Monday, September 11, 2006

9 1 1 = nine eleven

Five years later and things are not getting any better...
no, they are much worse!

I am off to read other Blogs and comment for a while....
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  1. So do you just want us to sit here and wait for you to come back? Have a dump maybe, do the dishes?

    Read Crime and Punishment?

  2. What Scubes said.

    I must admit that though I was as shocked as everyone else that day, and spent the entire day alternating between watching the TV and watching plane after plane come through, diverted to YVR, I find it even more shocking today that so much is still being made of this when so many much worse things have happened in the interim. A little tribute and memorial-making is appropriate and good, especially considering the unprecedented drama of the events, but Hollywood has made it another get-rich-quick day. Argh.

    Your local cynic signing out.

  3. I was thinking the exact same thing today. It saddens and angers me that things have gotten worse. I wonder when this war will end. I wonder how the war will be handled after the next U.S. presidential election. I guess I can't help being a little contemplative today.

  4. Not sure if things got worse, people have always been panicy. Now we freak out when we see a turban. we used it to justify mroe bloodshed, violence truly only begets more violence. Blog its a good therapy...

    Within without- I have read Crime and punishment. But i am not sure as to which refence you are talking of, i was a bit more obsessed with the morality of the text. And Rascolnikovs madness.

  5. Aidan:

    I also have read Crime and Punishment, actually, took it in school.

    It was just a jab at HE. As you know, it's a very long, detailed book. And who knows when he (HE) will return?

    It's like the TV anchor: "Good evening, I'm Homo Escapeons. Here's the News..."

    And then walking off the set.


    I have had my dump, thank you.

  6. within,
    No Im going for a walk...I don't feel like exploiting the whole day...Bush administration does not have a f*cking clue why the rest of the world hates them???All of the people working on Ground Zero are all getting sick...ahhh...Go do the dishes...

    honestly scooby doo doo!

    Spot will soon be a National Hallmark Holiday..
    I would love to find a psychological expose on how and why people get on this bandwagon and milk it for every ounce.
    Tragedies like this happen to other people around the world and we ignore them...

    No kidding. The absurd decision to attack Afghanistan and Iraq because of an islamo-fascist terrorist group is still beyond me.
    That is the thing about telling a have to keep lying to protect the first lie!

    NOW, none of the fanatics, either individually or as a group, will be afraid of trying anything, anywhere, anytime...

  7. over the last week I watched so many 9/11 related documentaries...I could only see a very frightened world but certainly not better prepared.

    I'd def wear my sunflower hat :)


  8. pride. greed. what do i know.
    we are worse today then in biblical times.

  9. keshi,
    A frightened world indeed. Everybody way over here on this side of the ocean felt invulnerable until 9/11...that is now completely gone. Paranoia is setting in for the long haul...and racial profiling will be here for generations.
    Put on your sunflower hat and spread some sunshine..we need it.

    Old testament or New? I think that we have always had the same proportion of nutjobs..but now a lot of us no longer have that complete submission to authority syndrome that made it so easy to control the great unwashed.
    Both Testaments showed the problems of Empires; Babylonian, Egyptian, Sumerian, Roman...I find it amazing that we still have Empires?

  10. Things have gotten progressively worse over the past 5 years. Where are we going to be 5 more years from now? The world will be different.

    At least one more war. Probably with Iran. Another with Syria maybe? One in Afraica for a change of scenery. And what is North Korea up to now?

    Bush better get busy. He's got a lot of work ahead of him.

  11. seeamanaboutahorseblogger,
    I hope that Iran doesn't happen because the US would lose that one too. Apparently the Pentagon isn't going to high tail it now that they have started a civil war..the scene is set for a huge islamic civil war in the Mid-East..

    Divide and conquer..even 'Darfur' would be dragged into this thing.
    The disinformation machines in the CIA should be working on this full time ...adding fuel to this fire...
    maybe they are?

  12. Hey. That Anonymous geyser has shown up here now. But rather strangely, s/he has made no mention of Mr W. Without. Do you think it is him really, trying to lead us off the scent?

  13. cherry,
    LOL!For those of you wondering someone posing as anonymous left a cryptic message on cherry's blog stating that within, without really, and I quote, 'floats my boat!" I tried to put a stop to this tomfoolery by pleading with her (hmmm could be a him?)to step forward and identify herself.

    I suggested that if she did not we would be forced to assume that within was posing as a smitten lass and left the message himself to whip up some goodwill for his devilish pursuit of romance, mystery and intrigue....

    Ha, I suspect that it is a different anonymous cherry.. within, without is a shameless self promoter and I would not be surprised one bit if he were trying to lure unsuspecting ladies from around the world into his web.

    Smooth operator that he is I know him well enough to know that he wouldn't waste his time trolling for victims here...I would put the kibosh on that sort of monkey business in a flash.
    He is a sneaky bugger though...

  14. What the hell's THIS then, Cherry and Homo Humungous?

    I'm tardy, obviously, and will have to check Cherry Pie's blog immediately to find out what all the commotion's about!!!!

    Why WOULD some anonymousian mention within without or whatever I call myself in the first place?

    And why has the quote "floats your boat" come up on Cherry Pie's site, a phrase I admit I used somewhere...

    For these and other mystery solutions, stay tuned...

  15. Anonymous Update:

    I have found the "floats your boat" comment on Cherry Pie's site and see that the commenter has NOT been flushed out.

    At the very least hoping the anonymous blogger is a female, I'll alert the media.

    Wait. I AM the media.

  16. I probably scared her off.

  17. ww: HE can't read. He is dyslexic..:D

    HE: I think you and within have a raging love affair going between the two of you.

    All your bickerings are smokescreen for the rest of us...

  18. gautami,
    Oh Oh we've have been outted!
    It was bound to happen sooner or later..actually it is a more sneaking around..I fell as free as a bird..YIPPEEEE!

    Actually he is not my type..I prefer handsome, sensitive and intelligent rather than goofy, crude and dopey.

  19. Having now just seen this last little exchange between Gautami and HE -- who strangely enough is sitting on my bed right now, six feet away -- this demanded a quick retort.

    I am not, in fact, Dopey. I am Sleepy. And HE would say -- and just did -- that I am Grumpy.

    Gautami, HE says you can be Snow White if you want to, but you get only two dwarfs.

  20. thats exactly what Im doing...working my shift of spreading sunshine :) for as long as I can.


  21. So the fact that we haven't had a terrorist attack since we took the war to the terrorist means nothing to you?


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