Wednesday, September 06, 2006


The worst oxymoron in our lexicon has to be Friendly Fire.

It happened again. For f*ck sake will somebody please go to Arfghanistan and paint huge maple leafs on the helmet of every single Canadian Soldier.
Since 2002, Canada has lost 32 Sons and Daughters.
Of those brave young men and women
5 have been killed and
38 others wounded from attacks by
US Warplanes!

It is bad enough that we are over there in the first place but to lose soldiers to Friendly Fire again. If these politicians really believe that they are saving the Afghan people from the Taliban then for f*ck sake do it some other way, do it right or bring them home. Surely the Armed Forces have the technology to avoid harming their own soldiers.

How can this keep happening and whatever happened to Canada being a Peacekeeping force anyway?
We are not a militaristic nation and we shouldn't be
pissing in the tall grass with the Big Dogs!

The entire battle plan seems destined for failure since the Taliban can move freely throughout the forbidding mountains that border Pakistan and Afghanistan..
how do we really know what is going on anyway?.

Somebody sent me this photo a few months ago.
Despite the obvious political incorrectness I thought that perhaps it should be posted as a reminder to everyone about the who and the why THIS SH*T IS HAPPENING...
atleast according to the gospels of Dubya, Rove, Rummy and Cheney.

Hopefully somebody in the Pentagon or State Department will change the term Friendly Fire to something with more resonance...and while they are at it, might as well desanitize Collateral Damage (Civilian Casualties)


  1. My God! I was not aware of this...It's SICK. So the US has managed to kill more Canadians than the Afghans have? Horrible, HE and I'm glad you called our attention to this. War is hell and I would add that it just plain SUCKS.

  2. Carmenzta,
    Sorry that you missed my previous feel good posts..
    No.Taliban fighters, suicide bombers and saboteurs have killed the majority of out troops.
    The American Airforce has accidentally killed 5 and wounded 30. One soldier was accidentally killed by another Canadian.

    I understand that in the heat of battle messages can get lost or mixed up but this is way out of synch.
    The fact that we there BECAUSE of the USA makes the whole thing even more disconcerting.

    For parents like yourself who have loved ones fighting overseas it doesn't seem to be too much to ask for those in authority TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to protect these soldiers from so called friendly fire! It is unacceptable.

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  4. And, now "we know the rest of the story"
    For the US to have accidentally killed 5 and wounded 30 Canadian soldiers is appalling!
    Thanks for keeping the truth flowing here!

  5. Over the past several months, I asked myself if we should pull out.

    I know it's not ideal, but what are we over there for? What are we accomplishing?

    This friendly fire bullshit doesn't help either.

    Our troops are obviously neglected over there (not necessarily by our country), and if they are going to be blown to bits without even a "sorry" then I say to hell with it. Let the others fight this war.

  6. comment deleted,
    I hope that you try again.

    I am surprised that this doesn't even make the news down there!
    Having a fighter plane strafe a large group of allied soldiers is a serious matter. Of course its only Afghanistan not Iraq.

    You need to show up for my goofy posts. Every once and a while I have to rant about crap like this.
    I am certainly not privy to all of the events that led up to this 'mistake' but what the hell is going on over there!?

    I would say that most Canadians are fed up with our Politicians kowtowing to an indifferent Superpower that is trying to pressure us economically and politically at every turn. Offensive invasions of foreign lands is not our forte. We don't do the John Wayne thing...we use to be the concilliators and healers.

    Canadians should not be surprised WHEN the terrorists get around to us or Australia. We need to seriously reconsider how we are being perceived around the world..and why.

  7. Collateral damage is possibly the most horrible term in human history. SOldiers have to de humanise the enemy, if they thought for one second that these were people with families, pets, friends and lives there is no way they could do there jobs....

    In terms of Mech warrior. "dont think of them as people, just annother line on your resume."

    Smart weapons are only of any use if fired by smart people, US army recruiting has abundantly shown the problem with that statement... David Hicks defence lawyer for one, i am sure they went round mental institutions held up a judges wig and said "who knows what this is?" Who ever got the closest got the job.

    Its hard to truly invision the cost of 32 lives... especially needlessly lost.

  8. aidan,
    No kidding. Dehumanise the enemy. Objectify them.

