Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Do you remember waking up in the middle of the intro to Psychology class (always first period) when the Instructor was discussing something about the difference between

how you see yourself,
how others see you and
how you think that others see you..

well here goes nothing..

this is me

this is how I see myself

this is who my Mom sees

how my kids see me

how I appear to my goodladywife

old girlfriends

college classmates

high school classmates

and finally, how I appear to my best friend, within,without

How do you think other people see you?


  1. Hey dude I've added your blog to my links. I hope you don't mind. Makes it easier for me to check out your blog. ;)

  2. This is a matter to which I have given a great deal of thought over the years. I still cannot draw any firm conclusions. My fellow high school students evidently placed me lower than dirt, whilst my work colleagues have all seemed to respect me. My mother seems more perplexed by me than anything else, but to dad I'm still his little girl who doesn't mind skipping down the street with him.

    It's a funny question, and one which continues to intrigue...

  3. Anonymous4:18 a.m.

    H.E... This is a gem of a post!!!! Love it!!!
    Although I am slightly self-conscious, I pretend not to care how people see me...

  4. that how your wife really sees you, or you think she sees you?! ;)

    great thought for the day H.E.! Thanks!

  5. I think you mistakenly reversed the first and last pictures, didn't you?

    And the Good Lady Wife picture...didn't you mean to insert the Naked Nerd's mugshot?

    A great post. What do they say, perception is reality? Or is it? And whose perception?

    I have a vague idea of how I see myself, but realize I can never be can I be objective?

    I have an even more vague idea of how other people see me and how I THINK others see me.

    Good food for thought. And I thought you were bang on with the college and high school pix.

    But admit it: you're no space-surfing dude and your kids think you're the best dad on the planet.

  6. Cool one!
    Love the pics...
    You look almost as good as Hearttrob George!
    I can see why your goodladywife
    sees you that way!!!
    How do people see me?
    Keshi thinks I am an angel!
    Nope, not an angel!
    She is the angel!

    My hubby thinks I am kind of a rhyming, but also silly poet!

    My mom sees me fom Heaven...
    hope she likes what she sees!
    My kids see me as a good and caring mom! Yipee!

    Old boyfriends ... have no idea
    don't think they probably ever think about me...well , maybe one... he probably wishes he never let me go!

    High school classmates... don't know.

    College classmates... don't know.

    And I see myself as a happy person!

    Day in and day out!
    I am always writing poetry
    as it gives me such glee
    that I want to shout
    to all the world out there
    that might be sad
    I really do care
    and life is not that bad!

    See HE!
    My husband is right...
    I am a rhyming n silly poet!

    C'ya later!


  7. I simply cannot comment any further until I find out how you maintain that fabulous eyebrow arch.

  8. Wow, tough one, HE, and great job with it! =)

    I have a hard time imagining how others see me - but let's giver a go,eh?

    Me: Somewhere between Amazonia and the naked chef
    My honey: Definitely sex goddess
    Co-Workers: Liberal computer nerd who will fix their problems while blasting Ben Folds
    Family: Too-wild troublemaker
    Pets: Giver of FOOOOD!
    Friends: I'm not sure! Just so's they like me to my face... /grin

    Well heck. Definitely food for thought! And I DO want to know how that brow is so defined and well-kept. ;)

  9. Oh where oh where
    can my poor mind be
    I need to answer a few more on me!

    My friends think I am the best
    as our friendships have met
    every test
    always there till the very end
    and one each other
    we can always depend!

    My cat likes me too
    as I always am there for her
    and never say "shoo!"
    and in my ear she always does purr!

    That's all!

  10. This is up there with your finest. It's so good that I am definitely going to have to pinch the idea at some distant point in the future when everyone has forgotten who originally came up with the idea so I can pass it off as my own creation.

    I think you made a mistake with a couple of pictures too. You printed the first one again lower down right next to how you think your wife sees you. ;)

  11. Where were you hiding all this time?

    Thank God for not tagging us for this!

