Thursday, September 07, 2006

Due to the underwhelming response to yesterday's post I offer the following...

People don't care how much you know.

People want to know how much you care.


  1. Oh man, that is just so true. My entire day yesterday was an example of that.

  2. ur spot on HE!


  3. sad fact for people who lack in both areas..!

  4. Well, we like our sporting competitions! You care, I know.

  5. dammit mon, I was at the beach, yo! I'll respond when I've got more than a few minutes, because I DO care, and I really AM a bibliophile.


    I care I do, I care, do you, I care about pie in the skyyyyyyyy........

  6. Funny pic of Ben Turpin.
    *sudden desire to stay home today and watch silent slapstick films*

    I care that you care.

    Missed your posting yesterday, otherwise would have commented.

  7. I think it's a question of how people feel at that moment in time and you are right!
    Sometimes a simple post asking a simple question may attract lots of comments and other times a well researched one comes across as a bit too self indulgent...
    Not that I am saying that yours was self indulgent...
    In the past I have experimented a little and kept a check on the number of comments, and I can tell you, HE, I am no further forward!

  8. Such a short post yet oh so deep! Bravo HE, BRAVO!

    Funkified FO SHO!

  9. kyknoord,
    I probably should have said that
    "people don't care what you think,
    if they think that you don't care"
    It is the curse of the meme. Whatever. I hope that you have a better day TODAY.

    I know that you are a caregiver, anybody who can answer 100 comments a day in 2 hours or less should be teaching time management at the Harvard School of Business.

    HA! I sometimes wonder if I am in that elite group. Some days it just doesn't pay to tell others how and what to think..sheesh!

    Do you regard blogging as a competition? If it is I am in trouble..I try to keep it all in perspective..some days you eat the bear and somedays the bear eats you. Whatever..when it starts to feel like a chore it is time to spend a few minutes away from your computer and look at the real world outside the window..over there..

    You should stay on the beach for as long as possible..soon there will be long dark 16 hour nights that are tailor made for this.
    I love sky pie too.

    You and I may be the only ones who appreciate old ben and his goofy mug on the old timey films.
    I am having such a'hard' time trying to complete the list of the top ten Canadian racks.
    C'mon mj, does it really matter if they are 'all natural'? I mean guys don't care...
    natural schmatural!

    You are right and I am not really worried about it...but you do catch more flys with honey!
    I appreciate you stopping by..I will get my butt in gear to return to your fabulous blog and explain the true meaning of love.

    miz bohemia,
    Hola espanola! How was your week? I'll be over in a jiff..but first I have to make a Public Service Announcement>

    tap tap tap

    check 123

    check 123


    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I am being unselfish, ultraconservative
    and uncharacteristicly coherent,
    with my post as an act of unbridled altruism..
    everybody see that altruism!
    AHEM..Yes, by keeping my post to a mere 3 seconds of eyeball time visitors can visit other blogs with the extra time that 'I' have donated. Please use it wisely and don't forget to mention my name...
    Thank You and Good Night!

  10. I like that, very much. I don't comment on every single post because sometimes you're way ahead of me. Ok, most times! ;) That's not to say that I don't read every post and find it interesting. I've said it before, some days, you blow my mind. Not only do you make me laugh, I learn from you.

    I care!!

  11. Always caring!
    Always Sharing!
    It's the only way to go!
    I truly believe this to be so!


  12. I care. I care about you. I care quite a bit.

    Ok, I am even more clueless than I was last post when I had nothing to contribute to the book talk.

    You need to start dumbing down your posts for me ;)

    I'm going to the bookstore to look for The Day The Universe Changed.

  13. You get twice as many comments as I do on a bad day as I do on my best and you call that underwealming? I am SOOOOO digging this!

    I was late to everybody's blogs by about 2 or 3 posts and just caught up with yours. That last one was like trying to cram in a bachlors degree during 12th grade......I just skimmed it.

    I pegged you as a rational being but not as a raving atheist, not that there's anything wrong with that (seinfeildian). I believe there are only two rational paths that could save us, one atheistic, the other, rational agnosticism. Don't embarrise me by looking these words up, I know they probably don't exist. Anyway, the only avenue I believe exists that can save us all is a sudden understanding that each and every one of us believes what they want, need, and are designed to, and that nothing is going to change it, so why bother? Imange it just simply didn't a concept! Just clear out the pedephilia, spousal abuse, sex slavery, intolerance, tiranny, bigotry, and other such things you just can't tolerate by universal secular law, and wah-lae! Peace on earth, do what you will, harm none, end of story.

    What am I thinking........we're human........let's just get drunk and screw........

  14. christine,
    I think that you remember things when they are disarmed with a little humor. I am delighted that you find something of value in my inane rambling...I loved your shrinking Polar Bear Balls..anyway the thing that I enjoy the most about blogging is how different we approach the same things. That is very cool.

    You can rhyme anywhere on anything are amazing. I enjoy your cheery lyrical always have a big hug for all of us. Wonderful.

