Friday, April 28, 2006


I suppose that I should try to stop yelling.. see this font, it is normal size, and I hate it!. Apparently I have been screaming and yelling in cyberblab. So what if I like colouring my pages.

This morning someone asked," what are you 5?"
Yes I am 5. 5 going on 50/500/5000....nyeh!

Perhaps it is time to find a new thing. Blogs, for the most part, are love-ins between like minded strangers and friends. They are CLOGS (cliqueblogs). I have tried my hand at stirring it up a little by either charging or slathering into the comment sections of Blogs that I loved, loathed and benignly dismissed altogether, and still nothing. So FU, farewell unfazed.

Apparently, people don't venture out of their comfort zones even in cyberspace. I thought that this was a medium to test the limits of tolerance and really get into it without the constrictions of polite conversation and common sense. HA! Most Bloggers even conceal their real identities to allow themselves the freedom to say the things that they normally wouldn't, couldn't or dare I say it, shouldn't! Eventually they/we all seem to gravitate to Pleasantville, Cyberspace, for a nice chinwag and a few smatterings of encouragement. That's nice.

I don't know...maybe because it is cloudy today ..cue Moody Blues "I know you're out there somewhere" but geez, cue U2 "But I stillllll.... haven't founddddd... what I'm lookin' for". I had such modest hopes for this. Mind you I have found some fantastic OUT-THERE sites that are totally fun and interesting. I guess I've missed their entry/best before date. Most people are doing this as some sort of glorified E-MAIL with their buddies. I guess that's OK. Whatever! I don't think that my point of view is any more irrelevent, irreverent, irrational, irreducible, irreparable, irrepressible, irritable, irredeemable, irrecusable, irreligious or irrefutable than any others. Hey I'm OK you're OK.

Feh! Enough with the farshlugginer kvetchin'already....Today during my regular allotted rant hour I'm going to blog off and snoop around. Hopefully they all won't be CLOGS. Then I'm going OUT OF DOORS, to the real world, with my young charge, almost 5 himself, Sir Ridley.

Together we will discover something new and interesting every 5 seconds....

How cool is that!?


  1. Don't go, Don. Don't Leave Me Now Now Now.
    While The Sun Shines
    Sit And Laugh A While ( Hothouse Flowers, not sure if they made it as far as Canada)xx

    I love your big rants. Don't always understand 'em. But love 'em

  2. Anonymous11:21 a.m.

    Cherrypie is right, SS.

    The loud-mouthed shnooks of the world are always faced with ridicule when what they say hits too close to home for others to accept.

    Blog big, bold, colourful letters if that turns your crank.

    Blogger Booger

  3. reysputin1:51 p.m.

    can't live
    can't live without you
    can't live

    it is amazing that there is a world that lives and breathes outside of the house, isn't it? and best of all, around here, it doesn't include any sharks (at least of the waterborne variety).

    with respect to your previous post, i'm not sure if lefties get angry at other people's happiness as much as they get angry at other people's happiness that comes at the expense of others.

    let's give the trickle up economy a chance for once, then i'll stop raining on everyone's parade of cheap garbage that makes them happy.

  4. OH the Humanity!
    Cherry, your kind words are the very comforting. You had me from Don't go. PS, I don't always understand my big rants either.

    Booger, as always, there you are standing behind me, way behind me, and telling where to go. Gosh.

    Reysputin, I feel your pain, and it's definitely in my southern hemisphere. To think that I put artists in the lower/lower class, for shame. EAT THE RICH!

    From all of us here at Homo Escapeons, this is the Solipsist Soliloquist saying thank you, and don't forget to have your dog or cat spayed or neutered.

  5. Anonymous5:28 p.m.

    Don't get on your high horse now. But don't get off it either. I dunno, ride it side-saddle or something...and then blog about how silly fox hunts are in England.

    Just keep telling the world (all 10 or so of us) what the true perspective on life as we know it really is.


  6. Now, now. Let's not tantrum and flee just yet. The thing about blog world is that its bigger than one thinks, and one must expect to speak to invisible and silent audiences. You write, because you CAN'T NOT write.


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