    But I have tagged you. Chk it out and happy indulging me!

    Thanks in advance!

  12. Loved this one! I'll have to give it a go on my blog.

  13. I agree. A great post.

    How do others see me? I really don't know. I honestly don't want to know.

    Should I care how others see me?

    Let me say this: You do not look at all like 48 years old. Not at all. I don't believe it.

  14. ah i see you today. and your little one too. soooo lovely all your pics, and so touching the one with you and your babe. (okay all your babes) *wink*

    this post puts a smile on my face. and at 5.45am, that's quite a feat. thank you.

    and, are you sure Within Without sees you like that? lol!

  15. Oooohhhh, I'd say that's a nudge nudge wink wink say no more compliment from Cherry, old boy!

    And even the neanderthal eyebrows are getting attention from the femme fandom out there...

    See? Women DO like the caveman look.

  16. That was HALARIOUS, HE! Yea, our perceptions are much like the theory of's relative to the viewer. An NFL linebacker sees me as a munchkin, a 5 year old as one huge dude. When I look in the mirror, I doubt very seriously the face I see even comes close to other's perceptions, and I know this because every time I see a picture someone else has taken of me, I don't recognize myself. If cameras don't lie, I think I'm screwed!

  17. Loving it...
    Its funny to think that how many different ways in which one exists, conceptual existance is fantastic. There is at least one existance for every person that has ever seen you.

    That always weirded me out. All perspectives are equally valid just some are more detailed than others. I gave up long ago on how other people viewed me, " i just gotta be me" -Sammy Davis Jnr

  18. Hello, I'm drunk but... ah, this is wonderful. This is a really nice post. How could you come up with this? Amazing.

    'Some say I'm a troubled boy...' This post brightens up my night, mate x


    TADAAAA finally HE is out of the closet. Im soooo pleased to meet ya mate :):)

    I love this post! Brilliant idea and those pics crack me up..especially the HIGHSCHOOL one and how u apear to WW, LOL!

    How do I think other ppl see me? hmmmm very good Qn. I'd have to take up this tag for sure...too good to miss it. So I'll do it in my blog soon, tnxxxxxxxx!

    Keshi walks out of the building mumbling 'what a hottseter HE is...' :):)

  20. btw George cant beat ya!


  21. I don't care what Robbie Burns has to say on the matter, I still maintain there are some things you're probably better off not knowing.

  22. perspective, is funny because it's true..sort of..

    nekked nerd,
    Not at all thanks...keep up the fine work..I appreciate your twisted skewering of life

    I know what you mean about girls are beautiful young ladies who are both University students but they are still my little girls...sigh

    creme de la creme,
    I see in your photo a dashing fellow with a twinkle in his eyes. What people project is usually what attracts others.

    How many times has your fantasy evaporated after a stunning beauty or dashing swashbuckler destroyed the moment by opening their mouths and saying something stupid...or if the voice doesn't match the face? That's always weird...

    Years ago the 'tweenage' girls on my daughter's baseball team would yell "Hey Clooney" whenever I arrived to watch the games..which of course gave the other parents endless fodder to tease me.

    My goodladywife was always more of a Mel Gibson gal anyway... until his meltdown...poor guy.

    Ha ha ha.
    Hey a number of your e-friends think that you have a Schwartzenegger thing happening..
    they of course haven't seen you from the neck down...thanks for the Dad compliment but you are way off on the space surfin'....dude, I am the Silver really!

    You're not silly. It is probably healthy to dwell on what old acquaintances thought of you because we (hopefully) mature and adjust to reality as we age.
    I am sure that your hubby enjoys your poetic license...Heyyyyy,

    what do you mean almost!?

    That brow arch is the byproduct of

    A. being terminally perplexed
    B. decades spent impersonating Clark Gable

    Sex Goddess/trouble maker/giver of foooood/nerd/Amazon!
    Actually that brow arch is the result of my daughter's chair coming to rest on my big toe as the picture was being taken.
    Say Cheeeezzzzzus hurry up and take it.....