    I am reminded of Kubrick's movie FULL METAL JACKET.
    The first hour of the movie is unforgetable as the drill seargeant(terrifying as it is hilarious) psychologically eviscerates the young men, rescues them from their individuality, and turns them into Marines.

    "God has a hard on for Marines!"

    "Listen to me son,
    inside every gook is an American trying to get out."

  9. Friendly fire is right...

    The first thing that's apalling is if the mainstream U.S. media has not reported what its own airforce has done to Canadians and other so-called "friends" in other countries.

    That shows how the mainstream U.S. media is either a puppet for Washington or is not doing its job.

    This is the price of technology, for another thing. Do you think the pilot of that U.S. fighter jet had a clue what or who he was bombing?

    He was over the co-ordinates given to him, that's my understanding, and he let 'er rip.

    Kaboom! Several kms below, people died...mighta been Taliban, Canadians, women and children. How would he know? Not his job to know.

    Finally, about our role there or anywhere else: we are 30 million people. A tiny group of people living in a huge expanse of land, right next to the U.S.

    We used to have balls and maintained our integrity and our Swiss-like neutrality and role as peacekeepers.

    But now we've jumped into Bush's lap along with the UK, the Aussies and a few other c*ck-suckers.

    That plays right into Dubya's hands, because then the shit he gets everyone into doesn't fly back just into his face. We're part of the Allied Forces or whatever they're calling it.

    You will note that the smart countries are having no part of Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan.

    This is Bush's Baby, and like any bully at elementary school who recruits a bunch of friends to follow him around and watch as he beats the crap out of those who stand up to him, we're as guilty as he is, although not nearly as stupid.

    (Sorry for the rant)

  10. majority of people at the top do not know what's happening at the bottom. if they had a son/daughter sent, they might take more heed.


    Friendly Fire? There's no such thing even if the fires had a heart.


  12. Hi homo escapeons,

    I still don't know how they managed to get Canada into this mess. I guess it was suppose to become some sort of "peacekeeping" mission at some point. Does anyone read any history in any of our governments?

    On a completely unrelated note, I hope you don't mind, but I tagged you for the book meme that is going around. Hopefully, it's okay. :-)

  13. We (meaning the big bag US of A, formerly know as the United States of America, which is anything but) have now lost more men in Iraq than we lost due to 911. Bin Laden now has a nice, comfortable safe haven in an inhospitable region of Pakistan (inhospitible as in the fucking keystone cops of the Pakistani military can't control the region). There is a full blown civil war going on in Iraq, and we are stuck in the middle of a group of people who wouldn't know democracy or the rule of law if it smacked them upside the head, and aren't happy if they aren't killing someone. You think YOU have problems? Try living with a looney tunes disquised as a president! You guys need to get your people out NOW!

  14. I dislike the fact the gov't refuses to hold a debate in Parliment.

    Maybe this is just an excuse for me to criticize Harper, but I mean come on. If there was ever a time to re-open the debate on us being there, now would be that time. I the the Conservatives know they will get bitched out if they actually debated it.

    We live in a goddamn democracy. Our people are dying. Lets talk about it. If we agree we should stay, then so be it. If we decide we shouldn't be, then we need to get out.

  15. within,
    You Go! Man this stuff gets your goose! I can always count on putting you over the top with that four letter word..B U S H.

    Shades of bowling for Columbine...the people in power don't send their kids off to fight all of the idiotic wars that they start. How convenient.

    Hi keshiroo,
    It is terrible. I can't believe how quickly the US government swept all of the injured off to their military hospital in Germany and at the same time put a lid on the story. They seem to be MANAGING the situation.

    Thanks for the meme..I'll get you back...You are right I don't think that there are many historians employed by government agencies.History proves that we learn nothing from history!

    Wo! Tremendous explosion of thoughts on the matter. I know that most Americans would be very embarrassed by the truth and history will be very unkind to this administration. Midterm and let us all hope that the Dems get their act together. If they can't defeat this disaster then it is time to move up here. Good Luck.

    The Tories won't dare open up this can of worms..they are keeping their heads low and maintaining the GAG order on all of the members. It is almost as if they want to hide until the next election and somehow sneak in without anybody knowing how they did it. I don't see our media pressuring them very much?! We better keep an eye on those guys...

  16. Hear hear! Enough said.


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