Sunday, June 11, 2006

easy like a Monday morning should be....

Remember the Boomtown Rats song I Don't Like Mondays? As I get closer to the big 50 (the new 40) I find myself becoming more enamored with Mondays. I guess now that the gas tank of life is under half full I am a little more aware of the mileage that I am actually getting in this thing.
Hopefully by the time that I hit the quarter tank mark I'll be able to afford some new parts

I love to spend time at the Darwin Awards if you ever get the chance you should check it out..

Your Birth Month is December
You love life and exude an outgoing, cheerful vibe.Blessed with a great sense of humor, you can laugh at adversity.
Your soul reflects: Celebration, success, and wealth
Your gemstone: Blue Topaz
Your flower: Narcissus
Your colors: Indigo, green, and blue-green

What Does Your Birth Month Mean?
Can you believe that everyone born in December is this great Who knew?

You Are a Rainbow
Breathtaking and rareYou are totally enchanting and intriguing But you usually don't stick around long!
You are best known for: your beauty
Your dominant state: seducing

What Type of Weather Are You?

Um yeah sure OK? I am a beautiful seducer, both enchanting and rare? Known for my fleeting beauty! Good Luck with yours?


  1. People born in December are definitely great. No question.

  2. hannah,
    Auch yes they are lassie, that they are indeed!

  3. So are people born in march....[-)

  4. does that mean there are people born in other months that are assholes?

  5. gautami,
    Well, well, well. It's a beautiful world.

    white devil,
    I guess so, everybody born in December
    (and March according to gautami) are absolutely wonderful.

  6. And then there's us downright dynamic Scorpios, who possess "deep wells of passion" and have "unswerving loyalty and tremendous energy."

    Besides that, our "intensity and staying power are legendary."

    Additionally, we have an "understanding of the heart and an awareness of life's secrets, able to confront the mysteries of the universe."

    And to conclude, Scorpios are "fierce competitors" and "control of all situations is essential" for us.

    So, you wussie December baby, give way...or you'll get stung.


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