    You are I am sure your friends and cat will are the Rocky Mountain High Priestess of Poetry.

  23. I always look forward to your posts.

    Around here, it is difficult for me sometimes when it comes to how people view me. Most black people see me as 'acting' white...because I don't go for all the typical 'southern black folk stuff'. My neighbors think I have it all together. They see me as an intelligent woman with the kids, husband and an interesting life. My professors, they probably see me as having potential but doing nothing with it. My husband sees me as smarter and more talented than he is.

    Me...I see myself as a person on the road to discovery.

    * mj said, fantastic brows. Handsome.

  24. cherry,
    You go right ahead and tag it..I remember that darling mini cherrypie picture..cuuuuute!.

    I actually thought of making this excercise into a challenge but bloggers seem to have less time these days...I detect a sense of rushing about...maybe its just me.

    You join a select group of individuals who have mistaken me for ER's Dr. Ross..
    unfortunately all of the others were the 12 year old girls on my daughter's baseball team...
    thanks anyway Ginger Spice.

    See..I knew would have been like homework if you had to do this.
    Not so fast sister, you're not tagging me if I can't tag you. I'll be over to check it out in a flash. If it is that book thingamabob you are out of luck.

    You are very kind to say that I don't look my age...
    Groucho Marx once said,
    "you are only as old as the woman you feel".

    witheredout from within,
    Neener neener neener?

    THE michael,
    It is a weird thing in the blogosphere to pull your pants down like this..some people love the mystique and freedom of having an alter identity and others like myself have just stopped caring and given away their identity to escape from the years of hiding in the witness protection program.

    Free at last
    Free at last
    Thank Bob almighty
    I am free at last!

    It is not often that a young man from Melbourne invokes the hallowed name of Sammy Davis Jr! Yeah Baby! Daddy-o!
    Sinatra and Martin helped Sammy break down a lot of barriers in the 60s.

    We are a culture that is obssessed with looks..I always think of the Actors (some schlep from nowhere) who get to make films just because they LOOK like a big star!

    Luck of the Genes..and of course having a little work done.

    Glad to hear that I didn't ruin your buzz. Who didn't want to be Sid Vicious or Johnny Depp?...
    well Depp anyway.

    Actually I am not really out of the closet..with my blog identity I do get a lot of that...
    "not that there is anything wrong with that", said Jerry.

    You should do this...we have all seen how glam you are and I can't wait to see your cutesy kid I would be very interested to see how you think others are handling your aura. the morning I look a lot more like Rosemarie Clooney than George.

    My guess is that people are probably overwhelmed by your va va voom.... you are certainly perceived in the blogosphere as an intelligent no-nonsense together person.
    You seem to be enjoying your stroll down Discovery Lane...

    Thank You for appreciating my HIGH 'brow' humour.

  25. Homey, great post and pictures. I don't spend too much time thinking of how others see me because (like Tommy) I think it's important to be as good as you can be without bursting an artery or something and showing those you love that you love them. If you spend a lot of time wondering how others see you, life passes you by.

    Your picture is very nice and you are one handsome guy.

    MJ, tweezers maybe?

  26. WHOA! Back from system restore...
    ..don't exactly know what just happened with my computer...

    Hi misti,
    I am delighted to put a smile on your face, especially @ 5:45 am!

    My babes are cute..I hesitate to put pictures of my older kids out, especially the girls, because of all the nutjobs out there...a little paranoid...but I think that is the reason so many women hide out here..isn't it?

    Unfortunately withinamarinky dinky dink does think that I am a goofball and the feeling is mutual.

    We tease each other but I know that he would take a bullet for me...literally.haha

    Ya you are probably right..hopefully all of my burning bridges have been extinguished and I can hold my head up high and proudly proclaim..WHATEVER?

    hola! Good for you what a healthy outlook on life. You do mean the WHO's Tommy dontcha?

    I am telling you my brow is from
    the chair on the toe, being perplexed and imitating Clark tweezers on my caterpillars..they are way too thick for that!

