if you didn't live like a rock star...
    except of course for his famous shoebox full of polaroids of naked groupies that he banged along the way...numbering in the thousands (but not Wilt Chamberlain numbers)...
    so he atleast managed satify his arbeedar fans with some form of excess...
    which afterall is what we desire and expect from rock stars..
    money for nothin' and your chicks for free!


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