    You are a breath of fresh air buddy and I am always happy to see your homer! I don't have to dumb down anything for you..c''ll love the book.
    It is always fun to check out your life and it brings me back to a time in my life when different things seemed like obstacles instead of opportunities...that's why we cannot ever discover Time travel and go back with what you find out in life...but man would that be great!

    THE michael,
    Hey thanks for stopping by.. just to clarify..although I have full bore Atheists as friends I am trapped midstream as a rational Agnostic. You don't know and I don't either.
    No matter how I fight it I cannot accept that somewhere pre Big Bang, a part of me still believes (probably hopes)some entity instigated the whole schebang.

    Every one needs to search out a spiritual path or a natural cosmology or even a combination....I just want to work on what we can know...and I don't need to make such a big deal out of it.

    I GET the spiritual angle because
    I have so many wonderful people in my life who are believers and I need them as much as they need me.
    It isn't a competition..unless of course somebody wants to teach Intelligent Design as Science...
    just keep it honest and we'll be fine.

    There I just made up for having a 3 second post!

  15. grumbloid11:26 p.m.

    You know, people DO care how much you know, but will always choose a carefree existence, if it's offered.

  16. reyspoutine11:53 p.m.

    uhhh....what was the question again?

  17. Hey HE
    Just up late waiting for my son to get in... so, just checking in of my favorite places.

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Here's a late night poem for you!

    You rock from East to West
    you're simply the best
    You give lots of cheer
    to everyone here
    what would be do without you
    just be sad and blue!
    gotta go now... see you soon
    maybe the next ful moon!

  18. I'm tiring of seeing self-portrait posts on Blogger.


    Look at peoples' responses and smile.

    Half the people on the planet barely read at all, let alone the heavy stuff and variety of deep thought why we exist stuff that you do.

    I like what AcrimoniousBlogger said about dumbing down, sometimes. I've told you this.

    I can't speak for others -- everyone who visits you is very intelligent -- but sometimes I just don't immediately have the energy to instantly comment on what I read on your blog.

    Sometimes I just smile and think about it...and if I don't come back later and comment, at least you've made me think.

    That's the biggest thing.

    Now go to the opthalmologist to get those eyes fixed. And shave off the 'stash.

  19. I usually just let one rip when I read HE's blog.

  20. evolution thing. but oh, so true.

    ~the girl FKA transience

    p.s. i don't think i've registered you into my site. or have i? email me if everything is wonky. night, love. xx.

  21. Nuggets of truth in there.

    So much do you care?


  22. This is the only guy I know who can pull down 5764 comments based strictly on one simple question. Amazing.

  23. hiiyya HE, guess Im just a fast-hopping roo ;-) or joey...awwww..


  24. lolz..thats such a funny pic!

  25. you know i care.
    i just have a short attention span, and i don't understand big words, and history, or geography, or politics..
    geez, i can go on.
    but care? ya i do.

  26. I work in customer service and I can tell you that ne'er a truer word was spoken. Customers with complaints don't want to hear "I know", they want "I understand" and "I apologise". They want to feel listened to and cared about. Which is funny, because I don't listen and I don't care and I still fix their problem effectively.

  27. Some of us have learnt to put up with having a few comments dribbling in a few days after the fact, rather than getting twenty odd commenters within the first day of publishing a post dear chap!

    Anyway, is that Ben Turpin picture a good luck talisman for we bloggers? I mean -

    ... and my own ...

  28. grumblefish,
    Carefree...what is that? Like oblivious?

    I don't remember.

    Thank You for the kind words. You must dream in rhyme.

    within range,
    What self portrait. I ain't never gunna dumb it down. I already shaved the 'stache. No comment, No problem.

  29. coffee break..
    You really know how to turn a guy on grrrr....

    I have tried a few times..guess I will Gmail...cinnamon..let me in.

    So hurts!

    the Michael,
    Not so much..I want quality not is great but I am not doing this for my mental health. As Gord Gecko said in the movie Wall Street..If you need a friend, get a dog.

  30. keshiroo,
    I have always imagined that you were quite the hopper! I admire your dedication to this blogging thing. You have been at it for a while and you seem to have found your stride and established a fantastic group of smart, funny cyberfriends. I am glad to be one of them.

    white forest,
    Good ol Ben Turpin made a fortune out of being cross eyed in the Max Sennet films..and in real estate.

    I don't believe one word of that. You have a gift for insightful examination. Do not sell yourself short.

    Here is your word for the day..
    tub thumping..
    the use of ranting, extravagant language in speeches, sermons and *blogging.

    G'day mate and welcome from down unda.
    LOL I suspect that you do care..a little..and that is why the customer leaves satisfied that you feigned enough interest to fool them. Excellent!

    You are right and I am not all about comments but sheesh...Turpin is GOLD! Next to the keystone cops and chaplin he embodies the spirit of those slapstick pratfall early days of film...which is where I am at with this blog...*crosses eyeballs and sticks out tongue!


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