  27. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  28. Of course it's the book thing! You can't expect me to tag you for love life or whatever!

    YOU GOTTA DO IT, MAN! Even if you write about comic strips!(thats an open challenge!!!)

    BTW, I think within is jealous of your good looks!

    What else can you expect from a ghost?

  29. comment deleted,

    Aha! I'll be right over.
    What do you mean you can't tag me for lovelife or whatever?
    You're right 'within' is insanely jealous of me because he is a GHOST!

  30. PAMELA! Don't Go don't go!
    Sorry my dear, I have no idea what blogger is doing to me can tell by the number of times that I have tried to reply.

    Give this a go and be honest! I am sure that you will come up with some hilarious iconic dopplegangers!

  31. OK, OK, I confess, HE got all the babes in college. (I'm watchin' him, A, don't worry)

    OK, OK, I confess, his looks and laugh and wit can make women go all a-twitter.

    OK, OK, I confess, I would take a bullet for him, as I know he would for me.

    OK, OK, I confess to teasing and ridiculing him, sometimes mercilessly, but he always starts it.

    Somehow, we complement each other (note I didn't say compliment). I only wish all of you could hear his laugh...

  32. HE and WW: got a spare job for a hack newspaper editor up there?

  33. Fronty:

    I'm sure we could find you a job editing obits. Or how about the religion page?

  34. Fronty,
    You bet! C'mon up and we'll start disseminating some common sense for the greater good and rid North American Politics of the current bipartisan stalemate.
    Why don't we start a political
    e-rag..The Centripede..forcing objects towards the Centre.

    Instead of
    'it's the Economy Stupid'
    we will say
    'it's the Dichotomy Stupid!'

    One definition of a dichotomy is a repeated forking into two...
    and we have definitely been forked repeatedly by both sides long and hard enough to know better!

  35. Margie mwahhhh! Na I wont believe wuteva u say...u've got to be an angel! Cos I havent come across many like u.

    HE the handsome dude :)

    * the morning I look a lot more like Rosemarie Clooney than George.


    ok my baby pics ha? D u wanna have nightmares? Cos I had very big eyes when I was a kid. btw I have this cute pic of me sleeping on my dad's legs LOL! I will try to scan it sometime ok. tnxx for reminding me abt it.


  36. I think you look like hockey player Derek Sanderson back when he was still hot.

  37. keshi,
    What do you mean by BIG ET or STITCH? I am positive that you were soooooooo cute that we will all say aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!
    Where is my Keshi Calendar?

    I am still trying to get over the fact that Brigitte Nielsen was anatomically correct as a life sized BARBIE Doll...

    HI hannah,
    Thanks. Are you psychic or did you know that I was perusing your journal de l'amour last night?

  38. You handsome devil! ;) Great post. I have no idea what others think of me. When I think about it I get weirded out.

  39. WHY?
    Don't be so such a silly goose!
    How is the outdoorsy 'artistic nude' project comin' along?

    I am still available but Autumn is near...
    remember that if the temperature keeps dropping the aperture will have to be cranked wide open to compensate for any shortcomings....

  40. Hahaha.. I think we're going to have to wait until next summer. I'll let Julie know that your offer is still up for grabs. No pun intended ;)

    I don't know why it freaks me out.

  41. This post absolutely cracked me up! And, damn - you're a hottie, HE!

  42. :) stay tuned then.


  43. christine,
    DOH! Tell Julie that I'll do my situps everyday and watch my carbs.

    ..and seriously Christine,
    you need to let that little light shine..if ya got it, flaunt it!

    Merci Madame.
    It was actually a lot of fun and flattery is always welcome here.

    Are you talking about the kiddie pics or the calendar?

  44. LOL I'll give u which one d u prefer?


  45. keshiroo,
    Since my goodladywife will be reading these comments in approximately 7 hours I am going to go with the Cute Kiddie Pictures.

  46. hahahaha yeah ritte!



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